The reason I want Equip as default first page (in General)

QBRanger December 27 2007 1:02 AM EST

A little sum of my angst of:

1) why the "show all" is not default
2) why the Equip page is not the default "Home" or first page seen:

<novice> stalemates from what eq change?
<Flamey> I just missed 2 botchecks in 10 minutes
<novice> ugg
<Ranger> loaned my tat out and forget, faught a few battles before i realized
<Flamey> 70k gone..
<novice> ahh
<Ranger> few loses to NWO and Sut made me look closer before i realized
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* Lochnivar wishes he could 'forget' a missing 5mil tat
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<Flamey> I need to see if I'm any closer to 60% of Ranger..
<Ranger> well the stupid homepage now is not the equipment AND even if it was, the minion using it is not first so I would not have seen it anyway. Stupid stupid change
<Flamey> I'll let you know nov
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Please let us see all of our minions and the equipment on them as the default first page we get when we log/sign on.

drudge December 27 2007 1:09 AM EST

or make it an option under settings

[P]Mitt December 27 2007 1:39 AM EST

or make a show all option a supporter option... we haven't gotten many perks recently... unless you count the supporter items, which we still have to pay extra money for ;)

TheHatchetman December 27 2007 2:12 AM EST

"we haven't gotten many perks recently"

ya haven't payed anything recently either, eh? ;)

I'm all for these things becoming options, be they supporter or not, just saw your reasoning a bit off :P From my POV: Monthly payment = regular upgrades to the supporter system; One-time payment = one set of bennies. One-time donation = whatever they want to give, if anything.

QBsutekh137 December 27 2007 9:44 AM EST

I disagree with making home page a setting. I do agree with making "Show One"/"Show All" a setting, and that is probably coming once other things are ironed out. Making "home" page a setting is actually more work for Jonathan, keeping track of settings, needing to add to the settings if there are more page types, etc. (possibly data-driven, but still).

All Ranger is asking for is more intelligent defaults. That is very easy to change, and very logical to ask for. "Home" link should be changed to "Equip", and "Equip" should be changed to "Summary" or "One-look" or "Stats-n-Stuff" or something. Eventually the "One-look" page could maybe be made configurable like My Yahoo or Google's personalized home page... But until that time, seeing your active character (in full) is a very logical idea.

One other reason in support of that would be when "harvesting" farm characters. When I go through my lesser characters to grab cash and train, etc, I always have to click one extra time on "Equip". Going through the routine of that is more convoluted than ever right now, and I don't see the upside for it.

If there were to be a poll, I would bet anyone even-up 1 million CB$ that at least 60% of voters would agree with Ranger's above sentiment. And since he isn't even asking for a complex setting system (just change the default), why should majority not rule that default decision? What is the business rule behind making the community/stat/forum mish-mash the "home" page? On CB, fighting _is_ home. We're here to blend, not look at stats.

Take us "home" Jonathan. Make the current Equip page the default and show us our whole team by default.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] December 29 2007 7:03 PM EST

"or make it an option under settings"

Who would not have it as the default setting? ;)

Flamey December 29 2007 8:26 PM EST

supportership preference!
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