Tribute to greatest American there ever is/was II (in Off-topic)

Mikel December 30 2007 12:34 AM EST

Chuck Norris is not amused. The tough guy actor filed suit against Penguin Books on Friday over the satirical book "The Truth About Chuck Norris: 400 Facts About the World's Greatest Human." The book contains such "facts" as "Chuck Norris' tears cure cancer. Too bad he has never cried," and "Chuck Norris is the only person on the planet who can kick you in the back of the face." According to Reuters, the lawsuit claims that the book ラ which was released in November and is based on a popular list that's been bouncing around the Internet since 2005 ラ unfairly exploits the born-again action star's famous name and that some of the facts are "racist, lewd or portray Mr. Norris as engaged in illegal activities." The suit seeks unspecified monetary damages for trademark infringement, unjust enrichment and privacy rights.

QBOddBird December 30 2007 1:14 AM EST


drudge December 30 2007 2:16 AM EST

i kill hcuck norris dead.

Flamey December 30 2007 2:39 AM EST

that deserves a lol. here it is,


Ernest-Scribbler December 30 2007 7:52 AM EST

My brother got me that book for x-mas. I feel after a while they started running out of ideas Chuck Norris likes his women like he likes his whiskey........and i can't finish it as it is just offensive.

SimplyNic December 30 2007 8:16 AM EST

xD Lol. That's kinda sad... If someone wrote a book about me using those kinds of saying, I'd be completely flattered and honored. But I guess no two people are the same, nicht?

AdminShade December 30 2007 8:44 AM EST

Chuck Norris shouldn't whine so much:

Chuck Norris is the only person alive to lose his humour when reading that book.


QBOddBird December 30 2007 1:16 PM EST

Norwegian...does that joke end with "strong yet cheap"?

Aargh [Closer to the Stars] December 30 2007 1:25 PM EST

If that joke goes the way I know it it ends with a reference to pedophilia and drug use, and since I don't think that's very PG I won't say it, but I'm sure most can figure it out. >_>

GummyBear December 30 2007 5:04 PM EST

Tee hee
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