QB Nominations 3rd Quarter 2007 (in Contests)

Adminedyit [Superheros] October 1 2007 5:00 PM EDT

About the QB:

QB stands for Quarter Blender. The QB is the person who truly represents what CB is. The QB is helpful in chat and forum, and usually does what they can to support the community. The QB is what makes CB what it is and part of the reason why we come back. The QB is a person who has already 'won' the game by making it better. It is just time for us recognize this publicly.

The QBs as of now are QBRanger, QBBast, QBsutekh137, QBGentlemanLoser, QBVerifex, QBPixel Sage, QBBarzooMonkey, QBSefton, QBOOB, and QBJohnnyWrotten, QBPit Spawn, You will note that these players have earned the distinctive title placed before their name. The player you help choose will earn this as well.

The Selection Process:

Before we can have a QB, we need candidates for the honor. Candidates are chosen by you. Simply send your nominations here (read below for the "Rules for Nomination"!). Once we have collected enough nominations, a set of candidates will be chosen. Then, in another post I will ask for questions you would like the candidates to answer. In the nomination, you also have a chance to submit a question. The candidates will be given a chance to answer these questions and their responses will be made public. A popular vote of select candidates will be taken and the management of CB will convene to determine who the winner will be using the criteria shown below.

How to submit your nomination: Send your nominations here. That's all there is to it!

The Criteria for Selection: Rules for Nomination:
Once again: You may NOT nominate people who are Full Admins., Sub Admins., Tournament Admins., and current QBs.
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