3/4 is buying Hatchet's char. (in Public Record)

TheHatchetman February 21 2008 1:25 AM EST

For 12m + $2,496,195 (transfer fee).
Total of $14,496,195.

No people, I am not quitting. None of my gear is for sale. I am staying here ^_^ My tat just isn't quite large enough for what I want to do, so I am in the works of power-leveling it ^_^

three4thsforsaken February 21 2008 1:35 AM EST


I'll start off with a nice million, I need to collect from people, I'll be able to pay this off before my NUB (march 9th) is over

three4thsforsaken (The9th) The Hatchetman
(The Dark Carnival) $1000000 1:33 AM EST

three4thsforsaken February 21 2008 9:39 PM EST

three4thsforsaken (The9th) The Hatchetman
(The Dark Carnival) $1000000 9:37 PM EST

Another million, I am still waiting for quite a few payments, I need to keep at least a million in reserve to keep forging at this inflated rate

three4thsforsaken February 22 2008 12:57 AM EST

three4thsforsaken (The9th) The Hatchetman
(The Dark Carnival) $1000000 12:56 AM EST

I think that's 3 million so far

three4thsforsaken February 22 2008 2:50 PM EST

three4thsforsaken (The9th) The Hatchetman
(The Dark Carnival) $1000000 2:49 PM EST

another million

4million so far 8 to go!

three4thsforsaken February 23 2008 6:00 PM EST

three4thsforsaken (The9th) The Hatchetman
(The Dark Carnival) $1000000 5:58 PM

another million

that's 9+ million to go.

This is taking longer than I thought, sorry. By the end of the day Colonel Custard should owe me around 5 million.

three4thsforsaken February 24 2008 11:25 PM EST

Custard is sent 3,758,222

Colonel Custard February 24 2008 11:27 PM EST

Yeah I did.
(Carlton Banks) The Hatchetman
(The Dark Carnival) $3758222 11:26 PM EST

TheHatchetman February 24 2008 11:39 PM EST

Now for the complicated one. NS owes 3/4 $2,532,049 for forging. This money is to go to me, and I owe NS money. So NS will hold his money, and credit 3/4's account and my own.

With $8,758,222 already sent, added to NS's credit of $2,532,049. This makes a total of $11,290,271 payed to me so far, taking the total owed down to $3,205,924. Great payment speed ^_^

three4thsforsaken February 25 2008 12:58 AM EST

three4thsforsaken (The9th) The Hatchetman
(The Dark Carnival) $3205924 -- finishing touches 12:57 AM EST

who's out of debt? I'm out of debt!

Do you mind holding on the the Ringmaster still the end of my NUB?

TheHatchetman February 25 2008 4:03 AM EST

no problem, I'm keeping him in the safe place that is my retired chars list ^_^
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