Why does everyone love Ranger? (in Off-topic)

Marlfox [Cult of the Valaraukar] July 10 2007 8:49 AM EDT

^ title says all, maybe I'm acting like a n00b, but this is one n00b that wants to know. =D.

deifeln July 10 2007 9:01 AM EDT

I don't hate him.

Marlfox [Cult of the Valaraukar] July 10 2007 9:08 AM EDT

but tons of people do, when "SOME" people talk about ranger, all they do is bash him, why?

The Vanguard July 10 2007 9:13 AM EDT

I actually built a little shrine of him, and pray to him 5 times a day. Going back to the question at hand, some people "hate" Ranger as he is the best, you know the deadly human traits of jealousy and envy, not very pretty really. We really should be building golden statues of him. :)

Flamey July 10 2007 9:27 AM EDT

Its probably the people that disagree with him in the forums, just because they disagree with his opinion, which is all it is, not fact, they should not dislike him because of that.

I like him.

Marlfox [Cult of the Valaraukar] July 10 2007 9:28 AM EDT

yeah Rangers great. thats why i made this thread.

48Zach July 10 2007 10:07 AM EDT

Great guy.. Once you get to know him, he's even cooler than you thought.. I don't know who hates him.. and for whatever reason they do, it has to be pretty stupid

QBBarzooMonkey July 10 2007 11:43 AM EDT

Because everywhere he goes, sunshine follows and rainbows spring up from the ground wherever he steps and puppies frolic happily at his feet, and every word is like a little nugget of golden chocolate sent forth to nourish us all, and in his battles no one dies, they just "pass out" like a Pokemon, and, and, and...

48Zach July 10 2007 11:45 AM EDT

And Barzoo has it down!

AdminNightStrike July 10 2007 11:50 AM EDT

Anyone who is strong spoken will quickly make other people "defacate or get off the pot," so to speak. That is, people with that sort of personality force you to think and take a stance, bringing out the reality of what another person thinks. A more placated person who does not elicit the true feelings of another isn't more widely accepted -- you just don't know what people really think.

Adminedyit [Superheros] July 10 2007 2:52 PM EDT

I like him because almost 2 years ago when i first started playing he was friendly and helpful in chat. Here's me a noob green as grass and the top ranked player in the game is giving me key peices of strat advice and loaning me gear to help me out. Little things like that are what make CB in general a great game.

{Wookie}-Jir.Vr- July 10 2007 3:22 PM EDT

Ranger doesn't care if you're a top player, or a 2ed day novice, he will treat you with whatever respect you've earned. great attitude and ideals make him a winner, not his Mpr and Nw. :P

AdminQBVerifex [Serenity In Chaos] July 10 2007 4:23 PM EDT

Ranger, some people hear it, some people fear it
Ranger, some people just won't go near it
Sho' as I'm me and you should know you're you
Ranger is the key to unlock the true you
Ranger, some people hear it, some people fear it
Ranger, some people just won't go near it
Sho' as I'm me and the skies are blue
Ranger is back and all brand new

SBW July 10 2007 4:33 PM EDT

ranger = cool. end of story

Mem July 10 2007 7:37 PM EDT

What's there to say? The guy is just a good guy. He's been a helping hand to me when I needed it, and so many more. He's been a loyal friend to me. How can you not like him? It's beyond me, so three cheers for Ranger!

Mem July 10 2007 7:38 PM EDT

(I feel like I just wrote the guy's obit...)

/me knocks on wood.

AdminNightStrike July 10 2007 9:47 PM EDT

"He's been a helping hand to me when I needed it"

I don't think there's anyone who Ranger hasn't helped. He's definitely been intregal in the success of many people, myself included.

QBRanger July 10 2007 10:07 PM EDT

Thanks for the post :)

Flamey July 10 2007 10:19 PM EDT

the original thread title, for anyone that didn't see it was "Why does everyone hate Ranger?".

Mythology July 10 2007 10:40 PM EDT

love him or hate him, would cb be a better place without him, no, enough said

Angel of Death [Hell Blenders] July 11 2007 12:52 AM EDT

who says i love ranger?? i dont love him and i do think cb would be a little better without him

Flamey July 11 2007 4:41 AM EDT

Harsh. But then again AoD, there are many people (mainly in chat) Who think CB would be better without you.

QBOddBird July 11 2007 8:38 AM EDT

Conflict! Only one thing to do.....distraction!

QBJohnnywas July 11 2007 8:43 AM EDT

Sorry, OB, which one is you again?

Flamey July 11 2007 8:47 AM EDT


QBJohnnywas July 11 2007 8:48 AM EDT

Brings a whole new meaning to 'off-topic'....

QBOddBird July 11 2007 8:49 AM EDT

The one with the bigger...smile, of course. =D See how big my smile is?

