Poll: Should the $20 Word Awards be brought back? (in Off-topic)

Mem December 10 2007 11:11 AM EST

If there's enough demand I'll bring it back as soon as I'm out of debt.

BootyGod December 10 2007 11:19 AM EST

YAY! Bring it back!!!

AdminG Beee December 10 2007 5:56 PM EST

/me gets the dictionary out in preparation... Reading 2

ScY December 10 2007 6:52 PM EST

G, I have to ask:

Where DO you get all those emoticon thingies?!

And Mem, bring them back!!


RedWolf December 10 2007 7:41 PM EST

I've noticed they don't all come from the same site. Either G's got a giant collection of emoticons from all over the web, or he just uses Google Image Search and makes everything think he has a giant collection of emoticons from all over the web :-P

QBOddBird December 11 2007 1:44 AM EST

I think you should bring it back. ;'D

TheHatchetman December 11 2007 2:07 AM EST

I asked him before via CM, and he CM'd me an emoticon back... Not allowed to tell what it was... :P

Mem December 11 2007 2:47 AM EST

Something tells me that the emoticon was basically telling you to piss off...

Adminedyit [Superheros] December 11 2007 5:39 AM EST

On Topic: yes bring back the 20$ words!

Off Topic: G actually works at a place that makes emoticons, he beta tests them here on CB :-)

Brakke Bres [Ow man] December 11 2007 9:10 AM EST


side note: IS G_Bee the one that actually makes those annoying smiley ads you see?
/me raises pitchforks and torches

Aargh [Closer to the Stars] December 11 2007 9:29 AM EST

Forgive my ignorance, but what ARE the $20 Word Awards?

QBRanger December 11 2007 9:31 AM EST

I vote no.

Too many people try to post something stupid to get in hoity doity words in a post.

Mem December 11 2007 11:45 AM EST

Go here if you don't know what the $20 Word Awards are...
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