Random BA Price Change (in General)

BootyGod December 9 2007 12:48 AM EST

Yesterday, the price per BA was WELL over 900. Probably like 960. Today, the BA are 850 each. No one else seems to have the same change, but I know I do.

So, possible things:

One, there's just a bug and my BA went down for no reason.

Two, there's a change and I'm just lucky.

Three, there WAS a bug and I've been ripped for millions.

... Please don't be 3 :P

BootyGod December 9 2007 12:52 AM EST

Or 4, something else.

Flamey December 9 2007 12:53 AM EST

Your BA should be even less than that. My BA cost is 879 and that's at 1.7 mil MPR. You're 400k less. I think it could be three..

DrAcO5676 [The Knighthood III] December 9 2007 3:25 AM EST

a Character belonging to JetBlack
Created September 18, 2007 (NCB until January 16)

Retire that char, and the price for ba will go down as well ^_^

BootyGod December 9 2007 4:11 AM EST

The NCB shouldn't be affecting anything. I don't use it.

TheHatchetman December 9 2007 4:14 AM EST

my BA cost went down almost $300 when the NCB expired on Hatchet NCB take 1, even though i hadn't used it for over 2 and a half months beforehand...

BootyGod December 9 2007 4:35 AM EST


Well, still doesn't explain the sudden overnight drop.

Flamey December 9 2007 4:42 AM EST

I think the major problem at hand is that his BA cost has always been around 960. Basically, he's always been paying higher than everyone else, bar N*B.

AdminNightStrike December 9 2007 12:42 PM EST

Maybe you dropped down a regen rate. If your MPR is growing slowly compared to the top, you may have gone from 8 to 9 or something.

BootyGod December 9 2007 3:16 PM EST

Nope. Still in the 7

DrAcO5676 [The Knighthood III] December 9 2007 3:31 PM EST

I told you retire your NCB char... and after cache flush you will be back to normal...

Fanta [Fanta's Forge] December 9 2007 3:33 PM EST

Even if you don't use the NCB, it still affects your BA cost.

][Army][MrWizard06][ December 9 2007 4:23 PM EST

that is kinda odd because my ba cost is like 1k and im at

PR / MPR: 67,067 / 52,405

Fanta [Fanta's Forge] December 9 2007 4:49 PM EST

That's normal, NCBs are expensive.

BootyGod December 10 2007 8:18 AM EST


Retired that NCB. Guess what? BA price dropped be a whopping 11 each.

Will someone please explain why CB hates me?

drudge December 10 2007 1:43 PM EST

are you hoarding tons and tons on utrained exp? maybe that will effect it

BootyGod December 10 2007 7:12 PM EST


Jon.... Please don't make me wait a week for ideas of why this is happening when no else can possibly help.....

Khardin December 10 2007 7:58 PM EST

With what Mr Wizard said, it looks like you had about an accurate price for NCB BA even at a low level. The rewards can't be too far off of each other and the cost should be based on rewards.

And now that you've retired the NCB, your rewards seem to fit into this <a href="http://www.carnageblender.com/bboard/q-and-a-fetch-msg.tcl?msg_id=002GyT">post</a>.

$860 for 1.4 mil MPR at that time.

I dunno, it all seems to fit.

Khardin December 10 2007 7:59 PM EST

Oh forgot to change to HTML and it went through anyway..


BootyGod December 10 2007 8:11 PM EST

That doesn't explain the inexplicable price drop while still using NCB, or why getting rid of the NCB would only account for 11 CB per BA difference.

Flamey December 10 2007 8:24 PM EST

because BA for the NCB doesn't cost 10k each at 13k MPR like your's was.

BootyGod December 11 2007 12:22 AM EST

okay, so back to the original question. Why the overnight drop!?

Hyrule Castle December 11 2007 1:02 AM EST

you were tired, and got the 6 and 9 mixed up...

dont get me wrong, they are very similar...almost as if you turned one upside...down?

BootyGod December 11 2007 1:23 AM EST

No, rofl.

QBOddBird December 11 2007 1:38 AM EST

Getting 6 and 9 mixed up is a horrible, horrible mistake.

AdminShade December 11 2007 10:59 AM EST

At Kentucky Fried Chicken they get the 6 and 9 wrong!

I recently ordered 6 Hotwings there and got 9 of them!


BootyGod December 11 2007 5:19 PM EST


AdminJonathan December 11 2007 6:00 PM EST

> Then why won't he post in my bloody bug thread!/?

because players generally get all uptight when my answer is "there is no bug here, but I don't feel like the time spent convincing you of that would be worth it. sorry."

you did ask. :)

AdminJonathan December 11 2007 6:18 PM EST

> And that's the kind of ridiculous answer that makes me want to quit sometimes.

See? That's why I didn't answer. But you kept harping on it so that I went against my better judgement. :(

BootyGod December 11 2007 6:37 PM EST

I regret saying that, but it frustrates me you couldn't just say "it's not a bug" and I could have went back and figured it out. Instead, I got to wait a few days, assuming someone would help me out, the whole time you knew it wasn't a bug. I wouldn't have been upset once I had an answer. I'm just annoyed that I had to wait days for such a simple answer.

So, basically, I am sorry for saying that. But why couldn't you take the 1 minute to say it's not a bug? Would have saved me, and the people who helped me try and figure it out, a good bit of time.

*goes to test his current BA Price Drop theory*

AdminJonathan December 11 2007 6:42 PM EST

today is the first I looked at this thread, and it looked like you had arrived at the not-a-bug conclusion without me.

AdminJonathan December 11 2007 6:43 PM EST

(or, if not you, at least everyone else. :)

BootyGod December 11 2007 6:46 PM EST

Eh. I never thought it was a bug until nothing else panned out. And the only solution that does make sense (a 10k MPR shift on a non-used NCB) seems odd. I'll be testing that out.
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