HC is ANGRY!! (in Off-topic)

Hyrule Castle November 25 2007 4:09 AM EST

yea thats right you heard it!

I am pissed off! The server during cache flush...

just took 7 BA!

what a jerk!

now i demand the server apologize, and/or give me my ba back...or i will do something very ...very harsh!

/me puts on his fluffy bunny boxing gloves

dont tempt fate ...server!

j'bob November 25 2007 5:56 AM EST

wow. HC just might need a bit of sleep...
and maybe lay off the energy drinks for a while.

Ragatag November 25 2007 9:20 AM EST

and give me back my gloves

AdminShade November 25 2007 9:23 AM EST

Heh, the server didn't take 7 BA, you spent them without knowing ;)

Yukk November 25 2007 11:48 AM EST

Heh, just before midnight I decided to start a forging cycle I couldn't finish without my 12:00 BA. At 12:00 they didn't arrive.
Turns out the server was just teasing me and they appeared 6 minutes later.
I was all ready to be exasperated because not only had I been robbed, but the 27 BA I'd already spent would probably be wasted when I woke up in the morning and forgot where I was !
It all worked out in the end though and I could have bought 3 BA for forging I guess.

Hyrule Castle November 25 2007 1:05 PM EST


lol yea, i think i was just ....tired :P

reading it again it is pretty funny though :)

Yukk November 25 2007 10:27 PM EST

You reminded me of those trolls in the tower defence game.
The ones that come out grunting something like, "Uggghghg Sooo Angryyyy."
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