Final fantasy 10 (in Off-topic)

Kefeck [Demonic Serenity] December 12 2007 12:30 PM EST

Just recently got it is it any good?

Cube December 12 2007 12:43 PM EST

Very good

SNK3R December 12 2007 12:55 PM EST

Usually people ask that question BEFORE they make a purchase. :)

Maelstrom December 12 2007 12:58 PM EST

Played for about half an hour, and I couldn't get into it. It just didn't seem to have whatever it was in other FF games that I enjoyed.

Little Anthony December 12 2007 1:11 PM EST

same here, the FF10 was somewhat disappointing. I played about 2 hours game time i quit

Unappreciated Misnomer December 12 2007 1:12 PM EST

its a definet change from any before it. having beaten most of Square's RPGs. this is not the longest one i have ever played, 12 is :P

10 has decent story and good visuals. Square, they play big on weapons being good vs certain enemies. wakka is good against flyers, auron vs high def, tidus vs fast enemies, lulu owns with the magik. kimarhi...err no one uses him, and rikku is your prime stealer. if you have the time and are a fan of spending time on a game you should enjoy this.

Kefeck [Demonic Serenity] December 12 2007 1:30 PM EST

So its worth playing? how is it compared to 9?

Ulord[NK] December 12 2007 2:23 PM EST

I thought FF9 was mediocre to horrible. Never had a chance to play FF10 but from what I heard, it should be better than ff9 at least.

GnuUzir December 12 2007 3:38 PM EST


Just my opinion...

Can't wait for 13 and 13-Versus =)

Aargh [Closer to the Stars] December 12 2007 3:39 PM EST

FF10 is pretty ok if you like Final Fantasy games... IMO it's a lot better than 9.

Though I'm not a huge FF-fan to be honest (don't like the battle system), so my opinion may not be the most relevant.

FFT is where it's at! =P

Admin{CB1}Slayer333 [SHIELD] December 12 2007 4:11 PM EST

FF10 I thought was ok, I enjoyed playing and leveling up, but I hated the storyline.

My personal favorite FF game was FF8 :)

Little Anthony December 12 2007 4:13 PM EST

ff tactics & FF7 = rocks

Tyriel [123456789] December 12 2007 8:55 PM EST

It's a good game. There are enough hard parts to keep it interesting, the story is very well-done and thought out, the characters (although some of the voices are annoying... *glares at Wakka*) are well-made, there are PLENTY of things to do.

It'll keep you interested for a long time, to say the least.

Mem December 12 2007 9:04 PM EST

I thought it was great, though I've been a Final Fantasy fan for years and years...

Query: Why did you just now get 10, neglecting to get its better in 12?

Zoglog[T] [big bucks] December 12 2007 9:13 PM EST

Price could be an obvious factor.

10 is pretty good 10-2 is awful and so [edyit edit] short (even for 100% complete storyline).
My only annoyance (apart from the voiceovers, mostly Yuna, Wakka and those annoying blue things) were the trials, it was bad enough trying to work out the puzzles in some but the annoying encounters made it that little more irritating, I spent nearly a couple of hours in the one and with few places to save in those areas you can't rally take a break without leaving it on.

7 is still my favourite, pwns 8.

Kefeck [Demonic Serenity] December 12 2007 11:11 PM EST

yeahh.. I heard bad stuff about 12. and tactics was the greatest game of all by far.

Tyriel [123456789] December 12 2007 11:22 PM EST

12 wasn't bad; I think it was a good game, personally. Just a bit too easy in my opinion, though. Final boss is the biggest pushover of a final boss I've ever seen (and boringly long, to boot). I didn't even have to do anything to win it; I had already set up a nigh-unbeatable system of spells and abilities for my characters.

I'd have to say that the storylines of 10 and 12 are about equal in terms of quality; 10 might be a bit better, but I can't remember everything that went on in 12. One big difference that stands out for me is how much I remember from each game. In 10, I can remember most important character names, several pieces of music, almost the entire story line, all of the areas that you go to, all the bosses you fight... I can't say that with 12. I have enough trouble remembering a few of the character names.

