i'm new (in New players)

Omg November 12 2007 3:40 PM EST

hi, i'm Jeff and i'm new to this lovely game.
any advice on my characters would be amazing.

AdminShade November 12 2007 3:40 PM EST

Hey Jeff, welcome to carnageblender :)

AdminG Beee November 12 2007 3:41 PM EST

Welcome to CB Jeff. Hang around in chat and ask some questions, the folks will be more than happy to help you :)

48xVanished48 November 12 2007 3:52 PM EST

1 minion characters are probably the best for new guys. Although you can go with whatever you want. Think about good strategies and look at our better players and get ideas.

Welcome to CB. :)

Omg November 12 2007 4:05 PM EST

i just want to get the hold of forging, the FAQ is confusing...

Flamey November 12 2007 4:11 PM EST


Fighting is more beneficial with your NUB than forging, so you shouldn't spend too long on forging. :)

j'bob November 12 2007 4:36 PM EST

welcome and as said, don't spend much time forging, at least not right this second. use the NUB to your biggest advantage, make sure you "buy" all your free ba every day. fight, grow, save some cash and invest in a decent weapon (a great axe is great but you'll see soon it's not that great) THEN think about forging it. and ask for help
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