My girlfriend wants a "pet name" (in Contests)

BlueWolf November 22 2007 2:06 AM EST

I would come up with a name myself, but I'm really bad at it, so looking to the community for help!

Her name is Anne, if that helps.

50k award to the best pet name i hear.

She's kinda shy and quiet at first, but bubbly once you get to know her, if you're going off of her personality.

Have fun!

Blarg November 22 2007 2:08 AM EST

does it need to have some sort of "anne"-ness in it? cause Ipo (ee-poe), the Hawaiian word for my love, is a good pet name

BlueWolf November 22 2007 2:10 AM EST

No, whatever you can come up with.

8DEOTWP November 22 2007 2:24 AM EST


j'bob November 22 2007 2:28 AM EST

chunky monkey.
or j'bob.
they both work pretty well.

8DEOTWP November 22 2007 2:30 AM EST


Maelstrom November 22 2007 2:36 AM EST

What is it with women and "pet names"? Really, what's the point?

Anyway, "You" might work. As in, "Hey you, come here!"

Then there's the classic "baby", as in "Hey Baby, how you doin'."

If those tried and tested names don't work, check out this site: Girlfriend Pet Names

j'bob November 22 2007 2:38 AM EST

well, i thought j'bob might be a winner...
but i defer to mael. YOU is definitely the way to go.

chuck1234 November 22 2007 2:41 AM EST


BlueWolf November 22 2007 2:45 AM EST

You would be the way to go...

If i wanted to skip my dentist appointment. lol

j'bob November 22 2007 2:47 AM EST

ohhhh, is she tougher than you?
than you should consider "ma'am"

BlueWolf November 22 2007 2:49 AM EST

No, because if i did that, she would KNOW she was stronger, and use that against me. lol

I wouldn't have the pants anymore...

j'bob November 22 2007 2:50 AM EST

oh, in that case... call her "skirt"
i actually kinda like that...
"hey skirt, how bout some lunch"


BlueWolf November 22 2007 3:29 AM EST

ok, to clear up the confusion, a pet name, or a nickname i can give her. :)

j'bob November 22 2007 3:33 AM EST

(looking very sad)
i was serious with skirt. its playful and quirky.
but if that doesnt work for ya.
doll or doll face are classics.
thats all for me. good luck!

Wizard'sFirstRule November 22 2007 4:13 AM EST

you disgusts me. you have a girlfriend but is too lazy to come up with something PERSONAL to call her and resort to this? what is everyone doing his job for? if he can't come up with something that pleases his girlfriend then he don't deserve one.

j'bob November 22 2007 4:16 AM EST

what ... is everyone doing his job for?

cause it made me laugh! that's about it.
still think you should call her j'bob.

QBJohnnywas November 22 2007 5:30 AM EST


Mem November 22 2007 8:17 AM EST






I just couldn't resist putting all the names they called Ann in Arrested Development...

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] November 22 2007 9:45 AM EST

i grew up ranching, heifer always worked for me. at least till my wife found out what it meant.

Relic November 22 2007 9:57 AM EST

Chief, Champ, Love

NotSuitablForChildren [Yeeeaahh.................] November 22 2007 10:12 AM EST

Hmm, I call my girlfriend baby, or honey, or honey bunny. She seems to like it.

Eurynome Bartleby [Bartleby's] November 22 2007 10:38 AM EST


"Mon amour"

Anything French will score points. I`m obviously biased, but I swear it works wonders. Or Spanish. That is nice too.

Eurynome Bartleby [Bartleby's] November 22 2007 10:40 AM EST

I get garbled symbols.If you get em too, that`s supposed to be an accent aigu :S

Dark Dreky November 22 2007 10:41 AM EST

Baby Cakes, Sugar Bubble, Sweetums, Love Nut..

Anny-Banannie, Anny-Baby

Just a few ideas. I use the top few suggestions with great success! Well actually, I don't know but I at least get a little laugh every time. Good contest though... very funny.

By the way, I really hate spell check. Who cares if we look dumb when we post? It should be our own choice to look dumb!!

AdminShade November 22 2007 10:51 AM EST

Naughty Annie :p

QBOddBird November 22 2007 10:57 AM EST

Next time she says she wants a pet name, just say "Okay. I'll call you Fuzzy. Here Fuzzy, here girl! Yeeeeah, that's a good little pet, now roll over!"


[The Wretched]Freekie [Lower My Fees] November 22 2007 2:07 PM EST

Me and my GF refer to each other as Kittie... But we also meow at each other all the time too sooooooooo........

BlueWolf November 22 2007 4:18 PM EST


You need to back off of me.

She told me to! She wanted to see what kind of things people would come up with...

So leave me alone.

BlueWolf November 22 2007 4:20 PM EST


ok, anne was reading the names over my shoulder and fell head over heels with Mansonfreek's response. lol

Manson is the winner!!

Congrats! I think she likes you more than me now >.>

lol thanks a lot Manson, she's really happy now.

