Another Rt frame problem (in General)

QBRanger January 13 2008 1:51 PM EST

I have noticed that when I go to the store and buy ammo, and I buy too much, I get to a screen showing me what ammo is over the allotment.

However the only options are Home or Return to Store.

Can we get a 3rd option, Equip, so we can go directly to the equip page to merge or equip what ammo we just bought.

PS: This Home page really sucks, I want Equip, with all minions showing, as my default homepage.

Unappreciated Misnomer January 13 2008 2:01 PM EST

i understand your frustration. not about the ammo :)

an interesting thought comes to mind...

to have a default page(home) that can be set to any cb page(wiki, auctions, forums, equip), just like our web browsers. so say in the supporter settings there is a drop down of all the available pages you can have as a desired home page. wouldnt this end all our troubles? making cb more customizable

Lord Bob January 13 2008 3:11 PM EST

"PS: This Home page really sucks, I want Equip, with all minions showing, as my default homepage."


SNK3R January 13 2008 3:30 PM EST

"PS: This Home page really sucks, I want Equip, with all minions showing, as my default homepage."

I agree, and I don't even fight! (I hardly ever use the 'Home' page for anything useful. If I want to see the forums, I'll click the 'forums' link, thank you very much, not want to just see the 5 most recent.) And the stats can be placed anywhere else, for all I care.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] January 13 2008 6:23 PM EST

"PS: This Home page really sucks, I want Equip, with all minions showing, as my default homepage."

Gets my complete support.

DrAcO5676 [The Knighthood III] January 13 2008 6:28 PM EST

"PS: This Home page really sucks, I want Equip, with all minions showing, as my default homepage."

/Me signs the petition

AdminJonathan January 13 2008 9:10 PM EST

Equip is in the sidebar. You can click it any time you like. (So is Home; I'm removing redundant links as I update pages that have those.)

QBsutekh137 January 13 2008 9:25 PM EST

A click's a click, Jonathan.

We aren't kids. Unless we understand the upside of having to do even one more click, we don't get it, and we want it changed. I agree 100% with Ranger's sentiment.

So, feel free to explain your interface choice, but saying "you can click this link any time" isn't really an answer.

AdminJonathan January 13 2008 9:31 PM EST


Whether you click Equip in the right frame or the left, it is still one click.

QBOddBird January 13 2008 9:47 PM EST

Aye - they're saying they want it as the default homepage, which is essentially 0 is many extra clicks to flip back and forth to your Equip page when trying to make transfers and such, unless you feel like playing the browser Forward/Back game.

QBsutekh137 January 13 2008 9:49 PM EST

I meant the PS. Sorry, I didn't make that clear.

My main point is that if the "home" default were more "reasonable", and what many folks seem to want (dare I say a very, very large majority?), a lot of these side threads about navigation would cease to exist.

Since it appears we may have your attention, can you comment on why the Equip page _shouldn't_ be the default? I'm not even asking for a configurable setting or anything nearly so demanding -- just a default change. Your thoughts? You know I'm a reasonable man, I just require a fish-slapping now and again. So, slap me. *smile*

AdminJonathan January 13 2008 9:58 PM EST

> why the Equip page _shouldn't_ be the default?

if you look at my decisions lately from the point of view of "how does this look to a new user" then a lot becomes more clear.

CB is a pretty unimpressive game absent the community. The goal of the new Home is to make the community aspects more obvious to new players. (A secondary goal was to make the sidebar manageable on smaller resolutions; with the Goals section, moved to Home in the new layout, someone using 1024x768 which is still a fairly popular resolution would not be able to see the bottom part.)

I do not see a way to shoehorn equip into this goal. Perhaps this is a case where making the page you see when you first login a preference makes sense. The use cases for new players and vets are just so different.

QBsutekh137 January 13 2008 10:07 PM EST

I disagree with your very first sentence in the above post, so I'm afraid we'll have to agree to disagree. *smile*

AdminJonathan January 13 2008 10:08 PM EST

What, the "a lot becomes more clear" part? Okay, well, I tried. :)

QBRanger January 13 2008 10:13 PM EST

I think it is more that new users likes to see their character first, then look at the community when they log in.

I know every time I play a new game, when I open the browser or game and log in, I examine my character for things to reacquaint me with what I am doing. I do this with all games as well.

Then I check any forums, businesses etc....

I have had a couple of new players in PM let me know that they find the new "Home" confusing. A lot of data is there if you do not know the game very well.

But I suspect you have done your research and know what is best for CB.

Perhaps those of us who are supporters can, in the future, have an option to change what is on our default page. And the option to see all the minions at once as a default also.

QBsutekh137 January 13 2008 10:26 PM EST

Sorry, the "CB is a pretty unimpressive game absent the community" line.

I disagree with that from a game-foundation level, but then, it isn't my game. *smile*
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