The NUB (in General)

cookie dough August 2 2007 11:42 PM EDT

I was thinking that you keep your NUB until you get to a certain MPR because I stopped playing for a period of time and I also experimented with about 100 different strategies losing a ton of exp. I know that there are holes in this idea with people using the free BA just to forge but I am no where near where the NUB is supposed to get me.

ScY August 3 2007 12:13 AM EDT

It is not a bad thought, if you can tweak the NUB to not work for forging or something along those lines.

Fanta [Fanta's Forge] August 3 2007 12:37 AM EDT

No, the NUB is fine where it is now...

8DEOTWP August 3 2007 12:41 AM EDT

Well if NUB is ever 'fixed' then this is a great idea. Stops at 2m PR or after so many days.
Not sure how you would get this idea to work with the current NUB, maybe you could elaborate.

ScY August 3 2007 12:53 AM EDT

Perhaps the NUB, instead of being for a certain time limit, it can be for a certain amount of battles, with a corresponding bonus.

Fanta [Fanta's Forge] August 3 2007 2:00 AM EDT

Then the NUBs wouldn't even have to give much of an effort to make the most of their bonus - they'd have as much time as they wanted.

QBRanger August 3 2007 8:33 AM EDT

If you mess up your NUB, there is always the NCB.

However, the bonus of the N*B is too low as many other posts have already pointed out.

I still believe that the N*B bonus should be longer but the rewards lowered in compensation. 8 months duration is short enough given the length of time CB2 has been alive.

smallpau1 - Go Blues [Lower My Fees] August 3 2007 12:30 PM EDT

And more fair to us older CBers, =) ... (i know, brought it up again, =P)

QBOddBird August 3 2007 12:46 PM EDT

"...but I am no where near where the NUB is supposed to get me."

Don't worry. There's not been a NUB'er anywhere near where it was supposed to get them for a looooooong time. This is one of those 'will get fixed when it gets fixed and in the meantime you are shafted buddy' issues. Just save up for an NCB, I suppose...
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