[cb1]Lord-Vex November 22 2007 4:33 PM EST

Ask her, or if u know already. call her by her favorite Disney princess.
*Disney princess name inserted here of her choice.
*bubble butt
*MOM -she tells u something "OK, MOM" (use in the house for fun)
*Tig O' Bittie girl.
*If she has any body art (cherries, stars,etc.) call her Cherry or Star.
*chunky monkey (if she is ok with her weight.)
*Flaca (Spanish for skinny, if she is skinny) (pronounced Flaa - Kaa)
*booboo kitty
*booboo kitty + 4 letter exploitive.
*and if all else fails. Marlyne Manson.

And if your into some adult names, let me know in a Chat mail so I can send you some more.

And since there is a bunch of "miss spelled words" i have to add on some text. Adding more text. Adding more text. Adding more text.

Thraklight Resonance November 22 2007 7:30 PM EST

Snugglebunny is the only "pet name" that I can recall ever using with a girlfriend (no, you don't get to hear what I was called in return).

Of course, you may be asking the wrong cb gender for advice. Why don't you ask some of the cb women for some help here? I'm certain that Bast, for example, has a cute pet name or two that she has collected that she would be willing to share with you.

If that doesn't work, think of all the cool nicknames that you see every day on cb and borrow one for awhile. Crackmonkey is probably a poor choice, but Oddbird might fit if Anne has a sense of humor. :-)

QBJohnnywas November 22 2007 7:36 PM EST

Oddbird? Considering that in the UK your 'woman' is known as your 'bird' in some parts Oddbird is not very polite. Fitting for some of the women I've known, but not polite...


Maelstrom November 22 2007 7:43 PM EST

"I'm certain that Bast, for example, has a cute pet name or two that she has collected"

I would _love_ to hear what Bast has been called. She definitely needs an affectionate nickname here ;D
Of course, the name "kittie" would also apply to Bast, the feline goddess. Here kittie, kittie!

QBJohnnywas November 22 2007 7:48 PM EST

Meow meow ;)

AdminQBVerifex [Serenity In Chaos] November 22 2007 8:09 PM EST

call her "Hey you", girls love that one

Stephen November 22 2007 8:56 PM EST

Rover or Butch?

BootyGod November 23 2007 3:06 AM EST

I swear, this always gets a laugh, though it's not a permanent nickname.

Mistress ;)

Should be obvious when this will be funny...

j'bob November 23 2007 3:21 AM EST

Judy. Sally. Every other womans name but hers. And a different one each time, like on Scrubs. She'll love that.

or milk toast.
its a tasty treat

Lochnivar November 23 2007 3:56 AM EST

A friend of mine used to call his girlfriend Annibella (her name was Annie) and she always seemed to like that.....

.... of course this was usually at the bar.

If you ever want to end a relationship without the uncomfortable act of dumping someone 'Fat-Ass' is a good choice....

... I'm going to go and stand in the corner with the other sad single people.

[The Wretched]Freekie [Lower My Fees] November 23 2007 5:02 PM EST

Well glad i could help and may you use it well :)

lotien November 24 2007 10:20 AM EST

unnie bunnie lol penguin because once a penguin finds a penguin it likes it will stay with it for the rest of its life so u could be all like hey will u be my penguin oh and dove because if a doves lover dies it dies too lol

Gandalf November 24 2007 11:29 AM EST

big bully
Dunno lol

RichardRahl{Kill Gun} November 24 2007 8:08 PM EST

The Seeker of Truth!

{cb2}Goth November 26 2007 3:57 PM EST

oh i know call her "Milk Dud" or "Skittles" :D

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] November 26 2007 5:35 PM EST

I used to work with a girl who had a friend called Annie.

She had a rather amusing nickname. Couldn't possibly post it here very un-pg, but it wouldn't mean the same to you Yanks as it does to us though. ;)

QBsutekh137 November 26 2007 7:00 PM EST


If it's good enough for Bruce Campbell to use, it's good enough for anyone.

Armageddon November 26 2007 10:49 PM EST


48xVanished48 November 26 2007 10:51 PM EST

Kitty. ;)

Kitty, Come here.
Kitty, Get me a beer. ;)

It all works. :)

TheHatchetman November 28 2007 7:36 PM EST


Apoclyspe December 2 2007 8:52 PM EST

Well always her name and bear or poo



Although the best usally is just plain old beautiful can't go wrong.;)

Also i would suggest thinking something up yourself makes it more personal and she will like it no matter what.

smallpau1 - Go Blues [Lower My Fees] December 2 2007 11:36 PM EST

Fannie anybody?

Edicinnej December 3 2007 2:13 AM EST

pook dooks.

AdminNightStrike December 3 2007 12:28 PM EST

Schmoopie! (#2)

RVT December 3 2007 2:24 PM EST


[me]Davis December 3 2007 7:20 PM EST

just look her straight in the eyes and say "Hey pussycat" that should pretty much do it haha
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