Anybody here play D&D? (in Off-topic)

three4thsforsaken December 20 2007 5:15 PM EST

anyone here play d&d? The players here strike me a great character optimizers. I bet they're are some great character builds to discuss.

AdminQBVerifex [Serenity In Chaos] December 20 2007 9:24 PM EST

Someone was running a D&D game, but they stopped playing I think. Or just stopped the game. Anyways, I'm running a CyberGen game :)

Mikel December 20 2007 10:07 PM EST

I have played quite a few games, Super Heroes, Cyberpunk, Cowboys, War Hammer, Aftermath, besides good ol' D&D and AD&D.

Daz December 20 2007 10:39 PM EST

Yeah, I play DnD. I'm currently running a d20 modern game and playing in dnd, champions (hero system is insane. Game I'm in is set in the wildcards universe) and Warhammer RPG (Which I hate. Terrible rules system).

I've played a lot of other rpg games systems as well, and these days I can pick up new games rules extremely quickly.

The character in the DnD game is quite well optimized. I'm not a munchkin gamer or a min-maxer, but I play with a lot of them and they all love this characters design.

{cb2}Goth December 21 2007 1:35 AM EST

i just play hero's freaking awesome game i reccomend to all Haven't had time to play Cyber generation but it is also fun

Aargh [Closer to the Stars] December 21 2007 2:19 PM EST

I used to play AD&D back in the day... Now I only play computer RPGs.

I hang around on a board that often has D&D discussions though, so I do know of some insane builds you can pull off in 3rd or 3.5 edition (ever heard of Pun-pun? Or the Omnificer?).

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] December 21 2007 2:53 PM EST

Just play Pun Pun. ;)

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