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BootyGod December 9 2007 4:59 AM EST

The only stat I like seeing, and it has always annoyed me they didn't have it. So, I found it.

For the top 50 characters as of 4:51 AM, here are the Top Win Percentages!!!

In 5th we have Character Number One with a win percentage of 73% Congratulations, Horseguy001. Hope you can keep it up!

In 4th we have Character The 260lchemist with a win percentage of 73% (I am aware it's a tie, but I gave the alchemist the boost because of the battle number difference). Congratulations, DreadedTiger! And congratulations to NightStrike for getting such a fantastic character.

In 3rd we have Character Oxcha with a win percentage of 78% Congratulations, Little_Devil! Hope you can keep it up!!

In 2nd we have Character............ Koyaanisqatsi with a win percentage of 82% Congratulations, Ranger!! Hope you can keep it up!!!

And... last, but obviously not least... With a simply insane win percentage....

In 1st we have Character............................................... King of Pain with a win percentage of 87%!! Congratulations, Mikel!!! Hope you can keep it up.

I hope you enjoyed these little facts ^.^

Congrats to everyone.


I would like to point out that my character Oduten (in the top 25) has the second to least win percent in the top 25 :P and in the bottom 5 in the top 50 :P Go me! =D

BluBBen December 9 2007 5:02 AM EST

I love fun little facts like this! ^^ Give us more GW! =D And congratulations to all of you who made top five!

TheHatchetman December 9 2007 5:09 AM EST

double-grats to Mikel, not to take anything away from DT who maintained a great char with his own tweaks to take down (most of) BR, but many of the wins also cam from Mikel on the 260lchemist :)

single-grats to all others :P

Flamey December 9 2007 5:38 AM EST

congrats guys.

{CB1}-Mokaba December 9 2007 6:11 AM EST

Congrats Mikel :)

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] December 9 2007 9:26 AM EST

wow, not a single one is using the "unbeatable" robf strategy either.

th00p December 9 2007 9:46 AM EST

And then there's TAB who would still be at 97 or 98% if Ranger had kept him.

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] December 9 2007 12:06 PM EST

Congrats Mikel! Your setups are always a challenge of the most serious nature.

/me keeps working on moving him into second

QBRanger December 9 2007 12:27 PM EST

"wow, not a single one is using the "unbeatable" robf strategy either."

C'Mon, The RBF was a useless tattoo until last changemonth. So realistically a character with over 2M MPR would have tons of loses if they used one until now.

And the RBF works best on a very high evasion type minion with a massive AMF. Not that many characters near the top can just switch to the RBF and be effective without losing tons of xp. All the while knowing that the RBF will likely get some sort of nerf soon.

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] December 9 2007 12:34 PM EST

well, horseguy's character was created two months ago (since the robf became so uber) and he's on the list. it is not limited to those above 2m mpr obviously. we do have johnnywas' character as a comparison...oh wait, he changed from robf for competitive reasons. i wonder why edyit changed?

Fanta [Fanta's Forge] December 9 2007 1:08 PM EST

I'm guessing he changed for fun, but maybe a Hal is good for his team or something.

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] December 9 2007 1:14 PM EST

i would guess it would be because you cannot switch out with a roe without retraining and losing xp or staying the way you are and losing.

BootyGod December 9 2007 3:22 PM EST

ACK! Now I have to make mega apologies.

It was very early in the morning and, with my luck, I skipped just one user.

Congratulations to EDYIT!! His character (with such an original name) edyit has a win percent of 81%!!!! This puts him in 3rd overall!!! (this pushes DT and Horseguy into tied for 5th, as I am loathe to force horseguy out of the list when he is actually tied.)

So congrats, edyit, my deepest apologies to you. So, everyone, congratulate him! :P

Mikel December 9 2007 4:57 PM EST

thanks and congrats to everyone else on the list. :)
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