Possible Idea for Tourny admin? (in General)

Mythology May 30 2007 2:28 PM EDT

I was thinking maybe Jon could put a short list forward of all the candidates he'd be happy having as tourny admin. Then have an election. That way if the tourny admin is terrible only have ourselves to blame :P

Nah I mean,

1) the CB populace will feel involved in a decision making process that rarely situations can allow for a vote

2) would have naturally more respect for the new tourny admin being chosen by everyone not just Jon

Yay, nay?

Wasp [C and S Forgery Lmtd.] May 30 2007 2:32 PM EDT

Maybe have a panel of tourny admins so they can make decisions between themselves to give us even more imaginative tournies : ). But yeah, an election for 1, or more, sounds good

QBsutekh137 May 30 2007 3:25 PM EDT

At least a poll in the same way (and having the same influence, however or small or large that might be) as QB selection...

BootyGod May 30 2007 5:26 PM EDT

Hmm... I had a huge argument for and against this but... Yay. Easy summary, neh?

muon [The Winds Of Fate] May 31 2007 3:57 AM EDT

Yea. It's spelt yea. And, yeah, yea gets my vote too ;-)

lostling May 31 2007 5:29 AM EDT

thumbs up

BluBBen May 31 2007 8:24 AM EDT

Go for it!
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