Coding the New Theme Engine: Money Awards (in General)

QBPixel Sage October 2 2007 11:35 PM EDT

Okay, so no one finished coding the remaining pages for the new theme engine within the extra-prize-money period (it's been a month already). I'm canceling the contest.

Instead, I'm going to try to get this thing coded by the community, by anyone who knows HTML and CSS. I want to form a list of participants. $20mil will be alloted to the participants, depending on how much you contribute to the code. I will form the official list, and the list starts with the following:

NightStrike (please confirm)
Verifex (please confirm)

If you're interested in helping out code pages, please say so. It'll help if you point me to some of your previous work so I know what you're capable of!

However, I'm sure some of you have done some work for the contest while it was up, and if you have, send it to!

AdminQBVerifex October 3 2007 12:11 AM EDT

I'll help for sure, this is too big for one person to do by themselves.

AdminShade October 3 2007 1:05 AM EDT

I know HTML and CSS. I could try to help but don't have too much time alas as well as my knowledge being quite limited...

QBPixel Sage October 3 2007 1:34 AM EDT

So the list is now:

Shade (limited)
NightStrike (please confirm)

We're basically coding a mockup of each page, then letting Jon fill in the real code. Not exactly hard, but must be executed well and will take some time.

Relic October 3 2007 1:59 AM EDT

I can help.

PoisoN October 3 2007 2:08 AM EDT

Whoa I hate HTML & CSS, but I'd like to help making the pages XHTML 1.0 compatible, verify the html and css, fixing errors, clean and beautify if possible. Maybe more, but I'm busy and lazy ;-)

QBPixel Sage October 4 2007 3:49 AM EDT

Spydah Verifex
Illithias (Are you helping with HTML coding?)
Shade (limited)
PoisoN (XHTML, verify/beautify code)
NightStrike (please confirm)

Jonathan, please contact these individuals to code the remaining pages. Let's make this happen!

For those involved, there's a general structure to my code. There is a bigBox section (with a bigBoxHeader div for it above), and a box section within it (with its own boxHeader). See this illustration:

RedWolf October 4 2007 8:18 AM EDT

Eh, I'm in the same boat as Shade, my knowledge of HTML and CSS is far from expertise, and I'm not sure how much time I'd have to actually help out. But what the heck, add me to the list ;-)

Relic October 4 2007 11:13 AM EDT

Yes, I can do HTML and css coding.

AdminQBVerifex October 4 2007 1:11 PM EDT

To expedite the development of this, we should be targeting people who are within the range of "experienced html/css guru", "graphic designer", "expert html/css guru"; more then just casual knowledge of CSS and HTML should be required here. I don't think any of us really has time to teach how this stuff works in the process of doing this.

AdminQBVerifex October 4 2007 1:17 PM EDT

I would also like having a theme that doesn't scream "I'm playing video games, come join in the fun and excitement" while I'm at work. :) Pretty please!

QBPixel Sage October 4 2007 2:06 PM EDT

Hopefully I'll be able to port most of the themes over, updated versions of course.

drudge October 4 2007 4:26 PM EDT

i shall be making a modern mono post haste
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