Equal Evasion Level vs. PTH Question (in General)

Relic January 4 2008 8:48 PM EST

Ok, I am confused about why NightStrike's character Iconics3e is able to hit me in melee with his VB. I looked up the + on his weapon and it is 177. My effective Evasion level is 178. His exbow is also +177 and he is able to hit me with his exbow and his vb. Shouldn't my evasion be high enough coupled with its defensive dex to eliminate any chance of him hitting me? Any help is appreciated.

QBRanger January 4 2008 8:50 PM EST

Your evasion level and whether he always hits you would be great information to have.

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] January 4 2008 8:52 PM EST

remember that plus to hit is random, as is evasion granted by dbs... can't see why evasion the skill would be any different

Relic January 4 2008 8:55 PM EST

Evasion: 3,599,116
Level: 178

He almost always hits me in ranged with his exbow, but not until the 4 round of ranged.

He hits me about every 5 to 7 rounds of melee.

QBRanger January 4 2008 8:55 PM EST

Also, do not forget his items are named which give about +10 bonus and his bolts are likely upgraded.

Relic January 4 2008 8:56 PM EST

I am not using db's and how is point to hit random? He has +177, are you saying that varies each fight?

Relic January 4 2008 8:56 PM EST

"Also, do not forget his items are named which give about +10 bonus and his bolts are likely upgraded."

Forgot about the naming bonus, that probably explains it.

QBRanger January 4 2008 9:04 PM EST

60,834 Named Bolts [10x1] (+3) worth $95,320 owned by NightStrike (The Iconics 3e)

TheHatchetman January 4 2008 9:09 PM EST

So Exbow is +195, and VB is +183. At least, effectively...

AdminNightStrike January 4 2008 10:04 PM EST

"remember that plus to hit is random"

It's not really random, per se. If your net PTH after all equations are finished is 34%, then you will hit 34% of the time.

Regarding the PTH, 177 * 1.04 = 185, + 12 = 197.

So the PTH values are 185 for the VB and 197 for the Exbow.

DrAcO5676 [The Knighthood III] January 4 2008 10:21 PM EST

So thats a 7% chance to hit based off of Pth, in its self, per round. Not including its a one hand weapon which allows all dex to be used. So NS isn't getting any hits based off of Dex due to the Defensive dex portion of the evasion... but he is getting hits based off of the Pth part of it.

Colonel Custard January 4 2008 10:28 PM EST

Whoa, named +3 ammo becomes +12 effectively? Or is it that it become +4 effectively, but each + is worth 3% PTH? Or what?

TheHatchetman January 4 2008 10:35 PM EST

naming makes +4, each + = 3 bow +'s

AdminNightStrike January 5 2008 1:26 AM EST

Aw, geez, yeah.. I forgot that weapons were 3% naming bonus, not 4%. Darn.
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