Pissin' me off! (in General)

Colonel Custard January 9 2008 8:52 PM EST

Is there a reason that, even though I can't transfer an item to a character that is loaning out 10 items to NUBs for a week (because they're 10 unequipped items), I can unequip an item currently on it, attempt to swap it for the one I actually want, and end up with no headgear at all? If I can't bring in an external piece of headgear to equip on my character, I would at least like it if I were prevented from unequipping my current headgear until some item-shuffling can happen...

Well, it looks like my farm will get a nice ST boost and an extra ranged round for the next 6 days and 12 hours, until the loan period for that armor expires. Those kids better still be playing by then...

Mikel January 9 2008 8:58 PM EST

try renting one with that character.

TheHatchetman January 9 2008 8:58 PM EST

That's the main reason I usually do loans from secondary chars of mine when its more than an item or two. and i believe it's the main reason people that do a lot of rentals have a char set aside for rentals exclusively (I have one, can ya guess which char it is? :P)...

Not sure what to do about your current situation though. To disallow unequipping until items can be shuffled would be a nerf to renters... the people that make all items of all sizes accessable to all of CB for a price...

QBRanger January 9 2008 9:03 PM EST


I am so pissed now!!!!!!

Colonel Custard January 9 2008 9:07 PM EST

Good call, Mikel! And thank you, Hatch.

This thread should go in the wiki under "what to do when you loan too much stuff to NUBs from your main character."

Colonel Custard January 10 2008 3:17 PM EST

You know, while we're on the topic, I have a question/suggestion:

Currently, all 10 of my "unequipped items" taking up my inventory slots are rented/loaned out to other players. The first one that will come back still has a little more than 6 days on the loan. I do understand that the system is set up so that I shouldn't have any unequipped armor when everything I have loaned out comes back, because then I'll have 11 unequipped items (until I move one of them, but I'll never be able to move one of them ever again), and the server will crash and all of everyone's data will be erased (that or something equally tragic, obviously). My question, though is this: why can't someone send me an item on loan for, say, an hour?

Rentals do still work in this case, and I took Mikel's suggestion, but I was hoping to try out The_Hatchetman's RoE briefly earlier today, and tattoos are not rentable.

The reasoning behind my question is this:
If the mechanism that prevents me from bidding on auctions and (permanently) transferring armor to my main character is designed to prevent me from over-stuffing my inventory and eventually and inevitably causing a catastrophic fallout when my loaned items attempt to return, why can I not *temporarily* receive items that will return to their rightful owner with a very generous portion of a week left before I could even risk blowing up the server?

I feel that sentence may have been too long. Here it is, simply:
The item that will return to me from loan soonest has 6 days left on the loan.
The_Hatchetman was going to loan something to me for one hour.
One hour < 6 days.
Therefore, this situation would not even imply a risk of me ending up with 11 pieces of armor in my inventory, even if everything I had lent were to come back at once (which is not the case).

I'm not really concerned about the RoE thing. I can wait a week to try it on, plus I'm not sure if I can consistently beat the new additions to my fightlist quite yet without my body armor or cloak on. I simply questioned why the system was set up in such a way, and suggested that it would maybe be more user-friendly if something were changed.

If you think about it, loaned items being counted as being in my inventory and being counted as being equipped on another character far away is counting the same item twice.

Sickone January 10 2008 3:59 PM EST

Hold loaned items in limbo until you click on a "return expired loans" button, only THEN check if enough space is available, if not, error message "you need X free slots" and nothing gets returned from rentals until you do.

Ta-da !
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