Runes and Tattoos (in General)

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] October 25 2007 1:53 PM EDT

Induced by the RoBF discussion.

Why do we have both name types of items, with properties spread across both? What's the difference between a Tattoo and a Rune? None? Maybe there should be. ;)

In keeping witht thier origins, why don't we make these changes;

'Tattoos' are familiar creating items. So the JKF, FF, IF, SF and Hal all come from the relevant Tattoos.

'Runes' enhance the minion they are engraved on. The ToA become a Rune of Augmentation. Same as the ToE.

If we really need the current auras, I'd suggest a seperate type of 'tattoo' entirely, maybe called them 'Wards'. These would provide nothing specific to the minion wearing the Ward (maybe even get rid of the Armour/Power Shiled restriction), but instead they provide a team wide aura effect.

You would still only be able to use one of these on the same team at any one time. ;)

AdminJonathan October 25 2007 2:18 PM EDT

I've been trying to straighten this out as follows:

Familiars: duh
Tatoos: enhances wearer
Runes: have aura

But progress is slow when I keep changing what things do. :)

QBRanger October 25 2007 2:21 PM EDT

So should the TOE be a ROE?

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] October 25 2007 2:34 PM EDT

Doh Jon! I forgot all the 'Familiars' had been changed from Tattoo of! :P

So, the ToE should be a Tattoo of Enlightenment, and the RoE should be the Rune of Endurance. ;)

AdminJonathan October 25 2007 2:37 PM EDT

Yes. But I left those two alone because swapping the abbreviations would be confusing. :)
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