My Three Month Twenty-six and a half day NCB (in General)

Mem August 18 2007 1:03 AM EDT

So is there any relief planned for this? I mean, I totally understand that the server crashed, but my bonus isn't half enough as it is. I can't lose a day and a half and expect to be quite where I should be when my bonus ends...

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] August 18 2007 2:35 AM EDT

buy a char like any other sane person...

QBOddBird August 18 2007 10:26 AM EDT

"I can't lose a day and a half and expect to be quite where I should be when my bonus ends..."

You'd need another 30 to be where you should be when your bonus ends, IMO. *shrugs* As I've said before, if the bonus were too high, it'd be quickly dropped/cut short...but when it is too low, or some other penalty occurs, corrective action is slow to happen. Sorry, but fairness only works one way with the N*B - _not_ your way.

/end cynical N*B post

Mem August 18 2007 12:59 PM EDT

On the contrary, novice. I'd be insane were I to buy a character, for I would no longer fit in BR.

Mem August 18 2007 8:26 PM EDT

I'm quite surprised that no other N*B user feels screwed out of a day and a half worth of BA...

TrueDevil [AAA] August 18 2007 10:12 PM EDT

Well, before the server was moved, there were like at least 1 week of down time combined every 4 months of NCB, didn't get any 'relief' back then, so I guess it's not really much of a problem.

Besides, I think there are no more than 5 people that are actually playing NCB seriously. As for the NUB, probably the same thing. (playing seriously as in Buying BA everyday and not missing any BA, remember that the free BA Buy was changed not long ago)

48DangerZone August 18 2007 10:21 PM EDT

I do care, Not enough to complain about it.. :P

AdminNightStrike August 19 2007 2:37 AM EDT

Mem, I brought this issue up before, and the reply I got actually made sense. There have been downtimes for the entire life of CB, and no one ever gets retribution for it. If the NCB simulates the entire life of CB condensed into 4 months, then that includes downtimes. I would be impressed if someone's been able to run an entire NCB with no downtime.

Mythology August 19 2007 3:26 AM EDT

Yeah NS I want some retribution for the downtime!

*cuts off one of Jon's fingers*

Personally I'd put it like this, imagine a sliding scale if you'd lost say a month of NCB because of CB's fault, say wrongly suspended then probably (well, possibly) something would be done about it, losing a few days youre at the other end of the scale where no one gives a rat's behind :P

[RX3]Cotillion August 19 2007 3:51 AM EDT

Look at it this way. Everyone had the downtime, not just you (I know that it still sucks and your time is more precious than theirs). It could have been worse and your ISP could have had an issue for a day or two, and while you sat there playing all of your games single-player, everyone else is growing.

Make you feel any better now?

Mem August 19 2007 12:18 PM EDT

Ok, ok. The real issue here is that the bonus isn't large enough in the first place, and it's even smaller when you take away days. Of course, I know everyone lost that time. I didn't really even care all that much. It was certainly a welcome respite. The fact remains though, that 141% (yes, the bonus does keep falling) was not enough in the first place.

QBRanger August 19 2007 12:29 PM EDT

I concur with Mem's sentiment 100%.

The N*B is too low to start, then to lose 36 hours of it makes for a disheartening couple of days.

Even though everyone is losing that time, the N*B characters are falling further behind since they are not growing faster.

AdminNightStrike August 19 2007 2:18 PM EDT

I'm surprised you say that, Ranger, as you're the one that convinced me that asking for retribution was wrong in the first place... Though I will grant you that this was prior to the 6 BA / 19% NCB cut.

(For the record, it was bartjan, too..)

Miandrital August 19 2007 2:24 PM EDT

Another thing to consider is that the NCB and NUB bonuses are calculated in such a way that it takes into account the previous server outages. Unless the N*Bs are increased slightly above what they need to be for 95%, server outages would need to be compensated in order for a real ncb to work.

QBRanger August 19 2007 3:00 PM EDT


I do not remember that conversation, however, things with the N*B have changed quite a lot recently, for the worse IMO.

QBOddBird August 19 2007 3:04 PM EDT

"Another thing to consider is that the NCB and NUB bonuses are calculated in such a way that it takes into account the previous server outages."

But they are still calculated TOO LOW in such a way that it takes into account past server outages. You still can't hit a decent MPR with them, so it makes the point moot.

48Zach August 19 2007 4:10 PM EDT

"You still can't hit a decent MPR with them, so it makes the point moot."

1.5mil + isnt a decent MPR?

