Bob needs names (>= $15,000!) (in Contests)

Lord Bob December 7 2007 4:21 PM EST

Ok, here's the deal. I'm writing this game for one of my game dev classes that's due Thursday. The plot and gameplay are spot on right now, but I have one little problem -- a complete inability to come up with interesting character names.

So here's where you come in: give me a name I can work with, and I'll give you $15,000. Of course unlimited submissions are allowed, as I'm looking for as much input as possible. Chances are I won't use one of the names outright, but I'm hoping for a nudge in the right direction. Either way, it's $15,000 in your pocket.

Here's a few things to keep in mind about the character and what I'm looking for:
- He's a vampire.
- About 450-500 years old.
- Western European descent (England or France, not Spanish, possibly as far east as Germany. I'm flexible here.)
- Name should sound masculine, powerful, aggressive.
- Avoid overly cliched "vampire" names. He should be believable, not a caricature. Names like Mordeki, Malachi, Vlad, Kain, Bloodchylde and Raven are out. If it came from Underworld, it's probably not allowed.
- Name can be any length, but must be able to be shortened for plot and technical display reasons to about four letters. Robert can be Bob, for example (but it's my name, so I can't use it...)
- First and last names are appreciated.
- Be creative.

Also, I'm looking to name second character in another game. He's a bit easier: he was a murderer who got the chair. For him, I'm looking for a slightly more cliche-sounding serial killer name. Manhunt used James Earl Cash. Something like that sounds good. Prise is also $15,000.

Yes, you can win twice for a total of $30,000 (or more, if I use enough of your names for other stuff). If I see nothing usable, I reserve the right not to give out rewards.

j'bob December 7 2007 7:12 PM EST

Jacques Le Gallow

The vampire "Jack". Who could resist.
AKA Jack the Hangman. :)

TheHatchetman December 7 2007 7:24 PM EST

"Nosferatu - more than a vampire. Shocking my victims just like a live wire. Bodies fall to the ground, hear the screams of terror and pain. You can call it your life, but I might just take it away."

Hehe, it's just a piece of the chorus of the song 'Nosfertu' by Twiztid... I doubt its usable, but I've had the song in my head for months and couldn't resist the excuse to post it :P

SCORPIOUS December 7 2007 11:37 PM EST

How about for the vampire,
Vincent Von Gore, AKA Vinnie Gore
And the murderer,
Edward Braxx, AKA Eddie B.

BootyGod December 8 2007 4:22 PM EST

Crazy guy: James Kerce Binion (Yup. My name. But would totally love to have a murderer named after me. People always said I'd kill a president because of my name....)

Banaritaz, for the vampire.

That name more because it's the only cool sounding name I ever created from scratch. And I like how it sounds!

SCORPIOUS December 9 2007 12:28 PM EST

How about Shane King ,AKA shank
or Christopher Dumpree

RichardRahl{Kill Gun} December 9 2007 3:55 PM EST

Master of D'Hara-- The Seeker of BLood and Gore

Phoenix [The Forgehood] December 10 2007 12:32 PM EST


Phoenix [The Forgehood] December 10 2007 12:32 PM EST

oh, and that's not spelled wrong.

Dark Dreky December 10 2007 12:41 PM EST

How about... Hexen. Or Hexis. I dunno, just sounds cool. Last name could be anything. Hex for short. Sounds kinda weird and scary. Maybe not exactly Western European descent but just use some sort of last name that ties it in.

Either that or Bob. Bob the Vampire.

AdminShade December 10 2007 6:14 PM EST


j'bob December 10 2007 6:57 PM EST

I second DD. Bob, Bob sounds good to me. I just didn't wanna be the one to say it.

Lord Bob December 10 2007 8:39 PM EST

Robert can be Bob, for example (but it's my name, so I can't use it...)

Please keep in mind the guidelines I posted above.

No winners yet, though two of you had some very near hits. I'll keep this contest open until Thursday in case anyone has any late additions.

Also, here are a few additional guidelines to consider that I failed to post before:
-No existing character names. This should be obvious. I will Google any potential winners to check this.
-No real names. Real-ish is encouraged, but not the names of actual people. Sorry JetBlack, your real name is out.
-There are certain names that, although perfect for the characters otherwise, I simply cannot use for various reasons. For example, another character in the setting might go by that name. Hector would be great for the vampire, but the name is already taken. Don't worry about this too much, as I don't expect anyone to be psychic. Just post whatever you think sounds cool.

Lord Bob December 10 2007 8:47 PM EST

I got teh chair?

Jake the Snayke December 10 2007 9:44 PM EST

Bishop Rahl

SCORPIOUS December 11 2007 3:44 AM EST

Vaxour, Vax for short.

SCORPIOUS December 11 2007 3:45 AM EST

Maulesh Vancoor,Maul for short.

SCORPIOUS December 11 2007 3:47 AM EST

Vilose DeTrobe, Vilo for short.

BootyGod December 11 2007 6:23 AM EST

Rahnar Slin......................

.....................Taco Bell
Eriv Nach........................

..........................Surn Hetim

Phoenix [The Forgehood] December 11 2007 11:39 AM EST

you know the guy who got the chair.. the serial killer..?

Talion December 13 2007 1:46 PM EST

Ferdorne (Fer) Ladislav (Lad) Krdac (Kr) Ranelirch (Rane) Stezaleb (Stez) Viktor (Vik) Xalichos (Xal)

Yukk December 13 2007 9:46 PM EST

Count Wolfgang von Dusseldorf
Gunther Verrucktes (Crazy Gunther) - Verrucktes should have an Umlaut, but it gets mangled.
Otto Schwartz

I think Germanic names work well for vampires.

For your murderer, Hmm, Billy Blakely, Waldo Whiteboy, Spike Finnigan.

[MG]Mecca-Devilbot [Clan of One] December 13 2007 10:40 PM EST

Vampire : Damian Von Angor
Murderer : Malcom Adamson

Can't really short form Damian though.

Sickone December 14 2007 1:26 AM EST

Vampire options:
Richard Kendrick (Rick ?)
Donovan Blake (Don ?)

Murderer: Garvey Stobbart

Lord Bob December 14 2007 4:23 PM EST

Sorry I didn't end this yesterday like I promised. After presentations yesterday I didn't have much time to get back on CB.

$15k sent to SCORPIOUS (Houbuova) for Shane "Shank" King. It was by far the dirtiest sounding name for a multiple murderer executed on death row, and though it didn't end up in the final demo, it was my favorite.

No winners on the vampire's name. While there were a few decent ones toward the end, nothing struck my fancy enough for the prize. Before that, many of you missed a key requirement from the first post -- Western European descent, England or France, not Spanish, possibly as far east as Germany. I was NOT looking for high fantasy, unrealistic names that sounded like they were out of D&D here. I needed a more believable and historically accurate name for a violent, sociopathic 16th century warmonger.

Thanks to all who participated. I really appreciate it, even if it didn't work out perfectly in the end.

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