But if you're a fan of RPG's and other Final Fantasy games, I'd say get both. They're worth it. Just don't over-level like I probably did my first run-through in 12. I can't remember what level I was at the end of the game, but it got to the point that all I needed to go was move the characters, since nothing could come even close to killing me.

/End ramble

Sir Leon [Soup Ream] December 12 2007 11:30 PM EST

I loved FF10. I found the story to be great and much better than the very political FF12 series. The unique sphere grid was interesting to see but i wouldn't recommend they do it again. FF12's grid sucked in comparison! I prefer the traditional auto-level where your stats adjust in a fixed way.

I've been playing the final fantasy series for years and FF10 is one of my personal favorites having spent 150+ hours on the game. (beat it twice) It is certainly worth every penny spent.

My personal favorite of the series was FF8. i beat it three times, the third time i managed to master the battle system and beat the_Omega_weapon. A 3 hour battle! Was amazing and something i'll brag about forever! However, I'm hoping to see FFXIII take over this spot. Another year and we will see.

NINAbuser December 13 2007 2:38 AM EST

Dang took you this long to get it? Probably not the best of the series but it isn't bad. Your characters become to overpowered too quickly in my opinion but there are a lot of fun mini-quests. FFX-2 however is a terrible game and I advise you to buy it just to have it in the collection and never play it.

NINAbuser December 13 2007 2:48 AM EST

Sorry for the double post but

X-2 < 2 < 4 < 3 < 6 < 5 < 1 < 12 < 8 < 9 < 10 < 11 < 7 < T

That's my breakdown for all of the major ones :P and by the way Tactics will always and forever be my number one game but if you want something similar try Disgaea.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] December 13 2007 3:47 AM EST

FF7 is still the best by far. Second would be 5 ( I thinks that's its number, one with Terra, Sabin, Celes, Locke and the rest).

8 was ok, 9 and 10 I can't really remember which is which. One of them is the only FF game I played, that I've never bothered to complete.

Dirge of Cerberus is ok. Tactics (I got on import he day before my disc swapping PS1 blew up...) I got on the GBA, and can't be arsed to play it. Intro take soooo long...

On 12 atm. The change to a more PSO style game is ok. But I hate the reverse camera, and would love an option to change it. Gambits are brilliant. Set you party up, and run them aorund. No need to do anything yourself. Actually, I'm not sure that is a good thing...

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] December 13 2007 3:51 AM EST

Ah, 9 was the rat tailed guy, 10 Tidus and the Underwater football...

I don't think I ever completed 9. Leveld to 99 easily on Dragons, then couldn't be bothered.

I don't tihnk I've finished 10 yet. I got put off by getting the ultimate wepaons. The underwater football was a good mini game.

I think 10 is better than 9, but only just.

8 was good, for the novel system of mobs leveling with you, and having to stay low, then junction the +Stat boosts fromt he summons to level. And the whole junctioning of Magic to a stat was a nice idea. :)

Aargh [Closer to the Stars] December 13 2007 4:33 AM EST

"Second would be 5 ( I thinks that's its number, one with Terra, Sabin, Celes, Locke and the rest)."

That would be 6 (or 3, depending on what version you played). 5 is with Butz (or Bartz, again depending on version), Galuf, Faris, Lenna, and Krile (or Kurure or whatever).

5 and 6 are probably my favourites of the main games, not counting the tactics line. 5 for the classes and stuff, and 6 for the story. 8 is my favourite of the PSX era (apart from it being way too easy, which is a problem with most FF games IMO, and a few weird plot twists that screamed WE HAD TO CUT SOME CONTENT HERE SO THIS ISN'T GOING TO MAKE ANY SENSE OK?), which is weird because almost everyone I talk to prefers either 7 or 9.

