KETCHUP?! (in Off-topic)

j'bob February 20 2008 1:10 PM EST

Ok, someone had to start it. Ketchup. Yes or no?
I stated my position in chat. Most foods on earth are only a VEHICLE for the wonderful and amazing AND healthy substance ... ketchup!

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] February 20 2008 1:18 PM EST

i like a little mustard on my biscuits

Admin{CB1}Slayer333 [SHIELD] February 20 2008 1:20 PM EST

Ketchup can make broccoli taste good.

QBJohnnywas February 20 2008 1:20 PM EST

Not with curry. And bolognese sauce is the better version of ketchup!

And I don't fancy bananas or apples in ketchup.

Favourite foods to pour ketchup over:

A big English breakfast: eggs, bacon, sausages, mushrooms, baked beans, black pudding, a couple of rounds of toast.
Sausage sandwich.
Bacon sandwich.
Sausage and mashed potatoes in onion gravy.
Shepherds Pie.
Cottage Pie.
Fried Egg Sandwich.
Chips! (fries to the world outside the UK, or at least some of it...)

drudge February 20 2008 1:30 PM EST

kethcup doesnt go on anything. i like the flavor of my food.

GummyBear February 20 2008 1:32 PM EST

well I've found that if you put enough ketchup on things you don't like, they taste like ketchup

deifeln February 20 2008 1:40 PM EST

Only if it is Heinz.

8DEOTWP February 20 2008 1:50 PM EST

Mustard AND Ketchup/catsup/catchup combined is the vehicle for which foods were created.

drudge February 20 2008 2:02 PM EST


smallpau1 - Go Blues [Lower My Fees] February 20 2008 2:08 PM EST

Tomato soup > Ketchup (catsup?)

Wasp [C and S Forgery Lmtd.] February 20 2008 2:38 PM EST

I like Branstons brown sauce. Beautiful stuff. Place that in your bacon sandwich.. mmmmmm So good!

QBJohnnywas February 20 2008 2:40 PM EST


AdminQBVerifex [Serenity In Chaos] February 20 2008 2:45 PM EST

I lost 1800 brain cells just by seeing this title in the list of forum topics. And I'm going on 2800 brain cells lost by way of writing this post.

QBBarzooMonkey February 20 2008 3:31 PM EST

Ketchup is the source of all that is evil.
Ketchup is the reason for malignant climate change.
Ketchup is the reason Ranged damage and the RoBF/evasion combination are overpowered.
Ketchup caused the current mortgage rate crisis in the US.

Have I mentioned that I hate the stuff?

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] February 20 2008 3:35 PM EST

i live in the town where a significant portion of the ketchup is made... friends who've worked there stopped eating it all together.

Flamey February 20 2008 3:41 PM EST

"Chips! (fries to the world outside the UK, or at least some of it...) "

We hear you down under!

SimplyNic February 20 2008 5:14 PM EST

Sure I like ketchup. I put it on my burgers, eat it with my fries and... Uh... Well that's about it...

j'bob February 20 2008 6:00 PM EST

i live in the town where a significant portion of the ketchup is made... friends who've worked there stopped eating it all together. - novice

Yeah but nov, that goes for most things. I delivered ... stuff... to restaurants for a while.. NICE restaurants... and if you saw the kitchens in some of these places they couldn't pay you to eat there. But till then, the food still tastes good. When you're behind the scenes your view on things changes.
Did you know that Wendy's chili is made from all the hamburgers that didn't make it over the counter. (leftovers, not dropped)


InebriatedArsonist February 20 2008 6:40 PM EST

The only condiments one really needs, I say.

N0seBLeeD February 20 2008 8:23 PM EST

Better yet, perfect burger?

NO Cheese.

RedWolf February 20 2008 10:41 PM EST

I only put ketchup on meatloaf and hamburgers. Chicken gets BBQ sauce. Everything else I either eat plain or has a different sauce that goes with it not mentioned here...

InebriatedArsonist February 20 2008 11:12 PM EST

The first image was mayo, by the way.

As for meatloaf, it makes an excellent base for a sandwich. Just add some sourdough bread, horseradish, mayo, lettuce, cheddar and a nice thick slice of meatloaf for a tasty treat.

Hyrule Castle February 20 2008 11:36 PM EST

horse radish?!??

/me throws up thinkin of the stuff
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