Miandrital August 19 2007 4:13 PM EDT

Not when the NUB was designed to hit 95% of the top mpr. 1.5 mil is slightly more than 50%.

48Zach August 19 2007 4:15 PM EDT

1.5mil is decent though? 2.8mil is awesome

Fanta [Fanta's Forge] August 19 2007 5:38 PM EDT

For how much it costs to get there... wouldn't call it worth it.

Mem August 24 2007 11:11 AM EDT

Ok, I'm down to three months, twenty-five and a half days.

AdminG Beee August 24 2007 11:13 AM EDT

Wasn't there a "Murphy's Law" thread kicking about somewhere?

QBBarzooMonkey August 24 2007 11:35 AM EDT

The same thing happened last August & Sept. when I was trying to NCB for the first time, except it was 2 Tuesday mornings (Crazy XP time) that CB went down. Crazy double ouch!

Mem August 24 2007 2:16 PM EDT

Good old Murphy's Law. He's been kicking me when I'm down lately...

drudge August 24 2007 2:25 PM EDT

casualty of war ...teeny tiny violin...

QBOddBird August 24 2007 3:23 PM EDT

At least you have the consolation that your N*B was already broken, so it was going nowhere fast anyways and it wasn't being fixed in the first place.

Oh, right.

QBRanger August 24 2007 3:26 PM EDT

Does it really matter if you get to 50% or 47% of the top MPR?

The N*B has been off even since we changed BA regeneration time.

Mem August 24 2007 4:23 PM EDT

Heck yes! I want the extra 3% I'm entitled to!

QBRanger August 24 2007 4:24 PM EDT

Tell it to Comrade Stalin.

I am sure he will tell you where the complain line is located--Siberia.

Mem August 24 2007 4:28 PM EDT

Au contraire. He'd just shoot me.

Nerevas August 24 2007 4:41 PM EDT

I lost the same time on my current NCB, I feel your pain.

Mem August 31 2007 10:14 PM EDT

Ok, I think we can all agree that three server outages in three weeks is far above normal. I've lost four full days now.

sooka August 31 2007 11:17 PM EDT

*tosses Mem a beer*

48DangerZone August 31 2007 11:43 PM EDT

Yeah.. I think its getting a little ridicolous now...

[RX3]Cotillion August 31 2007 11:49 PM EDT

I can understand the disappointment of losing a full day of a N*B. The only real solution I can think of is tacking the amount of downtime onto the end of the N*B, OR maybe having the BA cap be removed so that we accumulate the amount of BA that we would have otherwise been able to use, and have it reapplied after the server comes back up. I have no idea of how hard this would be to implement, just an idea though.

We really can't blame Jon. He doesn't want this to happen, he doesn't like it to happen, but it does happen and it's not his fault. I'm sure that there could be ways to keep the server up 24/7, but that would cost money, money that we don't pay.

48DangerZone August 31 2007 11:51 PM EDT

Noone here is blaming Jon, Thats for sure. It just sucks that some people that are one there N*B have lost atleast 3-4 days of BA refreshes.

sooka August 31 2007 11:54 PM EDT

think this thread is silly, grab a beer and be happy that we can log on at all.

48DangerZone August 31 2007 11:55 PM EDT

I suppose.. :) ..There better be little to few more down times.. :P

Ancient Anubis September 1 2007 1:26 AM EDT

u might be complaining about your nubs but at least your not loosing out investment wise. My ncb has now lost close to 4days ba and which is definantly not fair and i should be compensated. Considering the money i have forked out for this ncb so far i consider it unfair to be penalised like this. I request that for every day of ba we have missed out on we should get either in one lump sum to spend or our nub and especially ncbs should should have there expiry days extended the 4 days.

muon [The Winds Of Fate] September 1 2007 1:59 AM EDT

Well, as far as I know, CB doesn't come with any warranties or guarantees, stated or implied. It isn't like Jon "owes" us anything; we're playing a game that he created because we enjoy playing it.

And yes, downtime is very annoying and can cost people a lot of CB dollars (especially, as pointed out by AA and others, those who have NCB characters) - but everyone is inconvenienced to some extent by it, and no-one is to blame.

Whether the problem is resolved now (as Jon hopes) or not, everyone just needs to enjoy playing the game as they can, I think.

Just my two cents..

Ancient Anubis September 1 2007 2:35 AM EDT

not crtising jon cause he fixes the problems and fairly quickly but it would be nice if he could give us all our lost ba.
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