Guild Picture? (in General)

Gandalf November 28 2007 2:33 PM EST

Think it would be nice to go with the new themeing etc to be able to put a logo for your clan? And maybe to be able to write about guild history ? These are not origanl ideas, just form other games but this isnt 'other games'. Just a mere suggestion :)

Gandalf November 28 2007 2:37 PM EST

Title was meant to be Clan not guild, sorry.

QBRanger November 28 2007 2:40 PM EST

This has been brought up before and embraced by the community.

However, time is the issue. Jon has a lot of things to do with CB, such as redo the left frame, the battle pages, etc.. that guild pictures are a low priority.

Marlfox [Cult of the Valaraukar] November 29 2007 11:37 AM EST

I do believe that would be interesting, but like Ranger said, Jon has more important things to do.
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