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Kefeck [Demonic Serenity] January 9 2008 12:24 PM EST

K. rangers koy has the highest mpr and power.. but.. is there any other person that has a better strat that can beat koy!? cause mpr and power is not everything.. Or does anyone come close?

Talion January 9 2008 12:28 PM EST

DrAcO5676 was able to beat him a while ago, but Ranger didn't have a big pair of +200 DB equipped. However, that did prove that is is possible to beat him.

QBRanger January 9 2008 12:33 PM EST

There certainly are strategies that can beat me, however they do need a nice MPR and currently it is not possible to get very high with a NCB/NUB.

Such strategies would be quite vulnerable to other characters though.

What they are you will have to discover. But some out there already know what they are.

muon [The Winds Of Fate] January 9 2008 6:13 PM EST

This is a game of scissor/paper/rock.

EVERY strategy can be beaten by another strategy, it really is that simple. However, they would require similar MPR/PR to do so.

At the moment, there are players like Ranger who put a lot of time, effort and money into CB, and hence are able to widen the MPR/PR gap on everyone else. This is perhaps helped by some game mechanics (BA cost being proportional to rewards, etc), but in the end, makes sense - if a person is willing to put time and effort into the game, then they deserve to come out on top.

But, to answer your question, pretty much anyone can look at rangers strat and come up with ways to beat it, assuming equal MPR and Tattoo:

1) He uses a lot of EC. So, don't use a tank to beat him.
2) He also trains a large chunk of AMF. So, don't use a mage, unless it has a _big_ DD spell.
3) He does a lot of damage.

Points that become obvious:
1) He doesn't use DM, so ED's are perfect.
2) He doesn't use ED's/DD's of his own, so EO's are useless.

So, an example of a strat that would win against Koy with equal MPR and equal tattoo size:
AS/Prot, AS, AS, GA, with one minion wearing a RoBF.

I do not suggest that this is the _only_ way (by any stretch of imagination) - but rather, that this is one of the simplest ways.

Why? No wasted xp on our side (no str/dex, no DD's), and heaps of wasted xp on his side (EC, AMF). His tanks should be taking large amounts of damage from their own attacks (thanks to GA - it should out damage his absorption from Morgul Hammers, I _hope_ - if not, GA is broken).

But, of course, that strat gets _toasted_ by anyone using large DM's. Scissor, paper, rock.

That's why CB is fun :-) Good luck with your own strats, Kefeck!

AdminG Beee January 9 2008 6:18 PM EST

"...currently it is not possible to get very high with a NCB/NUB."

Is that really true?
Wouldn't a single minion run all the way through N*B followed by a 3 minion purchase not do the job?
Of course, I didn't mention the necessary national lottery win to fund such a route - but I think technically the top MPR could be surpassed. Now if it were just cheaper to purchase BA and possible to build some $'s in the bank at the same time...

Sickone January 9 2008 6:27 PM EST

The only problem with that AS/GA strategy is that you need to kill his 1.4 mil HP RoBF minion using only your RoBF damage, then still have 2 rounds of melee leftover to kill his last two enchanters (out of 21 total since he has a HoC on the mageseeker/MH minion), if GA does the job and manages to kill his second minion in less than the 3rd-to-last melee round (round 23 of combat, round 19 of melee) in spite of up to 100k HP TSA regen on top of the MH drain in melee.
This means that you need a RoBF at least 370k higher in level as his RoBF, or else it ends in a stalemate with 3 of his minions left alive, the very least.

Templar January 9 2008 6:35 PM EST

i love how your subject is "question...", when the line beneath where you enter in the subject when making th post says

Please give a descriptive subject. 'I have a question'
is a poor subject; so is '... an idea.' 'How does the black market work?'
is better, or, 'Idea: increasing Clan interaction.'

there are strategies that can beat him, yes, but those stratagies currently lack the needed MPR. and gear. and whatnot.

QBRanger January 9 2008 8:56 PM EST

My AMF is only 500k at the moment.

But the best way is to use ED spells vs me.

If I use a TOE, GA does not really hurt me that much.

The best way would be a TOA tank boosted by Haste/GA. Worst case I put on my 410 AC armor and we fight that way, like I did vs Freed when he was using such a strategy.

But then, such a character would likely be toasted by high level mages. Or I change my RBF to a IF and do the toasting/freezing myself.

Yukk January 9 2008 9:04 PM EST

So what's really needed to beat Ranger are two characters somewhat close to his size with tightly focused but opposed strategies such that if he adapts to beat one then the other can win.
So your homework for the next month is to take so many CP from BR that they get dissolved...which might be possible if the only people that can beat BR weren't in BR :)

Ulord[NK] January 9 2008 9:10 PM EST

you'll need a strategy that forces Ranger to retrain, slowing down his growth, or get beaten. That is not as easy as it sounds. It has to be something he cannot beat by just swapping his tatt or changing his equipment. You'll need a lot of mpr, gear and most importantly a real big tatt(something you can't buy with money). More drastic a retrain you can force the better. That will at least slow down his growth and give some space to retrain yourself. Afterall, having more exp means more retrain cost.

QBRanger January 9 2008 9:11 PM EST


That is exactly how DAWG and I used to beat Jayuu and Freed a long time ago.

It was when i was a CoC or MM mage with a similar strat to Little Devil. DAWG was the TOA tank.

They were able to beat one of us but not both. Jayuu and Freed both found it easier to try to beat DAWG. It was a classic clan battle.

Now with LD taking the place of the uber armored mage, things are very similar. Try to beat me but likely lose to LD or vica versa.

However, is this not how clans are supposed to be?

AdminNightStrike January 9 2008 9:50 PM EST

"However, is this not how clans are supposed to be? "

That's exactly how clans are supposed to be.

Lochnivar January 9 2008 10:10 PM EST

Last week Ranger had the RoBF off and only one bow equiped and I was able to knock off a number of 1 battle wins.... and that is with less than 2 mil MPR and a 70mil NW.

Fully equiped it there is obviously no comparison but all in all I took it a as a positive experience.

so I say, yep with proper strategy it is doable... although you would need a good MPR because there really is no substitute for experience.

Kefeck [Demonic Serenity] January 10 2008 11:58 AM EST

lol.. I"m pretty sure talion can be beaten Yukk.. how bout every clan totally rapes talion haha.. totally jk..:o..

Talion January 10 2008 11:59 AM EST

/me feels violated.

Kefeck [Demonic Serenity] January 10 2008 12:10 PM EST

lol.. I did not mean it that was I meant everyone should farm you for awhile lol.. but I was kidding and hope people dont..

horseguy001 January 10 2008 12:29 PM EST

My team should be able to beat Ranger when I achieve 3 things, at least in theory:

An EC that overcomes his dex, about 20 mil more NW (and a naming bonus) to my DB, and when my decay passes his AMF level. The RoBF makes this more tricky, but if Ranger goes back to fully equipped with the ToE it will be cake :)

I won't come close to touching anyone else in BR, but I want to shake things up a little bit.
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