3/4ths forging has exploded (in Services)

three4thsforsaken February 21 2008 11:06 AM EST

1551% forging bonus, I intend to go out with a bang

15 days of forging left, 10 are reserved for Jobs

I charge 70%, I will prioritize high efficiency weapons or Armor

I charge 90% for Amulets (in other words, I don't forge Amulets)

Oh, and I would prefer not to have any jobs smaller than a 1.5 million NW increase, but you can ask me anyway ^^

three4thsforsaken February 21 2008 11:21 AM EST

I'm going to try a 20 million NW increase on Custard's SoD, but somehow I still think there will be lots of time left

<BluBBen> +31 to +40, a 2,15mill job

I'll do Blubben's CML after

Any other big jobs?

three4thsforsaken February 21 2008 11:53 AM EST

Forging for [JS]JS for 6 hours at 11PM server time
his ELB for 80%

three4thsforsaken February 21 2008 2:38 PM EST

I'll find time to forge Draco's MH X for 24 hours

winner winner February 21 2008 4:40 PM EST

Serialkiler (assasin) three4thsforsaken (The9th) loan A Pair of Tulkas' Gauntlets ($860374) 4:39 PM EST Loaned my TGs over for 3 days hes taking it up to +18

Wizard'sFirstRule February 21 2008 6:53 PM EST

+17 to +20 on a HoE. Expect VERY slow payment. (I still need to pay 250k for my ELB weekly. other than that I will try payment ASAP).

TheHatchetman February 21 2008 6:57 PM EST

PK, good luck finding a forger that'll charge less than 101% on a HoE...

Colonel Custard February 21 2008 7:34 PM EST

Lol PK are you the same person who tried to get a forger to up your EBs or something like that about a month ago?

Hint: look at the Forging Formula for the HoE in the wiki.

QBOddBird February 21 2008 7:46 PM EST

If you wanna put a day or two on my TSA:

Mountain Troll Hide [22] (+47)

that would be cool. My BoNE could always use forging, too...very high efficiency weapon.

Lemme know!

three4thsforsaken February 21 2008 9:26 PM EST

finished Bored's ELB in half a day from +20 to +50

he owes me 1,709,061 according to the wiki

three4thsforsaken February 21 2008 9:28 PM EST

nemods (BARC Speeder) three4thsforsaken (The9th) $1453388

Done with Nemods

three4thsforsaken February 22 2008 12:10 AM EST

$56,234,169 NW on the ELB originally we'll see what happens after bought BA

three4thsforsaken February 22 2008 1:48 AM EST

"i would like to get my ELB brought from x300 to x500, if my estimate is right it is a NW increase of 1,559,600 (BS charge is 7798 per x) "

Also an increase from +30 to +50 if I have the time


for Darkwolf{jmh}, he can take his time to pay

three4thsforsaken February 22 2008 2:32 AM EST

An Elven Long Bow [6x3750] (+131) $58,981,511 [JS]JS (loan)

used to be $56,234,169 NW

that's a 2,747,342 increase

and at 80% that'll cost 2,197,873

wow. that's a lot. O.o

Wizard'sFirstRule February 22 2008 5:34 AM EST

I was just looking through my item and pick one that is the lowest value. Not realizing the forge formula is so complicated:
STEP 1: Blacksmith
STEP 2: select +21
STEP 3: Profit.

sigh. I will pick another item after paying 3/4 off.

Wizard'sFirstRule February 22 2008 6:06 AM EST

paying off forge fees (last 1.25m paid).

three4thsforsaken February 22 2008 11:11 AM EST

oops, almost forgot to finish the TG, now they're done. that pushes a few jobs back

SerialKiler owes me 1,485,786

three4thsforsaken February 22 2008 1:55 PM EST

An Elven Long Bow [6x300] (+42) $4,098,403

used to be $3,102,741 NW +30

owes me: 696,963

I spent exactly 108 BA on that, at pretty much got to less than 1% on the RPM, that's good data

three4thsforsaken February 23 2008 12:14 AM EST

Jagged Popsicle Stick [63x4000] (+181) $102,168,657
from +177

NW change: 3,617,214

owed at 70%: 2,532,049

three4thsforsaken February 24 2008 1:39 AM EST

$53,870,630 from $48,501,741

NW difference: 5,368,889


I kinda promised 7 million NW, but it went away before I could buy BA... I was out of the house. Sorry, tell me if you want me to forge more, I'll be free the day after next.

three4thsforsaken February 24 2008 2:30 AM EST

Voice of Reckoning [84x2811] (+137) $55,609,746 DrAcO5676 (loan)

forging for a day on the X for 70%

three4thsforsaken February 25 2008 12:28 AM EST

Voice of Reckoning [84x3902] (+137) $64,141,460

NW difference: 8,531,714!!!!

at 70% that's 5,972,199

Colonel Custard February 25 2008 12:54 AM EST

A Benelli Shotgun [5x2284] (+135) $53,870,630

He's working on the + for 24 hours.
Unless I misunderstood something, which I hope I didn't, because I've already sent the loan.

DrAcO5676 [The Knighthood III] February 25 2008 12:55 AM EST

5,972,199 + tip

Godwolf (Item Management) three4thsforsaken (The9th) $6000000 12:44 AM EST

Thanks for the hard dedicated work... I now have the 5th largest MH in the game!
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