SFBM: Which tat now? (in General)

Dark Dreky September 30 2007 3:49 PM EDT

I was just thinking about what the keep my big tattoo as for my SFBM. I am training a fair amount of evasion on him (more than HP). RoBF or is the ToE still preferable? I have a pair of NS's that I was thinking about junctioning to a familiar (MM, FF)? Any ideas, suggestions?

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] September 30 2007 3:51 PM EDT

ToE unless you're giving up evasion.

QBRanger September 30 2007 3:58 PM EDT


It should help vs GA damage. That is the theory one can hope.

Edy gave me that idea.

High evasion of course to help vs tanks.

Nerevas September 30 2007 4:32 PM EDT

RBF does not reduce GA damage.

Rubberduck[T] [Hell Blenders] September 30 2007 4:40 PM EDT

It helps in that it does damage which is not subject to GA leaving less HP left for your other damage dealer to inflict. But yea on a single FB mage that is going to be limited.

Drakon(DS) [Guardian Bros Inc] September 30 2007 4:55 PM EDT

specially since it doesnt kick in till melee

QBOddBird September 30 2007 5:51 PM EDT

ToA, definitely. *grins*

[P]Mitt September 30 2007 7:17 PM EDT

SF + 1.00 Junction.

SFBM is all about quick kill right? Well RoBF = you survive until melee so it can do heavy damage, not the quick kill. ToE is about surviving as well.

SF or FF = helps you with the quick kill.

Talion September 30 2007 8:41 PM EDT

If you are keeping your strat as it is right now, ToE is definitely preferable.

You are training no AMF, so RoBF would probably not protect you as much as a ToE will.

Also, you use DM, which will probably diminish most trained GA out there enough to make the backlash insignificant. Your FB will cause lots of damage and your ToE will minimize whatever is left.

I think your biggest weakness will be Decay.

Maelstrom September 30 2007 9:33 PM EDT

What about an HF? It seems to work well for me, but I'm just starting this character. And I know nothing about HF strats...

QBRanger September 30 2007 9:40 PM EDT

How can the RBF not help with GA damage if it is caused by a fireball.

GA's type of damage is the type of damage done. Fireball mage casts fireball.

GA then does fireball type of damage to the minion which is subject to all damage reducing functions, including the RBF.

Makes sense, no?

Fanta [Fanta's Forge] September 30 2007 9:46 PM EDT

I think it'd be reasonable to have the RoBF protect vs. GA damage so long as it took GA damage back when attacking.

lostling September 30 2007 9:50 PM EDT

personally i rather it stay the way it is lol
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