What happens to tattoos in the store when . . . . ? (in General)

chuck1234 November 24 2007 5:51 PM EST

What happens to tattoos in the store if there are no purchasers? Does the system wash them away after 24 hours, like it does unsold items? Just curious to know, and thanks for your answers.

QBRanger November 24 2007 6:23 PM EST

I do believe that at cache flush they disappear.

chuck1234 November 24 2007 6:47 PM EST

Thanks for the info, QB Ranger. Given the current downswing in the tattoo market, if someone unloads a high NW [say 25 mil NW] tattoo in the store, and it fails to sell, then the game simply loses a high NW item! Am asking this because the going rate for high lvl tattoos has fallen to 20 percent, which is just a couple of percentage points off the sell to store price. If there are no buyers at that price, then people might as well unload it at the store, and the lack of buyers will then cause that high level tattoo to vamoose into cyberspace.

Hyrule Castle November 25 2007 12:43 AM EST

heh...well if people do that then the prices will go back up!!!

and if what ranger says is true, people will unload a few minutes b4 cache flush:P

Maybe it will bring back camping too!!

whats not to love!?!?

everyone go sell your tat ^.^

j'bob November 25 2007 12:47 AM EST

wow. i didn't realize this was an issue.
have there been a lot of instances of tattoo's in the store not
getting purchased by someone?

chuck1234 November 25 2007 6:34 AM EST

To answer your question, j'bob, here's the data:

Andracen (Andracen) sell A Lesser Rune of Solitude ($275865) Nov 24

There's no "buy" data on that lesser tattoo, and its not present in the store anymore. One lesser RoS, albeit only 275k, lost to the game.

DrAcO5676 [The Knighthood III] November 25 2007 9:00 AM EST

And heres the real hard data that Chuck missed:
DrAcO5676 [t] (Slice Of Bread) buy A Lesser Rune of Solitude ($275865) Nov 24

AdminNightStrike November 25 2007 10:35 AM EST

chuck, one of the best ways to make money in this game is to power level a tattoo with an NCB, then sell it to the store at the end. Combine that with a 100% challenge bonus and fighting during money times, and you'll be rich.

chuck1234 November 25 2007 12:40 PM EST

thanks for that rich info, NS; and draco, sorry for my goof-up hehe

chuck1234 November 25 2007 3:31 PM EST

Nerevas just unloaded a gigantic tattoo in the store:

Crystal Ball lvl 1,092,384 $4,816,587

Let's watch its progress into oblivion; that is, unless someone musters up the cash and courage to purchase it :)

Bariagan [Demonic Serenity] November 25 2007 5:37 PM EST

Bought, but I unloaded an old tattoo of mine in the process... sort of like insta

Ulord[NK] November 25 2007 5:42 PM EST

aww. I was just gonna mortgage my house and buy it.. :(

QBOddBird November 25 2007 5:53 PM EST

Jeez. Come on guys, sell one closer to...you know...7-800kish. ;'D Dominatrix tourney OOB is hungry.

horseguy001 November 25 2007 11:15 PM EST

That might happen sooner then you think...I just did a few ID's on my ToE that are getting closer and closer to that range :D

chuck1234 November 26 2007 3:54 PM EST

Here's one large tattoo that's definitely cache flushed into oblivion:

User IP What When
chuck1234 (MI5) sell An Ice Familiar ($5112267) Nov 25

lvl 1.1 mil, NW 25 mil CB$, sold it to the store for 4 mil CB$

There's no buy data, and the tattoo's gone from the store listings.
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