Give me some good Indie-Rock songs. (in Off-topic)

J[Hybrid]Schnappes August 11 2007 5:57 PM EDT

I'm going out to buy some CD's soon and I wondered if anyone knows of any good Indie-rock songs, Thanks.

QBRanger August 11 2007 5:58 PM EDT

Buy CDs?

How old school!

Spawn August 11 2007 6:00 PM EDT

Vynil all the way!!!

QBJohnnywas August 11 2007 6:37 PM EDT

Depends what you're into but...

Going right back into the depths of time some 'indie-rock' type classics:

Velvet Underground - the first album with the Andy Warhol Banana cover
The Stooges - the first album 'The Stooges' pretty much invented punk and indie.
The Buzzcocks greatest hits
Joy Division - Unknown Pleasures
The Smiths - The Queen Is Dead
Suede - Suede
Manic Street Preachers - The Holy Bible
Franz Ferdinand - Franz Ferdinand

All good albums, all worth checking out if you've never heard them before.

Mem August 11 2007 6:37 PM EDT

I recommend the album "Mirrored" by Battles, as well as "Crimes" by The Blood Brothers. And of course, my favorite album of all-time-- "Trompe le Monde" by Pixies. I've got a slew of others I could recommend if need be.

Mem August 11 2007 6:40 PM EDT

I second "The Queen is Dead" by The Smiths, but vehemently denounce Franz Ferdinand's self titled album.

QBJohnnywas August 11 2007 7:35 PM EDT

I like it; but that's the thing with this stuff; it's all down to taste. For instance I'd probably take Surfer Rosa/Come on Pilgrim over Trompe Le Monde. But good call - The Pixies are amazing.

I'd also chuck in:
Husker Du 'Candy Apple Grey' and 'New Day Rising';
Patti Smith's 'Horses' album,
'Marquee Moon' by Television,
anything by David Bowie between 1970 and 1980;
Lou Reed's 'Transformer' album;
the first Yeah Yeah Yeahs album;
'Pyschocandy' by the Jesus And Mary Chain;
'Bug' by Dinosaur JR (Freak Scene is an absolutely amazing track)
'The Specials' by The Specials
'All Mod Cons' by The Jam
'London Calling' The Clash
'Substance' by New Order

That's some just for starters if you're talking guitar music that isn't on the metal side of things. And all sound absolutely fantastic LOUD!

Thraklight Resonance August 11 2007 7:48 PM EDT

I recommend a full week of repeat listening to Lou Reed's "Metal Machine Music" through waterproof headphones while floating in an isolation tank.

QBJohnnywas August 11 2007 7:51 PM EDT

Funnily enough I made my 7 attempt at listening to that this morning; it's almost making sense to me now after 20 years of trying....:/

Thraklight Resonance August 11 2007 8:01 PM EDT

I used Metal Machine Music to clear the corridors when I was an undergraduate back in 1980. I still remember falling over laughing one day in a cd store back in the 90s when I came across a remastered cd release.

QBJohnnywas August 11 2007 8:04 PM EDT

I worked in a record store when I was younger and somebody brought a vinyl copy of that back, claiming there was something wrong with it, because it sounded terrible. I got into trouble for laughing at a customer.

Mem August 11 2007 10:14 PM EDT

Too true, Johnny. Although, for the most part, I enjoy the same things as you, which is, I find, quite a rarity.

Anyhow, a few more to consider:

Anything by Elliott Smith (specifically "XO" and "Either/Or")
"Melody of Certain Damaged Lemons" by Blonde Redhead
"You Forgot It In People" by Broken Social Scene
Anything by And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead (specifically "Madonna")
"Neon Bible" by The Arcade Fire

sooka August 12 2007 2:40 AM EDT

I don't know if it's indie, but The Fray "How to save a life" is pretty dece.

Mem August 12 2007 2:15 PM EDT

Thankfully The Fray is not an indie band... No offense, sooka.

Some more worth a listen:

Anything by Sigur Ros (specifically "Takk" or "()")
"Chutes Too Narrow" by The Shins
"Desperate Youth, Bloodthirsty Babes" by TV On The Radio
Literally everything by The Decemberists or any solo stuff that Colin Meloy has produced (their most recent release being "The Crane Wife")
"The Ugly Organ" by Cursive
"Come On Die Young" by Mogwai (although most of their stuff is quite agreeable)
"The Fountain OST" by Clint Mansell (as performed by the Kronos Quartet and Mogwai) is particularly moving
And lastly: "Lifted: Or the Story Is In the Soil, Keep Your Ear To the Ground" by Bright Eyes

I could go on for days, but that should be a few years' worth of good listening. Enjoy!

J[Hybrid]Schnappes August 12 2007 7:38 PM EDT

thanks guys I listened to the majority of those and I found them all to be in good taste, I'm gonna go empty the CD shop next week.
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