Help! Reroll a 1 minion FB/DM Strategy (in General)

YOU November 28 2007 3:10 PM EST

I am planning to run a 1 minion FB/DM Strategy (low cost is the key) with a TOE whenever i can afford it. What are the possible items can go with this set up.
I noticed a few new items are available. But nothing hurt from asking the professionals. Any pros and cons is nice to know.

Bow to Shade/SNK/Ranger/Freed/Bazoo Monkey and others

48xVanished48 November 28 2007 3:13 PM EST

Alatar Gloves (FB Damage boost)
Amulet of Focus (For the Evasion you will get)
Elven boots (Boost Evasion some more)
Tattoe of Endurance (Less damage taken)
Helm Of Clearsight (Extra ranged round)

All I can think of.

QBOddBird November 28 2007 3:19 PM EST

Noldorin Spellcasters reduce AMF effect.
Helm of Clearsight for the extra ranged round.
ToE? I'd go with FF, myself.
Amulet of Invisibility to add +20 to the DBs.
Displacement Boots for obvious reasons.

The AoI and DBs are interchangeable with EBs and *possibly* an AoF like Vanished said....but AoF will increase AMF's effect on you, so I would be careful playing with that.

YOU November 28 2007 3:23 PM EST

Does Evasion really worth at high end? from where i left off last time, only few are playing with evasion and by looking at the extreme big bow or weapons i am getting scared.

TheHatchetman November 28 2007 3:26 PM EST

Alatar Gloves (FB Damage boost) - - - - - I would advise Noldorin Spellcasters if you're fighting teams with AMF. Against AMF with NSs over AGs, your damage dealt will increase, and your backlash received will decrease...

Amulet of Focus (For the Evasion you will get) - - - - - if you're not using evasion, dont use an amulet. AoAC would be your only beneficial amulet, but it wouldnt provide enough AC to do anything worth the cost...

Elven boots (Boost Evasion some more) - - - - - With or without evasion, I'd advise DBs unless your evasion is MASSIVE. DBs will be your cash sink...

Tattoe of Endurance (Less damage taken) - - - - - especially with NS if you choose to use it, the ToE may not be doing much. Ranged tanks will be well over the damage cap, as will concentrated mages, and AMF damage will be insignifigant, meaning the ToE would only be useful against GA, but your DM is supposed to be doing that. If you don't find the ToE to be useful, other options to consider are the RoE (for obvious reasons), FF (for flashfrying reasons. use DM to nuke their AS/GA, and two heavy FBs to sweep away the mess), or the SF (have MM target the back minion, hoping to kill it off and further concentrate your FB by providing less spread). With any of the familiars, Junction would be strongly advised to train if you're not using evasion...

Helm Of Clearsight (Extra ranged round) - - - - - Yeah...

TheHatchetman November 28 2007 3:27 PM EST

IMO, Evasion owns... at the higher levels, you can nullify these huge chunks of weaponry.

Ulord[NK] November 28 2007 3:28 PM EST

Be sure to get an HoC soon before change month rolls over. It's the best thing for your single mage since chocolate cake. I'd second oob's choice of familiar. From what I experienced, extra kill slot > TOE for unprotected mage teams. In that case, junction would be a good idea. Put 50% exp into fb and you can go hunt single minion ROBF teams :).

YOU November 28 2007 3:33 PM EST

I totally forgot about ROE. It is almost a must have for reroll ! thanks for reminding me.

QBOddBird November 28 2007 3:43 PM EST

Yeah - don't forget the HoC has been brought back as this changemonth Supporter item (SO LAME), so you can get one from Jon for $6.

YOU November 28 2007 3:46 PM EST

Okie what's the process of paying Jon $6 again?
I forgot all about it.

TheHatchetman November 28 2007 3:49 PM EST

paypal him $6 USD at

AdminShade November 28 2007 4:45 PM EST

why bow to me? :p

QBOddBird November 28 2007 5:00 PM EST

Because Children of Hurin is such a fearsome team, obviously.
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