Tourny Character Build (in General)

Wizard'sFirstRule February 4 2008 4:45 PM EST

Single Minion Heavy Mage

Fireball: 10k
Prot: Base

Armor: all the highest AC available in store

Basically the point is to survive as many hits as possible, and dealing some damage every round similar to a RoBF strategy. Instead of focusing on killing quickly, its a defensive build. Is CoC better or FB?

QBOddBird February 4 2008 4:49 PM EST

FB, since that armor's not going to help you survive anyways. You just won't find good enough armor in the store, and you won't make enough during the tourney to build up any that you buy in the Auctions to a reasonable size.

Wizard'sFirstRule February 4 2008 4:57 PM EST

I have almost 150 AC. I don't spend much on FB is because of the -30% penalty with the armor. I just drag the fight longer to allow whatever DD I have to do enough damage. It doesn't matter if a fight last 1 round or 25, does it?

It is definitely a fun build to try, but really can't say its very effective.

Ulord[NK] February 4 2008 6:42 PM EST

Any build that punishes itself is useless. Hence why heavy AC mage is useless because you waste exp. If you want to play tourney competitively, you have to understand the limitation in item and strategy. For example, evasion walls are not a cost effective investment because down below, it drains too much exp without building up the huge negative pth gap. Hence, you are better off using kill slots and play offensively. The real fun with tourney is not what build you use, but how you adapt to the builds around you. Save up resources and use them where it counts. Time hiring of new minions to get the needed boost. Outwit your opponent by using builds that they cannot counter without making themselves vulnerable to others.

But surely, if you want to test out fun builds, tourney is not a bad place. Try CoC archer if you want. It seems pretty fun.

Wizard'sFirstRule February 5 2008 12:19 AM EST

I am kind of working off the RoBF principle. survive 25 rounds, and whatever little damage you deal would be good enough. (as long as you are doing more than 4% of their hp a round)

three4thsforsaken February 5 2008 12:31 AM EST

25 rounds is not possible without them missing, or the constant damage reduction given by RoBF

Ulord[NK] February 5 2008 12:48 AM EST

Well it's just a terrible idea. At the current rate, you still have some 40% of your exp in fireball. I can guarantee you that if you take all that crap armor off, you'd do better. 150 ac provides non existent protection actually, especially against magic damage. Don't waste your time with armor in tourney, it gets you no where. You might as well use the RoBF is you want the slow and steady damage, because fb damage can be further defused by amf and returned back at you.

Wizard'sFirstRule February 5 2008 2:46 AM EST

40% means I lose 10% of XP. ppl lose more from EC vs mage and AMF vs tank, right? 150AC stops like 33% of damage or something!!

three4thsforsaken February 5 2008 2:48 AM EST

33% of overkill is still overkill

it'll make you survive one more round, tops

Wizard'sFirstRule February 5 2008 3:07 AM EST

I am trying to see how high of an AC I can get.

Wizard'sFirstRule February 5 2008 3:10 AM EST

and wouldn't 33% damage prevention help me last an extra 50% longer?

rounds without AC: my hp/100% damage dealt.
rounds with AC: my hp/67% of max damage
with AC/without AC=100/67=1.5 times

AdminNemesia [Demonic Serenity] February 5 2008 3:12 AM EST

well, your ac makes you last an extra 2 rounds against me. So it is helping.

three4thsforsaken February 5 2008 3:31 AM EST

2 rounds for 150 AC, on a strat with low offense

i dunno

the problems of the strat

AMF and GA will always make it so you loose more health than you deal

tank teams will double hit you, overall will deal (alot) more damage to you

spread damage teams will deal tons of damage to you

spells have less effect on AC

the teams i see you beating are low low HP teams with minimal defense, in that case you would still beat them without the armor

Wizard'sFirstRule February 5 2008 5:13 AM EST

I would usually have more HP than the targets because putting more points in FB before I exhaust the 25 rounds limit is just stupid with -27%.

Wizard'sFirstRule February 5 2008 5:13 AM EST

P.S. I would expect to hit a brick wall with this build at about 1m score. A point which I simply don't care. tourny character don't last that long.

Ulord[NK] February 5 2008 3:20 PM EST

Only the + portion of your armor reduces magic damage. You are not gonna survive multiple hits from toa + compounds. My compound was capable of hitting 17k damage last tourney.

Not the mention the fact that decay + amf will end you real fast. Not to give ideas to your competitors :)
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