Anybody else experiencing weirdness with CB? (in General)

QBJohnnywas November 9 2007 7:00 AM EST

I'm getting random amounts of ba here and there again at odd times; and strange amounts on the normal refresh.

I'm also experiencing some lag on fights and the warning about too many fights.

Darkwalker [Jago] November 9 2007 7:02 AM EST

Yup! Me too!

SundariZelia [The Knighthood] November 9 2007 7:02 AM EST

I haven't tried fighting but I'm refreshing odd amounts of BA as well.

Flamey November 9 2007 7:06 AM EST

I never get anything funny happen to me. :(

QBJohnnywas November 9 2007 7:07 AM EST

That's cos you're so far into the future that it's all happened already.

Mikel November 9 2007 7:10 AM EST

I'm not getting the BA, but I am getting the Fight warnings.

48xVanished48 November 9 2007 7:30 AM EST

Not me. Seems fine to me.

Kong Ming November 9 2007 7:38 AM EST

I'm experiencing some lag...

48Zach November 9 2007 7:38 AM EST

Im getting fight warnings.

BluBBen November 9 2007 7:53 AM EST

I'm getting weird BA

Mem November 9 2007 12:16 PM EST

I'm definitely experiencing the same things, Johnny. There was a refresh that I only received 1 BA. And the whole fight warning thing... I must have gotten 10 of them in the past three days.

IndependenZ November 9 2007 12:45 PM EST

Add my name to the list, I've noticed the same things.

chuck1234 November 9 2007 12:49 PM EST

obtained weird BA on some occasions, but also missed out, i.e., zero BA on two occasions.

Gandalf November 9 2007 1:13 PM EST

Im forging and its awful, dunno if its just FF or not? seems ok without ff when im forging but slower :P

drudge November 9 2007 1:45 PM EST

jon came and posted that the error logs for the server show a lot of seg faults. he made it so cb is backed up often and those random ammounts of BA you see are from a backed-up state. mini-roll back. real mini.

but yes, it will suck on forging if you arent paying careful attention to where you are in your progress.

QBBast [Hidden Agenda] November 9 2007 1:48 PM EST

My last weirdness experience with CB was a CM from that kid wearing Officer Poncharello's shades.

Radianc3 November 11 2007 11:26 PM EST

yeah I've been getting random amounts of BA back every 20 minutes instead of my usual amount of 9...

I wonder why..?

AdminShade November 12 2007 12:59 AM EST

I don't know if I received any BA, but last night my forge cycles were reset quite a number of times...

weirdness indeed.

Hyrule Castle November 12 2007 1:02 AM EST

i got 9 ba when i should have had 8, and skimped a rev of ba im sure...
not to mention i got fight suspended for attacking...after i came back 20 mins later...

some crazy lag happenin :P

Iluvatar[NK] November 12 2007 1:09 AM EST

I've definitely gotten 1/2 ba on several refreshes.

And warning, too. A bit odd.

But I guess it balances out with the extra BA we were all getting earlier?

Lumpy Koala November 12 2007 1:12 AM EST

It must be Bast's fault... I never get more BA than I should :(

Yukk November 12 2007 1:55 PM EST

At one point I thought Jon had switched 6/20 to 3/10 because I went away for a few minutes and came back to 3 BA twice in a row but apparently it wasn't so.

Daz November 12 2007 11:46 PM EST

Well... that refresh just then got me a whole 2 BA. I havent checked recently, but I'm pretty sure I'm not bigger than Ranger.

Mem November 13 2007 6:56 AM EST

CB just got my hopes up, though I knew I shouldn't have believed it. It gave me 6 BA.

wotan [Sepapoisid] November 13 2007 10:58 AM EST

After i trained with my 2.nd minion some exp, he moves on 3. minion`s place & 3. minions moves 1 step left (on 2.nd minion`s place). And then i want to move my 2.nd minion back to his right place - one step left, but hi will move on minion place & minion moves on his place (on Big mess. It`s pain to get my begining minions-row back as it must to be.

QBOddBird November 13 2007 12:15 PM EST

I'm getting random BA again as well. I just finished fighting, then got 3 more BA, then got 2 more. O_o

horseguy001 November 13 2007 12:24 PM EST

I just got 2 more myself.

Marlfox [Cult of the Valaraukar] November 13 2007 4:42 PM EST

Awful lag here...

FailBoat[SG] [Forever Alone] November 13 2007 5:06 PM EST

You mean like CB not coming up for almost two hours? It was alright.

Brakke Bres [Ow man] November 13 2007 5:13 PM EST

Chat Blender 3.1.7 starting...
Error creating Socket: Operation timed out

I'm getting this, but its ok :)

ScY November 13 2007 10:10 PM EST

IDK I haven't spent BA in the last month

Flamey November 14 2007 6:33 AM EST

I hate CB.

Fight suspensions, I was getting warnings, then fought a normal fight, and then clicked normally and a great suspension.

Good night.

48xVanished48 November 14 2007 7:19 AM EST

I have NOT received any fighting suspensions, But I seem to notice all the stronger/bigger guys are very frequently. Wierd.

BootyGod November 14 2007 12:29 PM EST

8 minutes since my last fight. Got suspended. Umm... Right.....

Kong Ming November 17 2007 12:46 AM EST

Something is very wrong. I just won 2 items from auctions but the stats of the items are totally different from the ones that I bid on. Is this caused by the rollback?
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