me_own_me/you_own_you multi confession (in Public Record)

QBOddBird December 4 2007 12:07 AM EST

If you happen to read the forums, you can sign here to confess your multiness, please.

BTW, he confessed to being a multi the other day in Chat. you_own_you is his 'little brother', who, as he has told us, fights while he types.

He also mentioned that he'd played CB before, but "his filed got deleted after 16 minutes because his friend got on and started leveling his characters and told someone it was him".

I've PM'd this to an admin before while it was going on in Chat, but failed to copy it down somewhere permanently.

QBOddBird December 4 2007 12:28 AM EST

<OOB> I'll put it to you quite simply: The first time, when you said you had a friend leveling your characters and your account was deleted, made you a multi.
<JetBlack> Dem b fightin wurds...
<me_own_me> nope
<OOB> You became a repeat offender when you were talking while your brother was typing.
<me_own_me> i had no idea of the rules
Armageddon left the room.
<OOB> That is called ignorance
<JetBlack> You signed the contract, lol.
<OOB> Doesn't mean you are excused
<me_own_me> thats not me playing his file
<OOB> That is indeed you on his account
<me_own_me> the mouse controls a web page not the keyboard

There, I made sure that I copied everything down this time. Now, if an admin would please address the multi so that he does not return to Chat again, it would be much appreciated...

me own me December 4 2007 12:47 AM EST

So your telling me this.. You've never went to someones house?You've never played a game with them? You've never said hi to someone on a friend's file if you saw them on? i doubt that unless your a total loaner. just because i was typing to hatchet while he played doesnt mean i was playing his file, anyone with a train of proper thought should be able to sence this.

QBOddBird December 4 2007 12:58 AM EST

Look, ignorance is no excuse - you read the rules before you played.

Stating that 'I'm not a loner' isn't an excuse either. You were chatting the entire time "your brother" was on.

And we even said in Chat that you couldn't talk on your brother's account before 'he created the account'!

When you signed up to Carnage Blender, you agreed to play ONE account and ONE account only. It is fine for your brother or whomever to open an account and play it, but when they are playing, you don't Chat. If someone gets on and 'levels your characters for you', that's multi'ing as well. These are all violations of the terms of service you agreed to upon creating your account.

Wizard'sFirstRule December 4 2007 12:58 AM EST

I am not a multi, but the record might suggest otherwise. Here is the explanation. I mostly live away from my parents (usual IP) and I still log on from my parent's place when I went over and stay for a few days (other IP). I am the same person.
(probably should use another thread, but too lazy to start another) -I will stop logging on from my parent's place if admin confirms that this is a problem.

Tylan December 4 2007 1:57 AM EST

no painkiller, a multi is by definition one person playing multiple accounts, not one person playing a SINGLE account from multiple locations.

I play CB from home and work, but I only own ONE account, and I am the ONLY person on my account.

Big difference

[P]Mitt December 4 2007 3:00 AM EST

on top of that, a multi is also defined as people playing accounts other than their own. Which, if I interpret what he is saying correctly, is what he is doing.
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