The $20 Word Awards! (in Contests)

Mem July 11 2007 10:29 PM EDT

Ok, here's the deal. Every post I read where someone uses what I deem a "$20 word" will be awarded $20 CB and be entered into a drawing at the end of the week (Saturday around 8pm server time) to be held by an as yet unknown third party for $100,000 CB.

Posts in this post don't count.

The first person to use a word from either the word of the day and/or the word of the day (I subscribe to them, so don't try to pull a fast one) will be awarded $10,000 CB, provided that they use them naturally in a sentence that pertains to that particular post.

I'll be doing this as long as you all are interested or I tire of this game. Game on!

Mythology July 11 2007 10:31 PM EDT


Mem July 11 2007 10:38 PM EDT

New Rules:

If you can't take the time to spell correctly, properly punctuate, or capitalize your sentences/words, I won't be taking the time to give you your $20 and an entry in the drawing.

You can have more than one entry per week.

If I think of anything else I'll let you know! :)

Adminedyit [Superheros] July 11 2007 10:46 PM EDT

We the ignorant, are led by the inept, to do that which is impossible for the ungrateful.

Flamey July 11 2007 10:48 PM EDT

"Posts in this post don't count." :)

QBBast [Hidden Agenda] July 12 2007 3:32 AM EDT

Are entries per word or per post?

AdminG Beee July 12 2007 6:24 AM EDT

Immense wealth, creates the minions that can please the eye, or obliterate the enemy. Here, $10,000 contest rewards, not carnage, is the great desideratum.

Mem July 12 2007 8:13 AM EDT

Entries are per word. For instance, NS gained three entries with his post last night.

And Beee! Read the directions!

Flamey July 12 2007 8:20 AM EDT

Could you keep a tab on the people like a table? See who uses big words? :P Or is that too much work? :)

lilmax25 July 12 2007 8:26 AM EDT

To great multitudes,and even to the poverty, they think the most , eminent thing they want is a desideratum.

Flamey July 12 2007 8:30 AM EDT

Mem said this,

"Posts in this post don't count.".

I said this,

" "Posts in this post don't count." :) ".

AdminG Beee July 12 2007 8:39 AM EDT

Mem, my reading skills are not in question. Alas, same can not be said for comprehension.

QBRanger July 12 2007 12:57 PM EDT


This contest is sort of getting into a spam fest in the forums. At least for some people.

Some of the posts are just pathetic.

QBBarzooMonkey July 12 2007 1:11 PM EDT

Ah, an archetypical Ranger post. Worthy of many more panegyrical threads, I'd say!

QBBast [Hidden Agenda] July 12 2007 2:30 PM EDT

Barzoo, are you under the impression that "archetypical" is a euphemism for "insidiously contumelious" or "allusively obloquial"?

QBBarzooMonkey July 12 2007 2:42 PM EDT

For this particular exemplification, I would say, "yes."

QBRanger July 12 2007 2:49 PM EDT

Do I need to type more?

Phrede July 12 2007 3:16 PM EDT

and if I of to the at by no a phleghm

Phrede July 12 2007 3:18 PM EDT

by the way an alternative spelling is phlegm

QBBast [Hidden Agenda] July 12 2007 3:31 PM EDT

You may be phlegmy, Freed, but some of us think of it as ataraxic, in combination with an enviable pulchritude.

th00p July 12 2007 5:10 PM EDT

Bast, you're too pedantic.

Jake the Snayke July 12 2007 5:57 PM EDT


QBRanger July 12 2007 6:39 PM EDT

Google can make the most feebleminded individual appear ingenious.

QBBast [Hidden Agenda] July 12 2007 8:45 PM EDT

Yet it doesn't help you with they're/their or then/than.

QBRanger July 12 2007 9:01 PM EDT

Of course google and the internet can help one differentiate the proper use of then or than.

One has to have the time to look for it. Something that one can easily do while posting.

People that do not are just lazy not stupid. People that do are not necessarily smart, just have too much time on their hands.

Mem July 12 2007 9:13 PM EDT

People, there's to be no fighting in the war room!

I'd love to provide a table, but alas! I'm hopelessly useless when it comes to such things. If someone were willing to help me out in that category I'd be extremely grateful. Also, I'm thinking that I'm going to have to recruit some people to help me out with this. It takes a lot of time to read all these posts, time that I don't often have. If you're willing send me a CM. I'd say two people should suffice. Thanks!

