BoNE vs. MH (in General)

[MG]Mecca-Devilbot [Clan of One] May 25 2007 4:32 PM EDT

Currently, the BoNE and MH are using the same Upgrade costs.

The BoNE has a slightly higher Base Damage.
The MH has a built in VA.

Right now, the weapon of choice (for obvious reasons) is the MH. Minor damage decrease for a built in, undispellable, VA.

I'd like to see the BoNE changed from the MH. A better upgrade cost, preferably. It would make it much more attrative as a weapon, rather then being underused as it is currently.

QBRanger May 25 2007 4:34 PM EDT

As Jon has said, the difference in the damage between the BONE and MH is not trivial.

However, as I have stated, who cares if you put someone into the hundreds of thousands into the negatives vs the millions into the negatives.

The inate VA of the MH is just too good to pass up, especially with DM out there being able to dispel the VA spell.

AdminJonathan May 25 2007 5:18 PM EDT

I think an essentially unlimited bankroll colors your perception here Ranger.

Spending 30% less to get the damage you need with a BoNE could be worth it for some.

QBRanger May 25 2007 5:24 PM EDT

Likely true Jon.

But the inate VA of the MH is sometimes just too good to pass up, even with a 30% less damage factor.

[MG]Mecca-Devilbot [Clan of One] May 25 2007 7:48 PM EDT

"Spending 30% less to get the damage you need with a BoNE could be worth it for some. "

Jon, if the difference between the two is only 9%, where is this 30% coming from?

(I went wiki-diving, in an attempt to find the damage calculation page, but alas i could not find it..)

Nerevas May 25 2007 7:52 PM EDT

The damage difference IS around 30%.

Fanta [Fanta's Forge] May 25 2007 10:39 PM EDT

Just like you can't say a great axe is half as good as a BoNE.

BootyGod May 26 2007 2:38 PM EDT

I must say, I'm one of the poorer players who actively plays CB. And, when it came down to it, I have never (nor will I ever) use the BoNE over the Morg. Because, as Ranger said (with unlimited bankroll or not) playing at the top, -everyone- has giant tanks. So why does it really matter whether they send my 1.3 million HP mage into the hole by a million or 2 million, because with quad hits, it really doesn't matter, does it?

The BoNE needs a boost if it ever wants to compete. Same with ELS. Damage is fine, but do you see the CoC being on equal status with MM? No, people want fancy affects. Sometimes simplicity is -not- the best weapon. You want the BoNE to be good? Like it on fire and give it some splash damage.

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] May 26 2007 2:40 PM EDT

BoNE needs cleave...

QBOddBird May 26 2007 2:41 PM EDT

Gasp! Nov, that's brilliant!

TheHatchetman May 26 2007 2:49 PM EDT

heh... I tried making a thread debating which was better between the BoNE and MH, but it all ended with a lot of shouting (the polite sort). I probably should've been a little clearer on my attempt as it ended up getting moved to Off-Topic :P

AdminNightStrike May 27 2007 9:22 AM EDT

The bone is for a different purpose than the MH. It would be to get through walls that are under the threshold for the VB. Unfortunately, we don't know what that threshold is anymore, because Jon only updated what the ELS threshold was. Now THAT is a useless weapon.

TheWyldeOne May 27 2007 9:27 AM EDT

i still think someone should name their BoNE "A Whopping Great BoNEr" if that is allowed at all =)

QBRanger May 27 2007 9:47 AM EDT


The only way I can see a BoNE being used over a MH is if it is the weapon on a minion who trains PL. Since PL on a minion blocks all leeching, the BoNE would be the best melee weapon (vs the VB) for such a "tank".
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