7 is WAY overrated, I'm guessing because it was the first 'mainstream' FF game and the first jRPG for a LOT of people... but IMO the story wasn't that great and the battle system was one huge snorefest. Sure, FF8's wasn't that much better, but at least you could customise your characters with junctions and Guardian Forces, and a lot of the attacks (gunblade, GF summons, limits) required some active input from the player apart from just selecting "Attack" or "Magic".

IndependenZ December 13 2007 4:46 AM EST

I thought 10 was awesome, but then again, I never played any other FF game. The storyline was really good and surprising at times, and there are so much secrets to uncover! I've put about ~250 hours into it, completed the entire sphere grid with Yuna, Tidus and Kimahri and I think I've at least seen every aspect of the game. Blitzball is probably the best, lol, especially when the players get passed lvl 50.

What Dirty Sleeper said, is not true. Weapons are important, but you can get by with even the weakest ones. And about the characters against certain enemies, that's only true in the beginning. Wakka starts out with a high accuracy, thus being able to hit agile flying fiends. Auron has a Piercing weapon equipped, which is good against high defense tank fiends. Lulu knows magic, and so on. But, with the sphere grid, you can adjust every character (whilst progressing in the game) and by equipping other weapons on them, you can do with them whatever you want.

Great game!

GL, pfff, those ultimate weapons are tricky, but not impossible. Try getting everyone armor with Break HP limit, Break MP limit, Ribbon and Auto-Phoenix. :p

IndependenZ December 13 2007 5:06 AM EST

Oh, I forgot to mention, the music is very good too. :D

Aargh [Closer to the Stars] December 13 2007 6:03 AM EST

Yeah the music is probably the best thing of the FF series... So many memorable tracks...

Actually right now I'm listening to something inspired by the FF7 boss battle track "Omnishred (We're Gonna Need a Bigger Sword)" by Powerglove. =)

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] December 13 2007 6:56 AM EST

:P Indi!

I actually got my sister to help on one of the minigames in one of the series (I've tried to play them all so far, bar the MMO...). The Chocbo one where it digs up stuff.

She hates RPGs, but Loved that mini game! I left her to it and she got me all the stuff! ;)

FF7 was groundbreaking. First 'next gen' FF, brilliant charcaters (how many Sephiroths do you see now days? And oversided 'Buster' Zanbato/Zhanmadao swords!) and an involved and head spinning plot (I didn't get first time round, the whole deal with Cloud. I didn't even realise there was a Zack...).

And the FMV. When the Weapons start to attack the Shin-ra building.

Then you had secrets, the new Weapon Bosses (I was lucky to get Emerald and Ruby over here), breeding Chocobos, summons (Kinghts of the Round!) and Blue Magic.

The only thing FF7 missed (IMO) was a Job system (Materia - even with Mimic - Just didn't quite cut it). I loved the original (3? Gah I can never get my head around the numbering system...) FF with Jobs.

Oh and who could forget the Party death near the beggining of FF7. ;)

IMO (again), every FF after 7 has been trying to emulate what FF7 achieved (with Squares trademark of changing the system with each new game), and have never quite reached it.

That's not to say FF7 was perfect, there's lots that could have been improved, but its the best overall next gen FF game so far.

FF12 doesn't even come close.

And while technically FF10 has been the only FF game to have a sequal (I've never bothered picking it up. Maybe I will someday), FF7 has had a full blown CG Movie made of it, and a spin off in Dirge.


Eurynome Bartleby [Bartleby's] December 13 2007 7:20 AM EST

FF10 was awesome. Not the best but amongst them for sure. I hated Tidus though. Really, almost as much as Zidane. And the fact that the game is so linear, even if the story covers that up by not making you realise it is :P

The battle system, while standard FF-style, was spiced up with a bar showing who will attack next, making battle more strategic than with the standard ATB system. Cool stuff.

Now, while we seem to be talking about our favorite FFs...

FF6. Is. The. Best. RPG. Ever.

The music was awesome, the characters were awesome, the battles were awesome...and I am prone to being nostalgic, so I am, of course, terribly biased, as evidenced by my lack of means to explain why the game rocks so much.

And what a plot-twist...Phew, those were not mainstream yet, in 1994.

