what is considered a usd spender? (in General)

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] January 30 2008 8:54 PM EST

after seeing several posts saying that so and so doesn't use usd, and then looking at the massive net worths on these folks, i am wondering just how most define usd spenders?

i would have to say that buying cb cash with usd at any point in your career, or buying items with usd other than supporter items from jon. i think that item naming is also not really considered as a usd influence. so i guess to sum it up, if you buy anything with usd from anyone other than jon that would qualify you as a usd spender.

it doesn't really matter, but i was just wondering if everyone used the same definition that i do. : )

BootyGod January 30 2008 9:01 PM EST

I do, to a certain degree. If I see an equip page with nothing but named items (especially when they have themes), I consider them a USD spender. But a few items here or there, supportership, even one or two small transactions (like a quick mil so they can win an auction) I'm more lenient with.

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] January 30 2008 9:01 PM EST

What about people who bought CB from Jon?

I spent $US in an amount that approximates what I would have had had I never sent money from cb2 to cb1, and never sold out for $US when I took a break. I will say that selling out and buying back in allows you to focus NW in a more specific manner...

Looking at the top players I think the line is fuzzy, there are people near the top who spent no or very little $US who still have seriously impressive NW spread out over a large number of items.

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] January 30 2008 9:04 PM EST

i remember cb auctions from jon in the past, definitely in cb1 and possibly in cb2. i would not really consider those users as usd users due to the fact that the money was going to a good cause...back into the game. it is also a very limited amount and usually people are more than willing to over pay during those special events.

Little Anthony January 30 2008 9:04 PM EST

i use USD (small but do)

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] January 30 2008 9:06 PM EST

this is not a witch hunt! i am making no moral judgments as well. i had just gotten crosswise once with draco in a thread when i said he was a usd spender and then saw his thread stating little devil was not a usd user and wanted to see if we were all using the same terminology here.

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] January 30 2008 9:10 PM EST

LD is a beneficiary of USD spenders... slight difference

Lochnivar January 30 2008 9:19 PM EST

I have spent USD but I do not consider myself a USD spender.
(I also have my cake and eat it too)

I sold out back on CB1 due to a lack of internet time and financial need. Since regaining the loving embrace of CB I have spent less than half of what I sold out for back in the day. I mainly spent the USD to 'make up for lost time' as I lost internet early in CB2 and thus had no NUB when I came back.

I agree that supportship/items do not constitute USD spending, and I would also probably discount those helpful folks who only spend USD to help others become supporters...

I'm sure I had a point, but I'm now not sure what it was....
Que sera sera

QBOddBird January 30 2008 9:45 PM EST

I think our definitions are the same, dudemus.

And of course, you can't judge higher-end PR folks simply by their NW, as the tattoo makes up an enormous portion of that.

Armageddon January 30 2008 10:21 PM EST

I'd say that you are USD influenced if you spent more than $50 on CB. I have never spent a single USD on CB.

GnuUzir January 30 2008 10:37 PM EST

Well what about this:

I bought a lot in CB1 with USD then when I sold out of CB1 I sold for CB2 $ ...

Now granted I have used USD in CB2 mostly buying supporter-ships and supporter items, but no where near as much ;-)

DrAcO5676 [The Knighthood III] January 30 2008 10:47 PM EST

I agree with your summation on what makes a USD spender...

Over almost 3 years of CB2 its not hard to rack up $50 in USD spent on the game... each naming set costs $10, and then you have your own supportership that cost $10, then you also have all the wonderful supporter items that cost $6 a piece... Me and Edy went through and figured out how much we had spent on the game... I had figured on $60 and Edy was $300, now I sure don't consider myself a USD user even with my nice amount of nw... some of that I picked up by selling two seperate accounts on Diablo 2...

There are many ways to find extra money to bring into this game... especially if you have other game items that other people would like. Look at WoW for instance... many people have items and gold that they prolly sell on ebay or trade forums that they could easily turn around and sell on here for more CBD.

Its just all about consolidating your assets... go around and snipe auctions selling for too low... or back when the Dawg auction happened buy up some of the outrageously cheap items that were for sale then... That is how you rack up nice nw with little to no USD invested in the game.

I have around 24 named items that I own... Now I only named 3 of them myself... How I obtained all of that is buying the named items in auctions and selling my old ones back for almost the same price... That is one way that it looks like I spend lots of USD into the game... thats what... $120 just in namings?

Anyone can say they aren't a USD spender... but there are several that can say that they spent less than they have taken out of the game. I among others have also taken hundreds out of the game and used them for bills and what not... but if your smart... and think things trough... you too can be rich in nw and in mind ^_^

Daz January 30 2008 10:59 PM EST

My definition of "USD Spender" is someone who buys money/items from other players for money. I personally define someone who has named all of their items and buys all of the supporter items (or otherwise gives USD to Jon) a Supporter of the game.

TheHatchetman January 30 2008 11:27 PM EST

do I count? I believe i have spent $81 (this is by memory, not record. If I'm off, it's not by much.) on CB in my 15 months here. Most of this was on supporterships and namings, $5 was to buy out an account of someone quitting.

If I'm not a USD spender now, will I be when I spend $30 to name some of my items? Or if/when I buy $50 USD worth of $CB2?

Whether or not I count, I do not find this to high-end spending, considering many pay $50+ to buy a new game for their $400+ game system every other week or so... CB has kept me entertained better, and for a lot longer than 10 console games would have... The price is more than fitting, especially seeing as it wasn't required.

[P]Mitt January 31 2008 3:07 AM EST

I dunno guys...

The term "USD Spender" is pretty obvious to me. It's like "Farmer", someone who farms; it's like "murderer", someone who murders;, it's like "boiler", something that boils.

"USD Spender" is someone who "Spends USD". Which in my mind is anyone who has spent ANYTHING on CB. Which includes on supportership, on naming items, on buying new supporter items, on buying CBD; anything that involves your own USD coming out of your pocket and going towards something related to CB.

By that definition, I am not a USD Spender as I have paid CBD for all of my supporter items and supportership.

Wasp [C and S Forgery Lmtd.] January 31 2008 3:13 AM EST

I've spent GBP on the game before, you know to buy a few mil here and there? I've named a few items and got supportership for myself and others. Even bought new items for myself and others as well. I still don't consider myself a "USD spender" though... maybe part time?

NooneKnows January 31 2008 3:42 AM EST

I have to go with Mitt here, for the same reasons.

plus, we're in the same boat. :)

Adminedyit [Superheros] January 31 2008 5:45 AM EST

I play a lot of online games (I'm a gamer, it's what I do) and CB is about the only one that doesn't, by design, REQUIRE you to put real $$ into it to advance in the game.

It's an option here, you don't have to do it.

Wizard'sFirstRule January 31 2008 5:51 AM EST

for me the line is drawn at 0. you either spend USD or you don't. I am a supporter but I bought it with CB as well.

AdminNightStrike January 31 2008 7:34 AM EST

If you hire a hitman, are you guilty of murder?

The law says yes....

If you use USD through other people, are you a USD spender?

The point is, I think everyone here has had USD touch their account in some fashion.

QBJohnnywas January 31 2008 8:06 AM EST

Interesting point there NS. A lot of money that's available for loans for instance; would there be quite as much if USD wasn't around?

And big items in rentals? How many of them owe their size to USD?

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