Quick idea on forging clans... (in General)

Wasp [Superheros] June 18 2007 12:40 PM EDT

Why not have a forging clan? Would work the same as a fighting clan accept NW forged in would give a bonus. Of course, you can't take points from another clan but it would increase forgers competitiveness amongst themselves to give the client a better rate. Who knows. I think it would be cool though, max 3 forgers to a clan top clan gets a 5% bonus to forging maybe and so on. Any how was just a quick idea, not sure if it's been mentioned before :P

th00p June 18 2007 12:44 PM EDT

It'd have to be a 3rd type of clan, as econ clans are for more than just forgers, like loaners and the likes.

BootyGod June 18 2007 3:08 PM EDT

Sorry, I like them combined. I mean, choice is good, but this choice would be HARD to make. And, I think, in the end kind of neutralizing. I mean, one way gives you a boost to the speed of your forging, but you have to pay more to do it, and the other saves you money, but you do it slowly.... just seems weird.

But still, anything to help forgers would be appreciated.
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