Which armor do you think is the best looking? (in Contests)

AdminShade February 1 2008 1:54 PM EST

Hey, some of you might know that I am playing a game called Guild Wars. Some of you even play it yourself.
I'd like to know which Armor for my female Mesmer character you like most!

I currently have the following armor:
but I want a second armor just for prestige purposes.
It can be colored in quite a number of colors so that shouldn't be the issue on picking or not.
I have narrowed my likings down to 4 but can't really pick...

So here are the choices, you can click the image to view more pictures:

N0seBLeeD February 1 2008 1:56 PM EST

1st choice looks the best.

Talion February 1 2008 2:01 PM EST

I like the first one on the left.

It's osé yet speaks of sophistication and high class.

I was going to choose the one on the far right, but the more I look at it, the more it looks like an armor for a 'street worker'... if you get my meaning.

The middle ones are simply too girly and do not, in my opinion, exude the prestige effect you are looking for.

N0seBLeeD February 1 2008 2:02 PM EST

So it's settled. 1st one. :)

AdminShade February 1 2008 2:07 PM EST

Perhaps an addition, you can also pick one of the following colors the armor should have in your opinion:


N0seBLeeD February 1 2008 2:11 PM EST

I'd go for one of the darker colors with that outfit, so it's still suttle and doesn't just shoot out at you. Maybe navy or gray.

Lord Bob February 1 2008 2:21 PM EST

I would have went with the one on the right...

drudge February 1 2008 2:26 PM EST

id go with the blonde in the short short black skirt! UNF!

QBOddBird February 1 2008 2:30 PM EST

I would go, for royalty, with the purple/gold color scheme in a more modest outfit. I'm thinking 2nd to the left, but not open in the front.

For sex appeal, I'd go for that one on the far right.

And the one on the far left looks very...detailed. It ends up looking better than the others, but I wonder if that's the outfit, or the pose...

AdminG Beee February 1 2008 2:44 PM EST

Definitely the one on the right. Colour would have to be red.

It'd be best if I checked out the detail properly though as a picture can be misleading. Do you have her phone number?

drudge February 1 2008 2:47 PM EST

G just sent me a TXT that you're supposed to give the numbers to me so i can send them to him when he's off CB, go ahead and PM me those phone numbers k thanx

th00p February 1 2008 3:04 PM EST


Marlfox [Cult of the Valaraukar] February 1 2008 3:12 PM EST

2nd on the left.

AdminShade February 1 2008 5:53 PM EST

Found some more images, perhaps better for comparison:

N0seBLeeD February 1 2008 5:54 PM EST

Either 1st/2nd.

AdminShade February 1 2008 5:55 PM EST

Even have a fourth which I like but it's not a full set:

N0seBLeeD February 1 2008 6:16 PM EST

Hm. 2nd picture out of the 2nd group. The green ones I mean. 1st mask stinks.

Daz February 1 2008 6:55 PM EST

I can never choose which armour to use. I like the second.

Mesmers always look classy, but I don't know if I can be bothered figuring out how to play one...

I have an Elementalist. Nice and simple :)

Thraklight Resonance February 1 2008 6:59 PM EST

From left to right Dark Pixie, Rainechan, Trillian, and Bast. :-)

{cb1}Linguala February 1 2008 7:13 PM EST

First one is best indeed.
As for colors, I'd go for blue with golden rims and such.
Not too dark of a blue though. If there's a possibility for a third color, I'd use red on the collar.

Flamey February 1 2008 7:44 PM EST

2nd one looks pretty cool.

Xiaz on Hiatus February 2 2008 4:14 AM EST

Off Topic: Looks more like a dress up game, given that the armour looks very unsuitable for battle. :P

Obscurans February 2 2008 4:36 AM EST

I guess 2nd, but the 1st one from the 1st set has a pretty cool texture on it...

[LittleRed]Calynne February 2 2008 4:50 AM EST

Definitely second one... and I like it in the purple and gold... very reagal ... as for the first? Looks more like a cancan girl than anything else. :P

AdminShade February 2 2008 2:12 PM EST

Alrighty then, it seems to be down to just 2, the first one and the second one...
I have put them below here 2 by 2 just for a final comparison and view, so again make your votes!!!
Also don't forget to name your favorite colours!!!

AdminShade February 2 2008 2:13 PM EST

Oh, and I'd be thinking about pink myself for no apparent reason...

QBJohnnywas February 2 2008 2:17 PM EST

What, no chicken suits?

QBBast [Hidden Agenda] February 2 2008 2:20 PM EST

And what is it these chicks do? In four-inch heels and decidedly wind-pinching bustiers?

Relic February 2 2008 2:23 PM EST

Doesn't really matter what they do now does it Bast? :P

Talion February 2 2008 2:34 PM EST

First one in black.

[P]Mitt February 2 2008 2:55 PM EST

I like the second one in black.

QBBast [Hidden Agenda] February 2 2008 3:01 PM EST

Well, of the last 4, only one is guaranteed the ability to see what she's doing in difficult circumstances. Only two have freedom of movement enough to be considered "least-likely to trip". None of them could run if their colorists' lives depended on it, between the heels and the crushed rib cages. Two of the four of them are near to spilling out in a most distracting way and they have the really annoying upper arm hanging bits which always feel like a slipping bra strap in need of hoisting up, while the other two hopefully had some intimate moments with a _very_ good tailor.

The chick in black has the best chances, if these girls are required to do more than stand about at cocktail parties, though that thing slithering down her chest might be distracting and she has a Williams-esque penchant for absurdly-sized earrings.

AdminG Beee February 2 2008 3:19 PM EST

You've certainly got an eye for the detail Bast. I never even thought of any of that when looking at them.

QBJohnnywas February 2 2008 3:20 PM EST

I was wondering where the can opener was.

AdminShade February 2 2008 4:25 PM EST

Well Bast, to the question of what it is that they do I have quite a simple answer.

If you would translate it to matters of CB, these would be called MM mages.

AdminG Beee February 2 2008 4:35 PM EST

I'd be more inclined to call them "mmm mages".

Think of Homer and "mmm donuts" if you need a little help.
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