/me is waiting for the DS 3D upgrade...

TrueDevil [AAA] December 13 2007 8:20 AM EST

I think from all the FF that I played (played pretty much from 1 to 12, 1 and 2 from GBA), I have to say that FF 9 is the worst, I couldn't finish the game because it's so boring...

but then again, I couldn't finish FF 12 too, it might be because I've played too much RPG and everything became boring or I'm just not in the mood..

Haven't played FFTA 2 or FF 12 revenant wings in DS yet, but the revenant wings seem pretty nice. (Played FF 3 in DS a bit, and it seems like it's another one that is disappointing, I'd say it's because of too many enemies encounter..)

InebriatedArsonist December 13 2007 8:04 PM EST

Am I the only person who liked Final Fantasy IX? After the abomination that was Final Fantasy VIII, IX was a godsend.

NINAbuser December 19 2007 5:16 AM EST

"FF6. Is. The. Best. RPG. Ever. "

Did you not play FFT? that was hands down the best and probably had the best storyline out of every single FF. 6 was pretty bad a wayyyyy to easy to beat you don't even need to move the cursor up and down if you set up your team properly. The secrets in 6 were also minimal which makes the game pretty uninteresting. Also they all had set jobs that were all pretty much stolen from FF4. Play FFT then play Disagea and you'll have seen the best RPGs.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] December 19 2007 6:17 AM EST

As an aside, probabl the best ever CRPG were the two Fallout games. ;)

Non linear with multiple play styles. Man they were awesome. But very buggy! ;)

Marlfox [Cult of the Valaraukar] December 19 2007 12:26 PM EST

FF VII, just rocks like that ;)
But FF X....Mediocre.

Lord Bob December 21 2007 3:50 PM EST

"FF6. Is. The. Best. RPG. Ever."

Yes it is. 6 is way better than overrated 7.

Up until i got 12, 10 was probably my second favorite. It wasn't perfect by any stretch, the minigames and trials were pure torture, and Tidus annoyed the heck out of me, but the core game was very good.

Tactics was excellent as well, but I tend to count it as a side project and not an "official" entry in the FF series.

AdminShade December 21 2007 4:02 PM EST

6 however isn't available for the PC :p

Eurynome Bartleby [Bartleby's] December 21 2007 4:44 PM EST

"The secrets in 6 were also minimal."

C'mon man, stop using a walkthrough :) There are tons of cool stuff to find once you beat the game, at least as much as in all the other FFs, and worth an extra 10 hours. (FF6 advance adds even more stuff, bosses, and two optional's an EXCELLENT port, really.)

And...wait a minute, FFtactics, while an excellent game, isn't exactly secret and sidequest ridden :)

But hey, those are only my opinions, and I am not trying to convert anyone.

Lord Bob December 21 2007 5:24 PM EST

6 had plenty of secrets, they just weren't poorly implemented and that didn't require 15+ hours of grueling torment.. I mean "gameplay" to finish.

QBOddBird December 21 2007 5:31 PM EST

*smiles* I've got 'em both GL, I still prefer Fallout 1

I want a third Fallout, but I don't see this happening


Frost December 21 2007 7:09 PM EST

Tactics was the best and not the gba version that one was garbage, next to tactics is Saga frontier that was a fun game it was fun making your robot from several diffrent weps and other assorted stuff l love that game one of the best but not what its now though. 6 was the best one of the ffseries and yea there was a ton of secrets there was like 4 hidden charaters shadow / moogle / snowguy and the mime plus they even had like limit breaks when you had little health you could sometimes do crazy moves that did massive dmg and the storyline was crazy i hate kefka to this day. Next would be 7 it was just a awsome game plus the soundtrack but its just so boring in the begining when your in midgar or whatever its called. I dont have any other order for the other titles but they all where good in thier own way except the newest one i think it was 12 it reminded me to much of MMORPGs but without the MMO it was way to easy. I put in about 20 hours into it and got bored i was expecting something diffrent. 8 was easy too but it was really boring sucking magic from the monsters but it also had a good story and 9 was alittle to kidish but the summon spells where crazy good and the card games where fun. 5 was ok with the jobs but still boring, 4 was pretty fun it had a ok storyline. i get 2 and 3 mixed up but one of them u could gain stat points be useing certain weps and useing spells to make your char either a mage or fighter or whatever. 2 and 1 meh

