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Ancient Anubis February 12 2008 4:45 AM EST

okay here's the thing how about doing away with exp rewards in battle.

My idea is that instead of exp u get just battle points, or life force or orbs or what ever. These points then can be used for multi purposes. First and most obvious is minion exp.

Instead of it being spread out to all minions u can exhange your whatevers for exp to be given to whichever minions u want so maybe with hold from minion a and give all to minion b.

second u can exchange your whatevers for exp to be given to your tat building that up but sacrificing any growth on your minions.

Thirdly u can exchange your whatevers for straight out cash so that u can build up a nice cash fund.

This idea would allow greater minion customisation especially in multi minion teams, the ability for everyone to boost there tat to a level = to that of there charcters max tat level or the ability to increase financials for the creation of new ncbs or the developement of weapons and armour.

The great thing about this when the exchange ratios are worked out is that nothing will change for those that spread it =ly among everything but for those that focus on say tat developement they will have to make sacrifices in others areas

three4thsforsaken February 12 2008 4:50 AM EST

I don't like it. This effectively solves exp dilution which is what makes character building such a challenge. What's not to make single archers just have 3 kill slots in the back with no exp? It'll take away much finesse from the game.

j'bob February 12 2008 10:18 AM EST

sorry aa... but exactly what three quarters said above.

QBsutekh137 February 12 2008 11:46 AM EST

You could still tweak this idea and make the "battle point" idea be on a minion by minion basis... The minion either converts it in training, or can convert it to cash (cash is already team-wide).

It's an interesting idea. However, if we already have trouble with NUB sellouts, imagine how bad it might be when a NUB converts their "battle points" all to cash! Granted, they would not be able to do that and keep winning upwards, but they would probably be able to generate even more cash than they currently do.

There is also the issue of PR... If I convert all my "battle points" to cash, I could keep fighting at the same level, getting awesome challenge bonuses, and just keep converting rewards to cash. Since cash does not count toward total PR, I could keep finding favorable score/PR ratios in my fights. I think that would allow for way too much cash generation.

Lord Bob February 12 2008 11:50 AM EST

I prefer XP the way it is now.

Obscurans February 12 2008 12:02 PM EST

Except since xp = levels why bother with XP, just call them levels

I'd like the old xp cost = log(level)
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