(And sorry, the game must go on. I will say this though, those whose diction is already quite superlative are going to have to really throw me a curveball to get their entries.)

Mem July 12 2007 9:41 PM EDT

New Rule:

From now and on, if you are off topic and trying to get entries in my contest (subject to my interpretation), you will be permanently banned from participating in this contest. This includes, but is not limited to, posts that are affirming a previous poster's position and posts that are clearly meant to be offensive or derogatory.

I shouldn't really have had to make this rule since it's already a rule on CB (albeit a rule that has lax enforcement...). I'm ashamed that some of you have taken this contest to be a mere money making scheme and/or a way to flaunt your pomposity. This was intended to be a way for those on CB whose only exposure to reading is in the forums here and elsewhere on the internet to get a chance to learn some new words, incorporating them into their daily diction. It's really just appalling that those of you whom don't actually need such guidance could not appreciate that.

That said, the game is still on, but stay on topic!

Mem July 13 2007 5:39 PM EDT

Here are the counts going into the last 24 hours of this week's contest so far:

G_Beee-- 1
Godwolf-- 1
Bast-- 3
NightStrike-- 4
Talion-- 2
Johhnywas-- 1
Verifex-- 1
Vipertaker-- 2
th00p-- 1

Keep the words coming!

P.S. I'm still looking for someone (or everyone) to help me comb the forums for these words. You may get a little reward for helping me out...

AdminNightStrike July 13 2007 6:09 PM EDT

Does helping withdraw you from the contest?

Mem July 13 2007 6:20 PM EDT

No, in fact, the reward for helping will just be more entries in the drawing...

Mem July 14 2007 6:13 PM EDT

I'm surprised to see it's after 6pm server time and I haven't had to give away that 20k for the two words of the day...

Oh, and first person to post back that they'd like to help me out with the seeding will get a free entry.

QBJohnnywas July 14 2007 6:26 PM EDT

I'm surprised CB isn't it's usual verbose self today. Bast must be asleep... ;)

Mem July 14 2007 6:34 PM EDT

That's one of them, Johnny, but you should read the rules... No 10k for you just yet.

Mem July 14 2007 9:02 PM EDT

Ok, everyone. The first person that posts here with a number 1-21 wins $25,000 CB.

Also, thanks to everyone in chat here that helped me with the seeding process-- so long as you sent me a chatmail you'll get a seed in next week's $100,000 CB drawing!

Here's the transcript of the seeding process:

<MiniMem> Pick a number, one through twenty-one.
<MiniZach> 3
<SirBubbleWrap> 14
<evilfattyman> 7
<edyit> 22
<ignignokt> 16
<MiniMem> C'mon, edy!
<SirBubbleWrap> 13
<edyit> 8.785
<Pit_Spawn> 5.000000983567
<SirBubbleWrap> 3.141592653
<Spawn> Pi
* Pit_Spawn grins
<edyit> 3.14
<MiniMem> Whole numbers, please.
<MiniZach> 3.14596
<SirBubbleWrap> 13!
<MiniZach> 3 :D
<Spawn> 4
<edyit> 5
<SirBubbleWrap> 1
<evilfattyman> how many do we get
SirBubbleWrap left the room.
Raveshaw[T] has joined the room.
<MiniZach> whats next Mem?
<ignignokt> 2
<evilfattyman> 21
<MiniMem> Alright, now 6, 9-12, 15, and 17-20 are still in the mix.
<ignignokt> 18
<evilfattyman> 17
<MiniZach> 6, 9-12, 15, 17-20 please
<Spawn> 15!!
<Ancient_Anubis> 11
<ignignokt> 19
<Ancient_Anubis> 10
<MiniZach> 6
<ignignokt> hey spawn, how's it going?
<evilfattyman> 9
<Ancient_Anubis> 12
<Spawn> hey :)
<MiniMem> Ok, now if you picked a number send me a CM with the number you picked.

