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sooka August 8 2007 12:34 AM EDT

Thoughts on Barry Bond's hitting #756? Talk about a pretty dull moment in sports history... non-suprising.

It's funny when you look at Bond's baseball cards when he was with the Pirates from his rookie year, then compare to what he looks like when he joined the Giants.... talk about Mr. Obvious.

Soxjr August 8 2007 5:00 AM EDT

First of all. Barry was a rookie some 20 years ago. I don't say one way or the other because I don't care, but show me many ball players that don't change body type over 20 year time span.. Yes he is bigger, but a lot of players got bigger, oh and not all his bigger is muscle. He is getting a bit fat in his old age, just thought I would mention that.

Oh and on a side note, it was tested somewhere that a person using steroids would only hit the ball further, it won't make them hit it out of the ballpark. How many of Bonds homers have been barely over. Not as many as hit the water. So I personally think even if he did use them or didn't hewould have gotten the record no matter what. Steroids can't help your eye hand co-ordination and connecting with a baseball.

Just my opinions.

QBRanger August 8 2007 6:31 AM EDT

Of course he did steroids, he even admitted to using the Clear and the Cream.

But then again, I could do buckets of steroids and never hit a home run.

QBOddBird August 8 2007 8:46 AM EDT

The feat is impressive, steroids or no - but it is totally tainted, and he's a cheater. That's all I have to say about the topic, because grrr.

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] August 8 2007 10:38 AM EDT

He's the best of a bad lot, there is no bright shining example of virtue left in sports.

Miandrital August 8 2007 10:41 AM EDT

As much as I hate A Rod (red sox fan), I must say I am cheering for him to hit 800 now. Barry Bonds is the least likeable person in all of major league sports.

QBRanger August 8 2007 10:50 AM EDT

"Barry Bonds is the least likeable person in all of major league sports."

Personally I would rank T.O. above B.B. in the most hated personalities of sports.

Miandrital August 8 2007 11:10 AM EDT

No way, I would rank Mike Vick and others before TO.
But then again, I am a cowboys fan :P

Soxjr August 8 2007 11:46 AM EDT

Yes, but that is the problem. Is this hatred of him breaking the record really about the steroids or more about people just not liking him? If you honestly can answer that it is the steroids then so be it, but I bet it's more about people just not liking him.

TheHatchetman August 8 2007 2:52 PM EDT

"But then again, I am a cowboys fan :P "

All the more reason to hate TO. I've seen him drop a couple of game-breakers that likely would've changed the outcome of their last season...

Talion August 8 2007 4:17 PM EDT

"But then again, I am a cowboys fan :P "

I'm an Eagles fan... Don't worry, you will learn to hate T.O. beyond any other sports figure. It is just a question of time.

smallpau1 - Go Blues [Lower My Fees] August 8 2007 9:01 PM EDT

The number will stay, but Bonds will never get into the Hall of Fame, just like McGwire

sooka August 9 2007 1:24 AM EDT

There is a difference in gaining muscle and gaining He-Man body mass. It's like Barry pulled a bat-sword, raised it into the air screaming "I HAVE THE POWAHHHH!!" Look at McGwire's physique change as well. I bet if you were He-Man you could hit a homer or 2, Ranger :P Just pretend the ball is tumor. I used to think Giambi was the friggin man, then learned how he was another user.

I don't know, I've never been a tennis fan... but when I think of dominance in sports today, I think Roger Federer. Tiger as a close 2nd... and any of the women that can dunk in the WNBA or in college hoops as good runner-ups. *imagines getting dunked on by a girl*

InebriatedArsonist August 9 2007 5:53 AM EDT

Finally, he broke the record. I don't have much respect for Bonds, given his admission of steroid use and his generally self-absorbed attitude. Let's hope the hubbub will die down and allow us to focus on other achievements in the sport, such as Tom Glavine winning 300 games, or Ken Griffey Jr. approaching 600 home runs.

th00p August 9 2007 6:17 PM EDT

Barry Bonds sucks, he's an attitude with a needle stuck in him.

Josh Gibson was the greatest hitter of all time, as well as the home run king with 794 homers, so I don't know why everyone neglects him the way they do.

48Zach August 9 2007 6:23 PM EDT

According to the Macmillan Baseball Encyclopedia, Josh Gibson's Negro League stats from official games were as follows: Total years played - 16. Total games played - 501. Total career at bats - 1679. Total career hits - 607. Total career 2B hits - 89. Total career 3B hits - 35. Total career HR - 146. Total career SB 11. Career Batting Average .362
Current "official" statistics (as published in 'Shades of Glory, by Dr. Lawrence Hogan) show him with a .359 career average and 115 HR in 510 games over 16 seasons.

Not quite 794 Home runs.. But a great hitter..

QBOddBird August 9 2007 6:24 PM EDT

Same Josh Gibson?

drudge August 9 2007 6:26 PM EDT

barry is old, but homie is 80 years old and can still turn on a ball and send it packing to right field. thats quick as heck to be able to turn on a fast ball and send it opposite field. gotta be real fast like vlad.

756 was huge! just like the red sox massive comeback to win the world series and liek when the w sox did it in 05!

Marlfox [Cult of the Valaraukar] August 13 2007 12:15 PM EDT

You can take enough steroids to turn you into a archery target, but you still have to have SOME natural talent.

QBRanger August 13 2007 12:30 PM EDT

.Actually Bonds is not really the world's home run king:

Sadaharu Oh or officially Wang Chenchih (Chinese: 王貞治; Pinyin: Wáng Zhēnzhì, Hepburn: Ō Sadaharu, born May 20, 1940), is a former baseball player and manager of the Yomiuri Giants in Nippon Professional Baseball and is the current manager of the Fukuoka Softbank Hawks. He holds the professional baseball record for home runs, having hit 868 in his prestigious career.

th00p August 13 2007 5:23 PM EDT

Rid3, I assure you that those statistics you found were complete nonsense. I do know my baseball, thank you very much, and if you knew yours you'd know not to trust the first site you found on the internet.
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