OK, so NE's going to the Super Bowl... (in Off-topic)

TheHatchetman January 13 2008 4:31 PM EST

and they're still holding a perfect record*+...(oooh! the asterisk... and a plus sign?)

Who will meet them there? Dallas? Green Bay? New York(HAH!)?
Who will win?
Let your theories/opinions/mindless rants be expressed in this thread ^_^

* Spygate 2k7
+They were rightfully beaten by the Ravens. Thanks to a sloo of bad calls, they still managed a higher final score... /me wonders how much the refs were payed for that...

razXcore January 13 2008 4:52 PM EST

they still have to get by the chargers, and after seeing them today you can't count them out by a long shot

TheHatchetman January 13 2008 5:03 PM EST

a healthy LT would make for a great game against the Pats... but without him, they don't stand much of a chance... Banged up, he's no better than any other RB, so saying that he might play doesn't change anything. Rivers being gone is very important considering communication and trust are the most important attributes of QBs and receivers... This is earned from experience together, something backups can't provide... As far as lacking any skill in the QB spot using a backup, they're only missing Phillip Rivers... big whoop!

So they're trying to go up against the "team of destiny" with a team of backups... I don't see this happening... But, seeing as you're the first to claim there is hope, I'll give ya 250k in the event SD somehow beats NE ^_^

Snow Doctor January 13 2008 5:54 PM EST

NE is going to the Super Bowl no doubt about it.
Dallas should beat the Giants, watching the game right now and that is what it appears to be.
My allegiance is with the Packers but I feel the Cowboys will win.

NE against Dallas at the Super Bowl is my hypothesis. I go with NE (even though I hate them)

Mikel January 13 2008 6:27 PM EST

Farve is 0-9 vs Dallas in Dallas, so if Dallas wins vs the Giants.....

NE shouldn't have any problems even if LT is healthy or not, NE just score to fast and at will.

As much as I don't care for Belichick, I have to admit, his boys want to play. So it should be another NE SB. I just hope that the NFC team doesn't get too embarrassed.

TheHatchetman January 13 2008 8:12 PM EST

Well Snow, you were wrong about the NY/Dallas game (as was I, and probably 80% of people watching...), but bonus points for having not one, but two mohawks bigger than mine was (nice look! ^_^)...

This should set up an easy game in Lambeau... I use the term game liberally there, as it will likely be closer to a uniformed practice on a by-week... So It's the showdown I've wanted to see since the beginning of the season... Favre vs. Brady

Number 4 ftw? Not sure, but I see this being a great SB, ending as a one-posession game...

Oh... and can we get Favre added to the spellchecker?

Snow Doctor January 13 2008 9:05 PM EST

I agree completely with your above statement.

And actually can we nominate Favre for the QB this year?

razXcore January 13 2008 9:16 PM EST

anyone else see TO crying?
jeeze, i wonder if he wants some cheese with that huge whine.

somebody should call the waaaambulance.

next week should be exciting.
im sticking by my chargers, but i know its unlikely that they'll win.

Mikel January 13 2008 9:58 PM EST

NY Giants at GB.... going to be interesting. I really like the way NY's D is playing right now.

QBRanger January 13 2008 10:15 PM EST

Wonder when TO will start bashing Romo for his "inadequacy" in the playoffs.

KingElfstone January 13 2008 10:33 PM EST

New England vs. Green Bay and I'm a Vikings Fan (Live in Minnesota)

Snow Doctor January 13 2008 11:02 PM EST

Vikings............no comment.

Sir Leon [Soup Ream] January 13 2008 11:05 PM EST

NE vs. GB and hopefully GB will pull off the win.

Farve deserves a Ring but...so does Brady. Regardless, Should be a great game if these two meet.

QBsutekh137 January 13 2008 11:09 PM EST

I was initially glad to see Dallas out, just to give Green Bay home field, but the way they earned that win... GB isn't going to have an easy row to hoe... Should be a good game!

Snow Doctor January 13 2008 11:32 PM EST

Favre and Brady both have rings. I think if anyone deserves one it should be Marino.
He had a rough year.

TheHatchetman January 14 2008 12:59 AM EST

Meh... Eli's due for a bad day :P

Far as Green Bay and NY are concerned, it's not even a competition... Green Bay has some serious power in their DBs, so they can afford to have more of them out there without too much worry of a ground threat, so all day, you're gonna see green and yellow swarming the ball on the defensive side...

Meanwhile, Green Bay's offense is extremely multidimensional... Favre is the master of the quick slant, and has the power to throw the deep ball to Jennings who will be wide open most of the game due to overcompensating to cover Driver. Passing will be even easier due to them trying to prevent Grant from having another week like this one...

My predictions: Green Bay wins this one in a blowout (I'm thinking something like 38-13). The Patriots will pick the Chargers apart, barring a miracle ('m thinking something like 42-20). And for the Superbowl (I hope I'm wrong on this one!), The Patriots win by a field goal (I'm thinking something like 24-21)

th00p January 14 2008 3:17 PM EST

Hey, don't count out the Giants yet...

Favre will have some opportunities for quick passes (not a lot of 5 and 7 step drops beacuse of Umenyiora and Strahan), and Ryan Grant should have another 100 yard game against their weak LBs. But the Giants stepped up when it counted against the Cowboys and hopefully they can against the pack too. The running game is multi-dimensional with Ahmad Bradshaw who's a quick back, and Jacobs is always there to power over a d-lineman or two. Eli is Eli though, and I think he'll mess up and give the Pack a 4 point win.

Go G-Men!

th00p January 22 2008 4:00 PM EST

Sweet game! (OT vs. Packers, that is)

NE vs NY...

Not much I can do to defend my Giants here... they'll lose by at least a touchdown.
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