New Idea: Delete Character (in General)

Dark Dreky January 6 2008 10:47 AM EST

Why can't we delete characters? I'd love to clear my user profile of all my useless old tourney characters and what not. As it stands now we can only transfer, rename, and retire. Why not be able to delete them? It just seems like its accumulating and using up unnecessary space.

I think this would be good for CB.

bartjan January 6 2008 11:00 AM EST

Deleting characters would cause Jonathan lot's of headaches, as he needs to make sure that all references to that character (auctions, transfers, and so on) are also cleaned up...

miteke [Superheros] January 6 2008 12:02 PM EST

Not if the character were still kept in the database. All he really wants is to not see it in his views.

AdminShade January 6 2008 12:22 PM EST

When you retire your character only a shortlist of about 5 characters is kept in view, not?

{cb1}Linguala January 6 2008 1:13 PM EST

I can see 6 on dark dreky...
And he's got a point, it's time all those unused chars (and absent useraccounts) got deleted.
Not that the cache flush takes long, but with all those retired and unused chars and accounts deleted, it should go even faster and improve overall server speed.

QBJohnnywas January 6 2008 1:22 PM EST

Bart's point about the various links from a character, references in auctions, transfer logs etc is pretty valid though. Deleting a character would be a good way of hiding a 'multi'tude of sins no?

Yukk January 6 2008 1:26 PM EST

Shouldn't be too hard for tourney characters to just change all their references to a dummy OldTournamentX character, then if someone wants stats on an old tourney, the anonymous data is still there though there would be anomalies like the character selling/auctioning to itself.
It could also be collapsed to just one character, but this may not be the most efficient from a DB performance point of view.
For regular characters, I guess stats etc. should hang around for longer, and I guess Jon has his reasons for everything.

chuck1234 January 6 2008 5:09 PM EST

Since your main problem is clutter on the display page, why not simply have a link to retired chars on this page, and then the link will take you to the page showing the full info on retired chars. That way both parties are satisfied, the game engine is undisturbed, and your char screen looks less cluttered.

AdminNightStrike January 6 2008 5:13 PM EST

Transfer the character to central bank :)

Ragatag January 6 2008 6:10 PM EST

tourney chars seem to take up the most space rather than just old retired characters, it'd be nice to be able to delete them.

Lumpy Koala January 7 2008 8:42 AM EST

so would those tourney get flushed out after a period of time? Or they will remain there forever?

Dark Dreky January 7 2008 2:55 PM EST

I think purging old tourney characters is a fair compromise.

Wizard'sFirstRule January 9 2008 6:02 AM EST

similar issue: can Jon actually remove retired characters from the standings? I try to look in the standings for targets, and keep finding retired characters. Very annoying.
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