8DEOTWP July 14 2007 9:07 PM EDT


Spawn July 14 2007 9:07 PM EDT


lostling July 14 2007 9:08 PM EDT


Mem July 14 2007 9:16 PM EDT

MiniMem (Trillion) o O'Rly (O Rly o.O) $25000 -- $20 word contest # 9:09 PM EDT

Alrighty. So according to the grid that I sent edy a copy of before the number was picked (the same grid that was randomly chosen by the aforementioned chat-ees) the winner is NightStrike!

Here's the grid and your $100,000 CB is on its way!

1. NightStrike
2. NightStrike
3. G_Beee
4. NightStrike
5. NightStrike
6. Vipertaker
7. Bast
8. NightStrike
9. Vipertaker
10. Verifex
11. Verifex
12. th00p
13. Bast
14. Godwolf
15. Johnny
16. Bast
17. Talion
18. Talion
19. Verifex
20. Blarg
21. Talion

Thanks to all who entered this week. I look forward to your entries this next week, which start now!

P.S. There are still two words of the day left to be used, but hurry because there's less than three hours to use them now! The words are verbose and pilgarlic. (Please don't use them in this post... that's one of the first rules...)

Mem July 16 2007 12:39 AM EDT

Verifex used two words of the day from before this contest began, so I'm granting him 2 entries into next week's $100,000 CB drawing. Here's the entry count so far:

ignignokt-- 1
MiniZach-- 3
evilfattyman-- 1
Spawn-- 1
edyit-- 1
[Nkki]WildEagle-- 1
Sephiroth-- 1
Bast-- 1

Mem July 16 2007 12:39 AM EDT

And, of course:

Verifex-- 2

AdminQBVerifex [Serenity In Chaos] July 16 2007 2:16 PM EDT

For those curious, please look here for more variety in choosing your word, please. The forum posts are all starting to look incredibly contrived (this is not a fancy word!).

Mem July 18 2007 12:57 AM EDT

Please be patient these next couple of days. I just recently moved into a new apartment and my internet isn't scheduled to be hooked up until Friday. I'll get to everyone's entries in due time. Thanks!

Mem July 21 2007 6:36 PM EDT

Ok, here's the counts for the $100,000 CB drawing this week:

MiniZach: 5
Verifex: 5
NightStrike: 6
bartjan: 1
OB: 1
Sutekh: 2
Gun: 1
edyit: 2
Vicious Cat: 1
Lamuness: 1
G_Beee: 1
Blarg: 2
Draco: 1
Bast: 2
Sephiroth: 1
[Nkki]WildEagle: 1
O Rly: 1
Talion: 1

You've got another 23 minutes or so for entries for this week, so get on it!

Mem July 21 2007 6:41 PM EDT


Miandrital: 2

(Sorry, Mian.)

48Zach July 21 2007 6:47 PM EDT

Well.. Let's hope I am the victor! I know to a great extent what i could use the extra moula for.. Like get Jim and Jam some sombraro's!

Mem July 22 2007 11:04 AM EDT

First person to post a number between, and including, 1-39 wins $25,000 CB!

Miandrital July 22 2007 11:06 AM EDT


48Zach July 22 2007 11:07 AM EDT

For no reason.. 5 =)

Mem July 22 2007 11:07 AM EDT

MiniMem (Trillion) Miandrital (Tony the Tigah) $25000 -- Nice job! 11:06 AM EDT

Well, with Pit's random number generator we now have a winner. Results will be posted in just a few moments. Thanks!

Mem July 22 2007 11:28 AM EDT

From: Pit Spawn Sent: 11:05 AM EDT
18, 11, 9, 7, 26, 19, 39, 34, 35, 15, 17, 28, 20, 12, 5, 6, 27, 36, 4, 2, 25, 16, 13, 38, 33, 22, 1, 29, 10, 31, 24, 32, 3, 30, 8, 23, 21, 37, 14

Pit's numbers are to be applied from the list that's above making the seeding:

MiniZach: 18, 11, 9, 7, 26
Verifex: 19, 39, 34, 35, 15
NightStrike: 17, 28, 20, 12, 5, 6
NSFY: 27
bartjan: 36
OB: 4
Sut: 2, 25
Gun: 16
edyit: 13, 38
Vicious Cat: 33
Lamuness: 22
G_Beee: 1, 29
Blarg: 10, 31
Draco: 24
Bast: 32, 3
Sephiroth: 30
[Nkki]WildEagle: 8
O Rly: 23
Talion: 21
Miandrital: 37, 14

And with Miandrital's guess in this thread of 19 he has chosen Verifex to be the second weekly winner of the $100,000 CB $20 Word Contest! Congrats, Verifex.

