Why I love the MgS, TSA and ToE Aura (in General)

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] September 10 2007 4:30 PM EDT

Brillig's Magic Missile hit Null Glyph [243]

Null Glyph regenerated 243 HP

Brillig's Magic Missile hit Null Glyph [307]

Null Glyph regenerated 307 HP

Brillig's Magic Missile hit Null Glyph [262]

Null Glyph regenerated 262 HP

QBRanger September 10 2007 5:40 PM EDT

Yes, I do like it also.

However, without a reference point as to the size of the MM your facing, one cannot make judgments. It could, after all, be a 1k sized MM.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] September 10 2007 5:58 PM EDT

It doesn't matter. ;)

It's not the numbers that mean anything, just wanted to show a TSA regening all the damage taken over some rounds.

So what if he has a small MM. I've got a small ToE. My MgS could be upped. I could train AMF. I could get more AC. It doesn't matter. ;)

Dark Dreky September 10 2007 6:12 PM EDT

Out of curiosity Ranger, what kind of damage reduction do you get from the higher level MM's out there with your MgS and TSA?

QBRanger September 10 2007 6:13 PM EDT

Joe takes damage from his own Magic Missile (69767)!
Joe's Magic Missile hit The Grid [250977]
Hubbell Man's familiar takes damage from his own Magic Missile (70126)!
Hubbell Man's familiar's Magic Missile hit The Grid [258891]

With a pitiful 350k AMF

I regenerate 120k a round from my TSA.

Dark Dreky September 10 2007 6:24 PM EDT

Whew! Thanks for the quick response! =)

QBOddBird September 10 2007 8:07 PM EDT

Pretty sad for the mages *grins* - that means that you are causing that MM to hit for less than 5% of that minion's total HP per round. It'd take 20 rounds for him to kill it off anyways, then, right?

Stupid damage reduction! xD

AdminNightStrike September 10 2007 8:09 PM EDT

What is the AMF effect against those two minions?

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] September 10 2007 8:10 PM EDT

The MgS has needed a nerf since the day it came out, but that's just the crazy in my coming out again...

lostling September 10 2007 8:16 PM EDT

nthing to do with MGS... TOE is the one -.-

Fanta [Fanta's Forge] September 10 2007 9:23 PM EDT

It's got everything to do with the MgS...

lostling September 10 2007 9:24 PM EDT

the biggest MGS is like 49? which is 49% while TOE is 75% so tell me which one has a bigger problem

BootyGod September 10 2007 9:28 PM EDT

The one that takes my MM form 700k to 350k automatically, every round.

The MgS.

I can blast through a ToE. Can't do squat about a MgS but suffer.

Then combine that MgS with 300+ AC. All of the sudden, mages ain't got it so easy

Fanta [Fanta's Forge] September 10 2007 11:13 PM EDT

MgS is extremely cost effective for it's damage reduction and it's PR weight... plus it only takes one power shield slot....

On the other hand, the ToE adds a decent bit of PR and takes the tattoo slot and armor/cloak for his UC minion...

8DEOTWP September 11 2007 1:38 AM EDT

Negates all spells trained by the wearer
I think that is important

BootyGod September 11 2007 1:45 AM EDT

I don't think so, considering TANKS are TANKS, not enchanters or mages.

Same with walls.

Seems like mage teams get hit prettttyyy hard by MgS.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] September 11 2007 3:14 AM EDT

I origianlly had three minions. A pure Anti Mage Wall (with a EH on top of my MgS) at the rear, a TSA wearing PL minion in the middle and my UC Tank (Well an E wearing a Jig) up front.

I then realised there was absolutly nothing of worth to train on the minion bar HP (And base EC/Protection).

Also, I was only training HP and PL on the PL minion, and with the MgS not effecting skills, it was too attractive to merge the two minions.

II get a single minion that only need to train PL and HP to do its job. ;)
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