Can't sell a Battle Axe [44x11] (+6) (in General)

Tezmac July 12 2007 10:53 AM EDT

How silly is it that my tournament character can't sell this to the store? I understand we're trying to hinder one's ability to launder money, however if I put this in auction, there is no way anyone will bid on it. One has to work their way up the garbage weapon ladder in order to compete. Shouldn't I be able to cash these garbage weapons out? Yeah, I know, it's just 17k (sell price), but that's the cost of a steel brig or a couple 'x' on my compound bow, both of which I could use. Anyway we can get this rule relaxed somewhat?

Miandrital July 12 2007 11:07 AM EDT

I agree completely.

bartjan July 12 2007 11:16 AM EDT

While climbing that ladder, skip a few rungs.

Tezmac July 12 2007 1:08 PM EDT

I did, I went from saber (sellabe) to beaked axe (sellable) to battle axe. Tournament characters can't afford compound bows until down the road (thanks campers).

QBRanger July 12 2007 1:13 PM EDT

From T2, I found the best thing to do is start off mage so you can pick higher level opponents much easier. Save money during this time.

Then, with a day or 2 to go in the tourney, when you can afford the Katana and compound bow, buy them and retrain. At only 2% xp loss to unlearn those DD and EO/ED spells, it is not that much of a problem.

Otherwise tanks are at a serious disadvantage not being able to sell old weapons back to the store and bleed money compared to mages who can use their money for armor and other items.

But I do agree with your last statement. Campers taking up all the leather armors in the store and reselling them for a 5k profit each is a bit unnerving as a T character. I for one will promise never to do it again. If we can get others to do the same, perhaps tourney characters can get basic leather armors at store cost.

Phrede July 12 2007 3:02 PM EDT

totally agree - and thanks for buying my battle axe Ranger :)

Synge [Memento Mori] July 12 2007 3:49 PM EDT

I apologize for taking a tangent in your thread, Tezmac. I agree with you. I'd just like to address Ranger's comment. Putting basic store stuff into auctions levels the field for people who can't log on as often in order to check if the store has been restocked or not. The price goes up somewhat to lower demand, otherwise the same luck-of-the-draw situation will happen in auctions. There is nothing wrong with this. It may end up profitable, but this is not guaranteed (just ask anyone trying to sell a composite bow to this tournament group).

AdminNightStrike July 12 2007 6:59 PM EDT

There's a composite bow in the store right now...

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] July 13 2007 3:06 AM EDT

"While climbing that ladder, skip a few rungs."

What's the point of having so many weapons again?

Miandrital July 13 2007 3:07 AM EDT

Because they look cool :)

Lochnivar July 13 2007 3:21 AM EDT

GL obviously isn't an American with a question like that!

{Wookie}-Jir.Vr- July 13 2007 8:27 AM EDT

I've tried to push some basic items in the AH for basically store price, (or whatever was easier to type) just for this reason. Problem is, people buy it to resell :(.
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