Need help finding a Wii (in Off-topic)

QBRanger July 5 2007 2:28 PM EDT

Hi all,

My kids and wife actually want a Wii.

So, my job is to find one but here in Fla it is all sold out.

I tried looking online and for the $249 Wii, most places that have them are charging over 100 buck more than that.

Anyone know of a place I can get one at a reasonable price online or can someone help me out somehow?


AdminJonathan July 5 2007 2:54 PM EDT

you could try

QBRanger July 5 2007 3:05 PM EDT

I did try it, but all the stores are sold out and all the "auctions" are over 100 over the normal price of the Wii.

Anyone know of a store near them that has it that can ship it for a reasonable fee?

Yukk July 5 2007 5:21 PM EDT

My wife and I were searching everywhere or so we thought but all the stores were selling out within an hour of receiving any delivery.
On a whim she dropped by a store while having lunch at a small, out of the way mall and they had 8 available as retail cost.
So this backs up the stories I've heard that your best bet is to try stores in little towns or smaller stores in less-frequented malls.

I could offer to get you one, she was there again today to get games, but I'm guessing delivery from Toronto down to Fla would blow out your Not-willing-to-get-ripped-off-"budget".
I don't think I'm willing to do it for $38 million $CB :)

QBRanger July 5 2007 5:28 PM EDT

broke down and got 1 off ebay. 355 with shipping :(

Lumpy Koala July 5 2007 11:41 PM EDT

Wii is still a "rare" in US ? wow

Hi im Jake July 5 2007 11:50 PM EDT

Well I've also tried to get the Wii. Your best bet to get one is find out when a Costco shipment is coming in, call every day to check if the shipment has changed. When they do get a shipment they get like 150 so all you have to do is get it quick so they don't run out and trust me they run out quick so don't be lazy, also plan ahead according to shipment details. Hope this helps.

Zoglog[T] [big bucks] July 6 2007 5:04 AM EDT

There's a huge abundance of them everywhere in the UK, we obviously have more taste ;P

Unappreciated Misnomer July 6 2007 6:37 AM EDT

you can find them everywhere in i think imho a Wii is a waste of money, sure they put out quality over quantity on mario games, but once you played mario party 1-7, 8 isnt that great, first person shooters tho early need big refinments, i enjoyed the game TANKS found on Wii play which i found amusing more than any other wii game, the console in short is great for multiplayer, there isnt much great for single player cept zelda and hopefully when mario galaxies comes out at xmas,


it had its moments tho brief was longer than the virtual boy(if anyone remebers that product) lol

..*mumble mumble* power glove *mumble mumble*...

Josh [Cult of the Valaraukar] July 6 2007 6:40 AM EDT

I work at Best Buy and at least 10 people a night come in asking for one. We're always sold out and when we get them in they are gone before the evening.

Blarg July 6 2007 10:12 AM EDT

I work at zellers and we have 5 right now i think. I forget the price though.

deifeln July 6 2007 10:41 AM EDT

I've seen a few in DC. If anyone wants one I will pick up for cost plus shipping.

AdminJonathan July 6 2007 11:08 AM EDT

I admit I haven't been overwhelmed by Wii game quality either, but I didn't get a GC last gen so I have that library to work on too.

QBRanger July 6 2007 11:24 AM EDT

For me it is more for the wife, who is not a big gamer, and for the kids, 5 years and 2 years of age.

AdminNightStrike July 6 2007 5:41 PM EDT

In the future, get stuff like that online. It's much easier, and you don't have to be restricted to fake auctions or shady websites.

Kai July 7 2007 12:35 AM EDT

I got a Wii in Feb, and I still use it from time to time. It's a -great- console for when you have a few friends over and just wanna kill time. The games are fun yet simple enough for almost anyone to just pick up and join in. The next few months will also bring out two titles I've been wanting for a long time, Super Smash Bros and Metroid Prime 3. I'm also hoping we get a new Mario Kart sometime soon.
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