Weapon PTH, Wiki, and You. (in General)

[RX3]Cotillion August 20 2007 5:38 AM EDT

I had always wondered why there are no PTH entries in the Wiki for the weapons, and people say that it is unnecessary, because you can just check the cost as you forge/blacksmith ahead.

It may be pointless to some, but I think it could be useful to forgers, or people who need the PTH of a certain weapon forged.

Therefore, I am going to try to get as many PTH NWs as possible for as many weapons as possible.

I'm using this spreadsheet to record my data. As you can see there are massive holes.

Now, this is where you come in. I've found as many different +s on the Elven Long Bow as possible, without going through every FS/WTB thread out there. If you could take a quick peak at this and see if you have an ELB with a + that is missing, either post all of your ELBs stats (X's, +'s, and NW) in this thread or give me a CM, I'd appreciate it.

P.S.- You can also use the blacksmith to find the upgrade cost of the + on your weapon by up to 7. That can help as well...

[RX3]Cotillion August 20 2007 12:43 PM EDT

Okay, new plan. If you have any rare weapon (ELB, Mageseeker,SoD, AxBow, ExBow, BoTH, VB, ELS, BoNE, or MH,), that is unnamed (since I've already gathered all the named items stats), could you either post your weapons stats, the X along with the + and NW, in this thread or via CM? I'd greatly appreciate it.

Also, I am in desperate need of someone that knows how to make a table/chart in the Wiki, not to input the data (although that would be very nice of them), just teach me how to make one, or set it up themselves.

Thanks again CB community.

Miandrital August 20 2007 12:46 PM EDT

A Katana [74x152] (+19) 1,556,212
A Blacksword of Nan Elmoth [92x191] (+7) 1,516,083
An Enforcer's Crossbow [4x251] (+40) 3,828,656
An Assassin's Crossbow [4x103] (+23) 1,335,179

I believe the elbow, mh, bone, els, and both all have the same upgrade costs, so that should make things a little easier.

Miandrital August 20 2007 12:47 PM EDT

Also, when collecting such data, the Rentals, Previous Auctions and Rare Item stats pages are all quite useful. I used those to compile a lot of the shield nw's.

[RX3]Cotillion August 20 2007 12:49 PM EDT

Burnt through the Named items and the expired auctions. I have yet to do the rentals for everything except the ELB however...

AdminNightStrike August 20 2007 12:51 PM EDT

I have an awk script that makes nice tables in the wiki. My first version used a lot of ascii line drawing. I've since changed to the version I have in Evasion. I'll help you with it when the time comes.

Also, I think that previously people thought PTH was useless in the wiki because it was almost impossible to separate 'x' NW from '+' NW. That isn't the case anymore.

Miandrital August 20 2007 12:55 PM EDT

A Mageseeker [5x666] (+71) 10,646,702
A Mageseeker [5x666] (+72) 10,818,454
A Mageseeker [5x666] (+73) 10,993,796
A Mageseeker [5x666] (+74) 11,172,753
A Mageseeker [5x666] (+75) 11,355,350
A Mageseeker [5x666] (+76) 11,541,611
A Mageseeker [5x666] (+77) 11,731,561
A Mageseeker [5x666] (+78) 11,925,223
A Mageseeker [5x666] (+79) 12,122,621
A Mageseeker [5x666] (+80) 12,323,779

AdminNightStrike August 20 2007 12:56 PM EDT

Let me know when you're on, and I'll send you a bunch of stuff for an hour and you can get the current PTH and the next 7 at the blacksmith.

[RX3]Cotillion August 20 2007 12:57 PM EDT

I'm on right now. If you wanna do it now, shoot, I'm ready.

AdminNightStrike August 20 2007 1:07 PM EDT

That was a good $200m NW of weaponry.... :)

[RX3]Cotillion August 20 2007 3:27 PM EDT

Still needing a ton of NWs... If you can, try to join chat and find me, loaning an item for an hour doesn't cost too much. I'll even pay you back for the xfer fee.

Miandrital August 20 2007 7:05 PM EDT

Bone (cumulative totals)

+7 $23,305
+8 $31,885
+9 $42,123
+10 $54,114
+11 $67,948
+12 $83,711
+13 $101,485
+14 $121,349

[RX3]Cotillion August 21 2007 4:10 AM EDT

Elven Longbow

Morgul Hammer

Sling of Death

Blacksword of Nan Elmoth

Blade of Thuringwethil

Vorpal Blade

Elven Long Sword


Enforcer's Crossbow

Assassin's Crossbow

There are all the NWs that I've collected so far...If you have a rare weapon, please run through the chart and see if it's + is recorded. Thanks.

[RX3]Cotillion August 21 2007 5:59 PM EDT

hardcore bumpage?

AdminShade August 22 2007 12:52 AM EDT

Tried cbstuff yet?

8DEOTWP August 22 2007 1:00 AM EDT

The Scorpio [6x1220] (+62) 14,138,937
+62 0
+63 187,520
+64 379,523
+65 576,043
+66 777,116
+67 982,776
+68 1,193,057
+69 1,407,994

[RX3]Cotillion August 22 2007 1:10 AM EDT

Why has no one told me about CBStuff? thanks Shade.

lostling August 22 2007 2:27 AM EDT

because we thought you knew?

[RX3]Cotillion August 22 2007 11:10 PM EDT

Anyone got some NWs for me???
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