Flamey July 11 2007 8:53 AM EDT

their "smiles" look equally as big :P

Angel of Death [Hell Blenders] July 11 2007 3:37 PM EDT

if people really want me out of chat then make a post about, but i doubt half of the cbers want me out of chat

Eurynome Bartleby [Bartleby's] July 11 2007 4:24 PM EDT

The guy is capable of great acts of generosity, and also capable of acting like a jerk sometimes. (Like pretty much anybody really, to be fair. Even the greatest of QBs has a bad day once in a while, and makes the occasionnal bad post or whatever.)

Though, his good deeds FAR surpass anything wrong he could have done here. Wrong is probably much too big of a word here. Let's just say "less cool" instead :P

I think some people just have a problem with people who just say the things they think are right. When someone or something is just being plain stupid, he says "That's retarded." When something or someone is being brilliant, he'll be praising he/she or it.
It's all a matter of giving credit where credit is due, and throwing stones where throwing stones must be thrown. (Cool sentence, heh, very rhythmic.)

He is very much integral to the success of this place, like most of the people who took the time to come in this thread and say why he rocks.

Final point: He ain't a QB for nothing, folks.

BootyGod July 11 2007 4:33 PM EDT

I like Ranger. He's a good guy. And for those of you who dislike him... it's just a conflict of personality. We all have our problems.

Lately he has been distant with me and I don't know rightly why. That kind of thing he does can be sad. But... as has been said... he's a good guy. He does alot for this game. He is far more generous and kind then many of you will ever give him credit for.

I don't pretend to know why there is so much enmity between some of the players nowadays. But it needs to end.

You rock Marlfox, for creating this post =D

Mem July 11 2007 10:15 PM EDT

"Enmity". Nice $20 word, GW.

MiniMem (Trillion) GodWolf (Oduten) $20 -- $20 word 10:14 PM EDT

Gandalf July 12 2007 2:48 PM EDT

Ranger Rocks!!!! :D

Blarg July 13 2007 12:37 AM EDT

<3 ranger

Phrede July 13 2007 1:34 AM EDT

where's the voting button :)

One thing I always remember is when I was up at the number 2/3 spot he was always giving me advice about minor modifications to my strat in order to beat him. I very rarely did but the thought was there :)

[CB1]Kris July 13 2007 11:54 AM EDT

Right then shall we start the "Who wants AoD kicked out of chat?" Poll?

Since I've started AoD's animosity has been irreverently charged at anyone and everyone in his path at the time, Ranger on the other hand almost always has a kind word for our new and old players alike and some harsh ones for the AoD's among us. Despite this though I don't think chat would be better or worse without either as we need the Machiavellian style of AoD coupled with the Compassionate style of Ranger to give chat a sort of equilibrium.

Just my thoughts, anyone else?

/me gets ready to accept word contest trophy :P

horseguy001 July 13 2007 4:01 PM EDT

I like Ranger. He is a top player that doesn't mind answering questions and helping others out through the forums as well as chatmails. Not many online games can sport that kind of community.

Mem July 13 2007 5:07 PM EDT

MiniMem (Trillion) [CB1]Vipertaker (Metal Gear) $20 -- $20 word 5:06 PM EDT
MiniMem (Trillion) [CB1]Vipertaker (Metal Gear) $20 -- $20 word 5:06 PM EDT

Marlfox [Cult of the Valaraukar] July 28 2007 3:05 PM EDT

Just so everyone knows, the original title was:
"Why does everyone hate Ranger?".

AdminNightStrike July 28 2007 3:33 PM EDT

We know. An admin changed it, presumably to stop idiotic posts like this that cause undue strife for an otherwise very highly respected (and rightfully so) CB member and QB.

Mem July 28 2007 5:02 PM EDT

MiniMem (Trillion) NightStrike (The Iconics 3e) $20 -- $20 word award 5:02 PM EDT

Thraklight Resonance July 28 2007 5:52 PM EDT

The admins changed the title of the post to give Ranger a sycophantic advantage. :-)

ignignokt July 28 2007 6:32 PM EDT

/me scoffs at Marlfox

You sir are a quisling to our friendly, compliment driven community.

Mem July 28 2007 6:55 PM EDT

MiniMem (Trillion) Thraktizzo (Mr. Clumsy Carp) $20 -- $20 word award 6:54 PM EDT

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] July 28 2007 10:08 PM EDT

technically, Marl was just trying to understand how anyone could dislike Ranger...
Not the sort of question I would expect you to call idiotic NS...but then again.

ignignokt July 28 2007 10:50 PM EDT

I was just trying to do a $10k word of the day, heh. <hides>

AdminNightStrike July 29 2007 2:47 AM EDT

Good point, novice. I didn't read it like that, though it's a possible interpretation.
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