CB-T Shirt & ROE Concern for changemonth. (in General)

YOU February 13 2008 1:16 PM EST

CB-T Shirt has its own vet memory. Some players has renamed it. Yet, for poor vet who probably does not use USD would have a problem upgrade 1 AC. 1 AC on a wall minion could cost more than 2millions (high end wall). It would benefit to name CB-T Shirt for this reason. It is sadden to look around player's character and see which one use USD and which one does not (not able to?). Conclusion, CB-T Shirt is an armor slot, unique to wear, unique to carry. If Jon could make it Unique to wear but not unique to carry in inventory, one could loan his/her CB-T Shirt to others to have it rename. As of now, it is the only armor slot piece that cannot rename unless with your own USD. I am sure there are tons of Vet players who would like to rename CB-T Shirt for Cb2.

ROE concern, The only item (?) that's not rentable. But useless items like ammo is rentable? 100k stack rented for a while, make 20k return to you with 1k stack, the original amount is changed make it not really suitable for the idea of renting. I am sure noone would rent a ELB just to see a week later, its stat is lower, right? This is not a new idea, and has been brought up before; however, seeing ammo in rental still somehow bug me (more like selling ammo than renting)

Just my 2cents.

QBOddBird February 13 2008 1:21 PM EST

I agree about the CB-T: I'd like to be able to loan the item simply for the purpose of having it named, should I desire to do so.

As for the RoE, all tattoos are non-rentable.

j'bob February 13 2008 1:34 PM EST

I agree with the T shirt issue as well. I would like to make sure it stays nontransferable (as far as sale / giveaway loan / rent) though. Maybe admins would be allowed to move it back and forth between people for naming purposes only? This way there could be no abuse what so ever.

As for the RoE. Oddly enough, I think even if tattoos end up "rentable" (again?) that the RoE should be left out. Due to it's nature, it really makes it more ... (gasp) rare!
But ask me about the RoE tomorrow and I'll prolly have a different opinion.

QBRanger February 13 2008 2:09 PM EST

Agreed about the T shirt. Perhaps a max period of 1 hour loan would help. Just so it can be named.

Plenty of people, myself included, would like the ROE be able to be rented. Perhaps next month will bring such changes.

TheHatchetman February 13 2008 2:59 PM EST

Ranger, I was thinking along your lines, but even further :P

It would be a good idea to make it loanable for one hour at a transfer fee of ~50-100k.

Alternatively, someone could sell of some CB just to get $10 in their paypal, and name it, along with another item

TheHatchetman February 13 2008 3:05 PM EST

"As for the RoE. Oddly enough, I think even if tattoos end up "rentable" (again?) that the RoE should be left out. Due to it's nature, it really makes it more ... (gasp) rare!"

go into chat when it is at all active, ask if anyone has a RoE you can borrow... You'll get like 2 loaned to ya for a week, and at least two more being offered withing 5-10 minutes :P

j'bob February 13 2008 3:12 PM EST

yeah, i know hatch. so imagine if it was open to rent, there'd be 40 in there at a time. i don't know, like i said, i go back and forth on it and don't really have a reason.
But for the t shirt, why a transfer fee. Someone's already paying to have it named and that price will depend on the person fronting the USD.
And the problem with the whole paypal account is very often people don't even have their own accounts to put money into and have no intentions of starting one for a game.
But that's all I got for now.

deifeln February 13 2008 3:34 PM EST

"It would be a good idea to make it loanable for one hour at a transfer fee of ~50-100k. "

I think this is a great idea. Just make the loan fee for the CB-T so high that more then an hour rental would be cost prohibitive. Thus, only hour rentals for name changes would make sense.

Marlfox [Cult of the Valaraukar] February 13 2008 4:06 PM EST

Agreed 100% on the CB-T issue.

TinTizzy February 13 2008 4:10 PM EST

why not rent roes? they dont get any stronger like athor tats a newd cant ride on one.

AdminJonathan February 13 2008 4:27 PM EST

What is the CB-T issue? I lost my YOU-to-English translator.

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] February 13 2008 4:29 PM EST

not being able to lend it out for naming purposes i do believe.

BootyGod February 13 2008 4:31 PM EST

Ahh. I can decipher it ^.^

He says that the CB-T is a very valuable piece of armor, because it can save you millions for that one piece of armor. But, naming would give it a +2 and make it even better. Unfortunately, only players who use USD can name it, because players can't loan their CB-T out to be named.

So he wants it to be LOANABLE just for the purpose of naming. That way we all can get the extra AC, which for some players, is quite valuable.
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