Sensitive forgers... (in General)

KittehShinobu December 4 2007 11:20 AM EST

^_^ I dont understand, what is up with forgers now a days? They just seem to be more emo than they used to be. They refuse business just cause of someone saying "they're slow"? ^_^ I want a admin to explain to me how this works.

Phoenix [The Forgehood] December 4 2007 11:48 AM EST

you sure this should be in PR?

And wasn't the forger doing it for free?

Wasp [C and S Forgery Lmtd.] December 4 2007 1:03 PM EST

Speaking from a forgers point of view... Basically:

We do it because we can.

j'bob December 4 2007 1:18 PM EST

I've looked at this post several times now and since you put it in public record I just can't help but ask.
Unless someone owes you money they promised, is holding an item that is yours or something similar that would constitute "theft", what does someone just refusing to to business with you have to do with an Admin?

overly curious

AdminG Beee December 4 2007 1:22 PM EST

Yeah, I want an Admin to explain why forgers are so weird too. I've never been able to figure them out.

I think AdminSNK (the forger) may have an explanation.

DrAcO5676 [The Knighthood III] December 4 2007 1:41 PM EST

Yes ask Admin Snk He is teh god of forging ^_^ and btw... it might all be in the way you convey something you say... I and one other have dealt with the way you say things and it has ticked both of us off before.

QBOddBird December 4 2007 1:44 PM EST


DrAcO5676 [The Knighthood III] December 4 2007 1:51 PM EST

yes masta QBOOB

TheHatchetman December 4 2007 3:21 PM EST

Odds are, someone forging for you will be forging as fast as they are able or willing to... Saying they're slow only makes a negative comment about something they can't/won't change...

Your nagging gets annoying, even with your smileys :P

See, that was a classic Shinobu-style sentence above. bad thing, followed by proof you already acknowledge it, then a smiley to show i hold no ill will towards you...

Now, while i mean no offense, nor have i ever, you probably took that sentence offensively, no? That's why people are touchy.


Start thinking about what you say, before you say it, and how you think they will respond. Just to make sure your message will be conveyed the way it is meant. Not saying you should walk on eggshells to avoid stepping on anyone's toes. But just make sure that if ya do, it is intentional, or a complete misunderstanding...

Finally, admins don't have any more or less knowledge than the people in general chat in the ways of the working human mind ( if one/more of yas have psych degrees, ill take that back :P), or the opperations of the game, as we are all playing the same game... Just because they enforce the rules, does not make them omnipotent.

AdminG Beee December 4 2007 3:36 PM EST

Hatch, I take offense !

I have two kids, no one has ever called me omnipotent before :p

Phoenix [The Forgehood] December 5 2007 10:01 AM EST

G Bee is omnipotent.

that better, G Bee?

{cb1}Linguala December 15 2007 12:03 PM EST

MH, do you mean that G Beee is better than the rest of us???
Explain yourself, till you do, I'm calling all forgers to stop making deals with you.

Now this is what i'd call being a sensitive forger with dire concequences.
This could happen to you *points at you*
Leave negative comments behind unless you really mean it to be that way. The world would be a much happier place if you took the time to send a possitive comment for a change and it'll work in your favor.

GO PATS December 15 2007 12:22 PM EST

I'm sorry to have missed this thread when it came around, as it is about me...

Thanks for the support Hatch, my feelings exactly...

BTW, Kahlan, you should have called this thread, "Sensitive Charity Forgers", since I didn't charge anything for my work, only forge fees and xfers (which for some reason you thought I should have had to pay for you...)

I have all of our conversations logged, but I'll spare you the embarrasment of posting them here...

KittehShinobu December 20 2007 8:02 AM EST

*is looking at the crap load of responces, not expecting to get that much* ^_^ my god, it seems like we're all part of the same Jon agenda, =3 we some(KEYWORD IS SOME OF US) got no lives left but to spend in Ba and make us stronger. ^_^ Anyhow, the matter is resolved and I've forgotten about it. =P Again I am sorry for that stupid comment, I'll hang around Hatchet and let him put people down for me ^_^ btw, Hatchet, its hard to offend me so =P to you. Try being an artist and listen to critisism. ^_^

KittehShinobu December 20 2007 8:04 AM EST

Secondly I wasnt saying that just for you SP... ^_^ I paid, my item is back, end of story, I was just referring to some of the forgers. Sure it may seem like your in it but ^_^ I wasnt referring to just you directly.
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