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three4thsforsaken December 14 2007 10:15 PM EST

Hello, I am a fairly new player so I need help seeing the flaws and strengths of my strategy. Keep in mind that I have very little net worth to work with, but have just got supporter ship.

1st Minion
Monk- emphasis on UC probably, a little less emphasis on HP
monk stuff, helm of clearsight, Assassin's Crossbow

eventually will get Amulet of Invisibility, DBs

2nd Minion
3/4 AS
1/4 AMF
Rune of Solitude

eventually, Amulet of Focus, Corn

3rd Minion
1/2 AMF
1/2 GA

eventually, Amulet of Focus, Corn

Theory: this strategy puts allot of emphasis oh the massive HP gain to bring the battle to ranged rounds. The original idea was to have EC instead of AMF to have essentially a tank killer team, but I'm trying to see if AMF will suffice. The only weapon is in the Assassin's crossbow which I will pump all my net worth into as I would assume that it synergies well with UC

I'm playing around with ratios right now, thinking about Increasing AMF by taking off AS. I might switch AMF to EC to focus completely on tank teams.

What do you think?

Iluvatar[NK] December 14 2007 10:34 PM EST

The main thing I'd say is - GA and AMF don't mix. It's redundant. Because you're taking less damage due to your AMF, your GA will also return less damage.

So I'd say get rid of GA and add VA. Or get rid of AMF entirely but then I don't know what you'd replace it with. EC and GA don't mix for the same reason.

Base prot on the first guy makes sense. You can toy with the idea of base decays and/or phantom link on your enchanters; the second probably makes more sense if you're going to have a large AS.

j'bob December 14 2007 10:40 PM EST

I'm more of a fan of the ex bow than the ax bow. Reason being is with stuff like eb and toa and big pth weapons people are gonna hit you. a big elb and a HoC are gonna hit you hard and fast. i think it's more beneficial to keep the damage they cause low, than to hope ... HOPE they don't hit you more than once. Especially with no or low EC. Just my 2 pennies.
Oh especially if you get the AoI, the hope is that by the time your opponent gets through your other minions (not counting DD opponents) you've already hit them a few times with the ex bow and their damage is MUCH reduced.
As for the rest, I'm sure people with much better thoughts on strat than me will be chiming in.
Good luck!

j'bob December 14 2007 10:47 PM EST

also, keep in mind that splitting your amf between 2 minions makes it more vulnerable to a larger DM.

TheHatchetman December 14 2007 10:51 PM EST

GA can be used effectively with AMF, especially with the rise in DD damage at higher levels that comes from linear damage growth. AMF will reduce enemy spells to below your GA cap, allowing you to capitalize easier. Same concept for EC, though EC isnt all too effective unless you're trying to seperate the DX gap or wipe out enemy ST completely.

With RoS + AS + AMF + GA, you're going to be a spread damage-dealer's worst nightmare. The key will be in maximizing UC to get the most out of its built in pth and its evasion aspect. you won't need too much HP, thanks to your enchantments, but to find the right balance with UC, ST, and DX will be the trick. This is why I'd advise EBs over DBs, as they will boost your DX, as well as your UC and it's inherrant evasion. Axbow is a good choice for UC, as it will put enemy tanks well below the DX gap giving you max advantage going both ways.

TheHatchetman December 14 2007 10:53 PM EST

While AMF on two minions makes it more dispellable, enemy DM will never be an issue for your own AMF. In order to have your AMF dispelled, you must have a DM of your own :P

j'bob December 14 2007 11:18 PM EST

Thanks Hatch, it's things like that that always escape me and why i lean towards giving my opinion vs advise!
will his amf between 2 separate minions stack linearly? i've never really payed attention as i only use a base decay.

TheHatchetman December 14 2007 11:32 PM EST

Yep, two, three, or even four AMFs would stack linearly. Before, not quite, due to the XP from all the enchantments being totaled, and then calculated into a level... It still is that way, but now that XP is linear, everything else is :)

Talion December 14 2007 11:37 PM EST

All I have to say is AxBow sucks, Exbow rules!

Also, if you can get your hands on a big VB, replace UC with Evasion and become more effective against heavy tanks and walls.

EC characters will simply kill you no mater what though.

Thanatos December 15 2007 12:15 AM EST

eb's for sure because of AoI but I would you suggest you use the AoF on your UC minion.

Maybe put base decay on one of your other minions and give it AoI.

and you could use Dispell since your using a RoS

Just a couple other posibility for you.

three4thsforsaken December 15 2007 12:27 AM EST

Yeah, Hatchetman kinda nailed alot of ideas i didn't mention

the idea of having a massive AMF, was to reduce damage to the GA cap, seeing how common Single fireball Mages are.

The problem though, it is very inefficient against massive MM, however MM users usually have 4 minion teams which makes AMF more effective. Plus I have 2 high HP minion as buffers.

yeah, but alot of the dodging is counterintuitive with the EC i guess. So the real question is it more efficent to reduce damage? or hit?

This strategy is very good at surviving into melee rounds, though I often have trouble finishing it off with the monk. Either the team gets wiped out or the Monk and the other tank get in a missing battle.

A base decay might be a good idea.

Thanks guys, your advice is great!
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