Unappreciated Misnomer December 21 2007 8:09 PM EST


the res of the final fantasy are mediocre, i own all the current FF's except 10-2, which im sure i can live without

as for ff 12, it is long...and easy. i mean once you set up your gambits (basically macros) and tape the joystick forward you are power leveling, not really but half the time im not paying attention to teh action while playing its that lax

NINAbuser December 21 2007 8:30 PM EST

"And...wait a minute, FFtactics, while an excellent game, isn't exactly secret and sidequest ridden :) "

It had plenty secret chars and secret items. Deep Dungeon ring any bells? You had to pretty much have steal set up on one character the whole game to get every item. Also getting the jobs up to Master (Especially Summoner) required secrets especially for the main character. Also I only use walk through after I have beaten the game once or twice (really depends on game 6 was only once) :P.

Ulord[NK] December 21 2007 8:32 PM EST

FFT is the best FF game out there. Also, I'd put FF6 above FF7, but that's just my personal preference. Go Nina :P

Daz December 21 2007 9:01 PM EST

*smiles* I've got 'em both GL, I still prefer Fallout 1

I want a third Fallout, but I don't see this happening


Err... you know Bethedsa are working on that, right? I think there are even screenshots. They had a competition to create a new trait that will go in it. The winner is very cool (and overpowered) - whenever you make a kill, your AP bar fills up again.

Anyway, back to the topic. I like FF games. I own a lot of them. They are just so long and there are so many shiny things in the world that I get distracted very easily, So I haven't ever actually finished any of them. I have a 20 hour save in ff3 and I can't remember where i am to to keep playing. I have a 2 hour save in ff12 and I don't even remember playing the game outside of tutorials. Don't know if I even got out of the tutorials... I have an ff10 save that I spent a ridiculous amount of time on, but they had a badly placed save point, so i can't beat the boss or escape or grind. totally stuck.

Aargh [Closer to the Stars] December 23 2007 7:40 AM EST

I'm really afraid Bethesda will mess Fallout 3 up... badly. Seriously, why did it have to be Bethesda? I know it's not fair to judge a game before I've even played it, but I'm expecting the worst.

Daz December 23 2007 7:52 AM EST

Yeah. I know. I am trying to be optimistic, but I have played Morrowind. It's hard to be.
I have also played some of their other games. I want to believe in miracles, but I don't expect one here.

[RX3]Cotillion December 23 2007 8:34 AM EST

I think my favorites go as follows:


I think I spent close to 60 hours on FF10 tryin to get everyones ultimate weapon (which includes a lot of Blitzball). I have had FF12 for over a year now and havent had the motivation to continue on. I dont think its the games fault because I like it.

As for Bethesda and Fallout 3, I think they have a chance. They know how to create a story, and the respect the lore of their own games, so hopefully that will transition over to FO3.

Victim December 23 2007 8:47 AM EST

People thought the N64 had no RPG games of mention at all. It had one of the best in Aidan Chronicles. Ogre Battle 64 was also quite impressive.

Although I agree with everyone else in that Quest 64 wasn't worth the plastic it was encased in.

TrueDevil [AAA] December 25 2007 2:57 PM EST

I have to add something else about FFT , it's the only FF I've finished in both Japanese and English language. Only played FF VII japanese version halfway through, it was cool and all, but kinda too long and not to understand the story a bit would be lame. :p

Iluvatar[NK] December 25 2007 3:48 PM EST

N64? No RPG? Eh, I guess it depends if you count this game as an RPG. I do, personally, but then my RPG definition is rather broad.

AdminShade December 25 2007 4:31 PM EST

Most people don't see the Zelda games as RPG but as 'Adventure'
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