Why.... (in General)

QBRanger July 14 2007 4:34 PM EDT

are the Steel Brig, Heavy Crossbow and lesser tattoos in the Black Market?

QBOddBird July 14 2007 5:00 PM EDT


is there an option to order a double cheeseburger, large fry, and a diet coke?

Sir Woot July 14 2007 5:04 PM EDT

Why is the place where you park your car called a driveway and the place you drive your car called a parkway?

Fanta [Fanta's Forge] July 14 2007 7:03 PM EDT

Why does RadioShack ask for your phone number when you buy batteries?

48Zach July 14 2007 7:04 PM EDT

Because we want stuff!!!

Fanta [Fanta's Forge] July 14 2007 7:05 PM EDT

Well on a more related note, Ranger's question is as reasonable to ask as any of the other ones here...

Doesn't make much sense to me either

AdminNightStrike July 14 2007 7:24 PM EDT

There's levels of rarity. Those things you mention don't spawn in the store, but aren't as rare as, say, a Corn.

QBRanger July 14 2007 7:28 PM EDT


I thought heavy xbows and I know lesser tattoos spawn in the store.

Steel Brig, who cares.

QBOddBird July 14 2007 7:28 PM EDT

Steel Brig, Heavy Crossbow, Lesser Tattoos.. they spawn in the store.

AdminNightStrike July 14 2007 7:30 PM EDT

Are you sure? Or do people just sell them to the store?

AdminNightStrike July 14 2007 7:31 PM EDT

Ok, there's like 5679867945 Steel Brigs in the store right now....

AdminG Beee July 14 2007 7:33 PM EDT

I think our pilgarlic little dwarf who controls the stores and black market is having a laugh at our expense.

Mem July 14 2007 9:25 PM EDT

MiniMem (Trillion) AdminG Beee (The Tweenies) $10000 -- Word of the Day! 9:24 PM EDT

[RX3]Cotillion July 14 2007 9:48 PM EDT


when you order a plain cheeseburger from Whataburger, do they give you a piece of meat between two buns with no cheese?

Mem July 14 2007 9:58 PM EDT

Why would you order anything from Whataburger in the first place? Yuck.

Fanta [Fanta's Forge] July 14 2007 11:03 PM EDT

You wouldn't.

[CB1]Kris July 14 2007 11:52 PM EDT

Why is a building called a building and not a built?

muon [The Winds Of Fate] July 15 2007 1:55 AM EDT

OK. The steel brigandine is supposed to be (as far as I can work out) a way for a clan of mages (or any clan, I guess) to veto any vote in the black market.

Let's say that the elven longbow has 50% of its votes, but a clan of mages feels that there are too many elbows in the world already, then they can merely vote for the steel brig. The same goes, I guess, if tanks think that there are too many corns in the world.

I think that is why it was included. We don't usually resort to such underhanded methods, though, being nice people ;-)

The lesser tats and heavy xbow... well, who knows.

I think it is funny, though, that only one item in the game commands a higher price (when at base) than the corn - and that's the helm of clearsight. That's what "rare" should be :-)


Fate July 15 2007 1:57 AM EDT

why do they report power outages on the television?
if you choke a smurf what color does it turn?

Flamey July 15 2007 5:41 AM EDT

"OK. The steel brigandine is supposed to be (as far as I can work out) a way for a clan of mages (or any clan, I guess) to veto any vote in the black market. "

As far as I know you can't do that. If there were enough people I believe you could get 2 items spawned at the same time, it really doesn't matter, as long as the required number of votes is met, then it gets put in auctions.

AdminNightStrike July 15 2007 5:46 AM EDT

Spawning some item X resets the vote count for that item only, not every item.... right? If so, then that tactic wouldn't work.

Mem July 15 2007 11:45 AM EDT

If you have a television that runs on batteries (many small, portable tellys do), then you are more than capable of receiving television transmissions as the big channels, such as ABC, NBC, Fox, and CBS, broadcast their content just like radio stations do-- over the air.

[CB1]Kris July 15 2007 11:39 PM EDT

"If there is a problem with your phone, please call our helpline on......."

Zoglog[T] [big bucks] July 16 2007 7:15 AM EDT

Why when you have a wireless network problem does it ask you to go to the microsoft website to find out how to connect to the W2C network?

bartjan July 16 2007 7:37 AM EDT

Fanta [Fanta's Forge] July 16 2007 9:46 AM EDT


Colonel Custard July 16 2007 3:03 PM EDT

"Why is the place where you park your car called a driveway and the place you drive your car called a parkway?"

Maybe someone made a mistake in the onomastics involved.

Flamey July 17 2007 3:46 AM EDT

LOL, bart. :)

{Wookie}-Jir.Vr- July 17 2007 5:20 AM EDT

+1 bart

QBBast [Hidden Agenda] July 17 2007 7:45 AM EDT

This thread has been nothing but a gallimaufry from the outset. Please do try to stay on topic!

Mem July 17 2007 7:58 AM EDT

Try again, Basty.
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