MiniMem (Memnot Sartalicus) QBVerifex (Hot Pants) $100000 -- $20 Contest Winner! 11:27 AM EDT

Mem July 26 2007 11:04 AM EDT

New Rule:

If you use the word of the day you must CM me to let me know.

So, it would seem that interest is waning in this contest. I'll continue to hold this for the rest of the week, but it may end after that if interest doesn't pick up. Good luck!

AdminNightStrike July 26 2007 7:47 PM EDT

Interest is waning? I think it's still on. I find that I myself put more thought into my posts (and subsequently post more infrequently, though that's due to other reasons.)

Mem July 29 2007 2:34 PM EDT

First person to pick a number between, and including, 1-24 wins $25,000 CB.

Miandrital July 29 2007 2:38 PM EDT


Mem July 29 2007 2:55 PM EDT

MiniMem (Trillion) Miandrital (Tigah Woods) $25000 2:53 PM EDT

Thank you, Mian, for choosing our winner for the third weekly $20 Word Award contest! The winner shall be announced shortly.

Mem July 29 2007 11:42 PM EDT

Ok, so according to the numbers chosen by the people in chat earlier today the seeding looks like this:

1. Sutekh
2. Sutekh
3. OB
4. NightStrike
5. Sutekh
6. Miandrital
7. Sutekh
8. edyit
9. Talion
10. Ranger
11. Zach
12. Robin destructable
13. Ranger
14. OB
15. NightStrike
16. Ignignokt
17. Miandrital
18. Talion
19. Miandrital
20. Thraktizzo
21. Sutekh
22. NightStrike
23. NightStrike
24. NightStrike

And according to Mian's number Sut is the winner of the $100,000 drawing! Congrats!

MiniMem (Memnot Sartalicus) QBsutekh137 (Hubbell) $100000 -- $20 Grand Prize! 11:36 PM EDT

If there isn't more interest shown in this contest after this next week I'll be shutting it down.

Mem August 5 2007 1:05 PM EDT

First person to enter a number 1-52 wins 25k!

Spawn August 5 2007 1:05 PM EDT


Spawn August 5 2007 1:06 PM EDT

51 if it has to be in between

Mem August 5 2007 1:13 PM EDT

Thanks, Spawn!

MiniMem (Television Man) Spawn (Spawn) $25000 1:08 PM EDT

Okay, here are the results for the fourth weekly $20 Grand Prize drawing:

1. Myth
2. OB
3. Myth
4. Igni
5. Meso
6. Rubberduck
7. lostling
8. Barzoo
9. Barzoo
10. Barzoo
11. Myth
12. Barzoo
13. Igni
14. OB
15. Myth
16. OB
17. Igni
18. Indy
19. Igni
20. OB
21. Igni
22. Igni
23. Barzoo
24. Igni
25. Barzoo
26. Igni
27. Barzoo
28. Igni
29. NightStrike
30. Barzoo
31. Barzoo
32. Barzoo
33. OB
34. muon
35. Igni
36. Barzoo
37. Igni
38. Meso
39. Indy
40. Barzoo
41. Barzoo
42. Igni
43. lostling
44. Barzoo
45. Barzoo
46. Barzoo
47. Igni
48. Rubberduck
49. Bast
50. novice
51. Igni
52. OB

With Spawn's [first] number that means [the real] OB wins! Congrats!

MiniMem (Television Man) QBPPF (Hejin) $100000 -- $20 Grand Prize! 1:09 PM EDT

Unfortunately this contest is going on a ~3.5 month vacation, but you'll all know when it's back!

(Don't forget to keep up on those words of the day... When the contest comes back there just may be a prize for using them...)

Spawn August 5 2007 1:15 PM EDT

OB can welcome me later ;)

Mem August 5 2007 1:17 PM EDT

Were you away for a while?

Or perhaps you meant "thank"...

Spawn August 5 2007 1:17 PM EDT

Thank me later even* i need more sleep (52 is my favorite number) ;)

QBOddBird August 5 2007 1:35 PM EDT

Yaaaaaay! Thanks Mem! ^_^
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